A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of castles and fortified houses

List of Masonry Castles in Wales

These include castles designed from the outset to have masonry defences and timber castles where the fortifications or significant building have been replaced in stone. This includes all the classic castle types such as Shell Keep, Great Tower and bailey, Enclosure, Concentric castles etc. These are the buildings which are what are generally thought of as castles and are well described in many books, web sites etc. Masonry is stonework bounded with mortar or, in a few cases bedded with clay. A few castles have dry-stone walls, these are listed under timber castles, since the dry-stone walling basically requires a similar level of expense and skill as earthwork defences.
N.B. Some buildings, although called 'castle', are not usually accepted as being 'true' castles and these may be listed elsewhere such as under fortified manor house or tower house.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Aberafan Castle Aber Afan; Aberavon; Beili y Castell; Bailey Castle; Baily'r castell Glamorgan no visible
Aberedw Castle castle in Elvayl Huchmenyt Radnorshire masonry ruins/remnants
Aberedw Motte Hen Castell; Pen Garreg Wood Radnorshire earthwork
Abergavenny Castle Y Fenni; Bergevenn'; Gevenu; Berguevenis Monmouthshire major building
Aberllynfi Castle Great House; Abberlewin; Abrelenuith; Aberllyfni Brecknockshire earthwork
Aberyscir Motte Brecknockshire masonry footings
Aberystwyth Castle Llanbadarn Fawr; Lampadervaur Cardiganshire major building
Alisby Castle, Crickhowell Crucywel; Crug Hywel Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Amroth Castle Earwere; Erwer; Eare Weare; Earweare Pembrokeshire uncertain
Barland Motte Radnorshire earthwork
Barry Castle Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Bauzans Castle Breigan Castle; Brigam; Brigan Glamorgan uncertain
Beaumaris Castle Anglesey major building
Benton Castle Llangwm; Burton Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bleddfa Castle Bledewach; Bledvach; Bledeach; Blethefou Radnorshire masonry footings
Boughrood Motte Boskeret; Bouret; Boyhckered Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Brecon Castle Aberhonddu; Aberhodeny; Aberhodni; Brecknock; Brecheinoc Brecknockshire major building
Bronllys Castle Brunless; Brenles; Brynllys; Brendlais Brecknockshire major building
Builth Wells Castle Buellt; Llanfair-ym-Muallt; castrum de Beohelt; Buhelt Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Burdydd Castle, Vaynor Faenor; Vaenor Brecknockshire earthwork
Caer Beris Motte Llangantan; Llanganten Brecknockshire earthwork
Caergwrle Castle, Hope Queen's Hope; Kaierguill Flintshire masonry ruins/remnants
Caerleon Castle Caerllion; Carlion Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Caernarfon Castle Caernarvon; Carnarvon Caernarfonshire major building
Caerphilly Castle Caerfilly; Caerffili; Castell Caerfilli-Crynodeb; Kerfily; Kaerfilly; Sengenneth Glamorgan major building
Caldicot Castle Caldecot; Conscuit Monmouthshire major building
Cardiff Castle Caerdydd; Caerdiff; Caerdyf; Kidis; Kerdif; Caertoph Glamorgan major building
Cardigan Castle Aberteifi; Aberteivi; Kardigan Cardiganshire masonry ruins/remnants
Carew Castle Castell Caeriw; domum de Carrio; Carieu Pembrokeshire major building
Carmarthen Castle Caermarthen; Caerfyrddin; Caermarddin; Rhyd y Gors; Rhyd Cors Carmarthenshire masonry ruins/remnants
Carn Fadryn Garn Fadryn; Carn Fadrun; Madryn; Garn Fadrun Caernarfonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Carreg Cennen Castle Caer Cynan; Karekenyl Carmarthenshire major building
Carreghofa Castle Carreghova; Carreghove; Karrecouain; Karakawein; Karrecove; Caroclove; Carrecoel; Carrecoen; Karrechove; Carrec Huwa; Tanat Camp Montgomeryshire earthwork
Cas Troggy Castle Taroggy; Torrogy; Striguil; Struggle Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Castell Blaenllynfi Blaen Llyfni; Blaen Lleveny; Blean-Llevenny; Blaenllyfni; Blaenllynvi; Bleynleveny Brecknockshire masonry footings
Castell Carndochan, Dolhendre Castell Carn Dochan Merioneth masonry footings
Castell Coch Rubeum Castrum; Rubeocastro Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Castell Coch, Ystradfellte Stratmelthin; Mellte Castle Brecknockshire masonry footings
Castell Crugerydd Crug Eryr; Cruker; Llanfihancel Nant Melan; castrum Crukeri Radnorshire earthwork
Castell Dinas Bwlch y Ddinas; Castell Ddinas; Bwlch y Dinas; Bulkdinas; Bolkedynas; Waynards Castle Brecknockshire masonry footings
Castell Du, Sennybridge Castell Ddu; Castell Rhyd y Briw; Black Castle; 'new castle beyond Brecon' Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Castell Eglwyswrw Tyddin; Eglwsywrw Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Einion Sais Penpont Brecknockshire no visible
Castell Glas Greenfield; Green Castle; Maes Glas; Maesglas Castle; Maindy Hill Camp Monmouthshire earthwork
Castell Gwain Goch, Penrhyndeudraeth Deudraeth; Deudrait; Castell Aber Iâ; Portmeirion; Gwaun Goch Merioneth cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Meredydd Machen; Maghay; Maghhay Monmouthshire masonry footings
Castell Meurig, Llangadog Castell Meiris; Castell Pridd; Lychewein Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Nanhyfer, Nevern Cammais; Cammeis; Cemmeis; Llanhyvor; castellum Newer Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Pen y Garn, Prenteg Caernarfonshire no visible
Castell Pen yr Allt Llantood; Castell yr Allt; Castell Penallt Pembrokeshire masonry footings
Castell Tal y Fan Talavan; Talyvan; Tallaunt; Talevan; Thalevon; Talyfan Castle Glamorgan masonry footings
Castell Taliorum, Llanhilleth Castell Taliurum; Llanhithel; Castell Hithell Monmouthshire masonry footings
Castell Tinboeth, Llananno Castelltinboeth; Tynbot; Tinbech; Timbei, Timpath; Timbod; Tynboeth; Tyn y Bwlch; Tyn yn y Bwlch; Ty yn yr Bwlch; Ty yn y Bwlch; Tilloed; Dinbaud; Dunawd; Dyneneboth; Dwybod; Dynelegh; Dymbaud Radnorshire masonry footings
Castell y Bere Caerberllan; 'a castle in Merionydd or Ardudwy', Teberri Merioneth masonry ruins/remnants
Castle Kinsey, Court Evan Gwynne Cwrt Gwynne; Clyro 2; Court Evan Glynne Radnorshire earthwork
Castle Nimble, Old Radnor Knapp; Maes Hyfaidd; Maes Hyvaidd Radnorshire earthwork
Castleton, St Athan Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Cefn Barn Ringwork, Trefeca Fawr Trefecca Fawr; Trefeca-fawr; Cefn Bank; Weynards Castle; Waynards castle; Castellum Waynardi Brecknockshire masonry footings
Cefnllys Castles Keventleres; Kenflyc; Kenflic; Kevenles; Castell Glyn Ieithon; Castle Bank; Maelienydd Radnorshire masonry footings
Chepstow Castle Strigoil; Strigul; Striguil Estrighoel; Estrighoiel Monmouthshire major building
Chirk Castle Crogen; Ceiriog Denbighshire major building
Cilgerran Castle Emlyn; Cenarth Bychan; Cenarth Fechan; Kilgarren; Cilgarron; Kilgeran Pembrokeshire major building
Clyro Castle La Royl Radnorshire earthwork
Coity Castle Coyty; Coety Glamorgan major building
Colwyn Castle Mauds Castle; Mawds; Colunwy; Clun Radnorshire earthwork
Conwy Castle Conway; Aberconwy Caernarfonshire major building
Criccieth Castle Cricieth Caernarfonshire major building
Cwm Camlais Castle Camlais; Bleancamlais; Blaencamlais; Maescar; Defynoch; Defynock; Dyfynoch; 'new castle beyond Brecon'; novo castro ultra Breckoniam Brecknockshire masonry footings
Cwm Clais, Castell Bolan Baglan; Cwm Glais Glamorgan earthwork
Degannwy Castle Castle of Gannoc; Gannock; Dagaunoth; Deganwy; Hegannow Caernarfonshire masonry footings
Denbigh Castle Castell Dinbych; Dinbech Denbighshire major building
Dinas Bran Castle Crow Castle; Chastiel Bran Denbighshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dinas Emrys Castle Caernarfonshire masonry footings
Dinas Powys Castle Dinas Powis; Dinaunt Poys Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Dinefwr Castle Dynevor; Gueithtinevur; Dinefawr; Old Dynefwr; Dinevor; Dinewor Carmarthenshire major building
Dingestow Castle Landinegath; Llandingat; Landinegat Monmouthshire earthwork
Dinham Castle Cestilldinan Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dolbadarn Castle Caernarfonshire major building
Dolbenmaen Castle Tomen; Plas Dolbenmaen Caernarfonshire earthwork
Dolforwyn Castle Castle at Abrunol; Abermule; Aber miwi; Bachyranneleu; Dolvoreyn; Castell Dol-y-Vorwyn Montgomeryshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dolwyddelan Castle Dolvithalan; Doluithalan Caernarfonshire major building
Dryslwyn Castle Drusselan; Deresloyn; Droslan; Drosselan; Dyryslwyn; Drysllwyn Carmarthenshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dunns Lane Motte, Evenjobb Radnorshire earthwork
Dyserth Castle Maelan; Caer Vaelan; Dincolin; Castle of the Rock; De Rupe; Caerfaelan; Carregfaelan Flintshire masonry footings
Evancoyd Mound Evenjobb 4; Evenjobb House; Newcastle Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Evanjobb Motte Evenjobb Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ewloe Castle Youley; Yollo; Eulo; Egloe; Eggelawe Flintshire major building
Flint Castle Fflint; Flynt Flintshire major building
Foel Las Motte, Pentrefoelas Foel; Voelas; Llanfair Rhyd; Hen Foelas; Y Foelas; Castell Coch Denbighshire earthwork
Fonmon Castle Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Garn Fawr 'Motte', Newchurch and Merthyr Castell Waunllannau; Yr Hen Gaer; Cnwc Carmarthenshire earthwork
Goytre Wood Motte Castell Goetre; Gwern Castle; Great Goytre Monmouthshire earthwork
Grosmont Castle Grismond; Grossemont; Grismont; Grossomonte Monmouthshire major building
Harlech Castle Arlech; Hardelowe Merioneth major building
Haverfordwest Castle Hwlffordd; Heleford; Haverford Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hawarden Castle Penharddlech; Penarlag; Hawurd; Harden Flintshire major building
Hay Castle Hay-on-Wye Castle; Gelli; Tregelli; castello de haia; La Haie Taillee Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Holt Castle Chastellion; Castrum Leonis; Castle Lions Denbighshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hundred House; The Mount Brynllwyd Mount; Glan Edw Radnorshire masonry footings
Hyssington Castle Castle Hill; Sneth; Snead; Sned; Snet Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Kenfig Castle Kengfig; Kinefeage; Kenefeg Glamorgan masonry footings
Kidwelly Castle Cydweli; castellum de Cadweli; castelli de Kadweli Carmarthenshire major building
Knucklas Castle Cnwclas; Conoclas; Knokelace Radnorshire earthwork
Langstone Court Motte Monmouthshire earthwork
Laugharne Castle Abercorran; Abercorram; Talacharn; Talcharn; Talachar Carmarthenshire major building
Llandaff Bishops Palace Glamorgan major building
Llanddew Palace Llanthew Castle; Lannedeu Brecknockshire masonry footings
Llandovery Castle Canterbohhan; Cantref Bychan; Llanymddyfri; Llanymdyfri; Landevery Carmarthenshire masonry ruins/remnants
Llanfair Discoed Castle Llanvair Discoed Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Llangibby Castle Castell Tregrug; Tregreg; Trigruck; Traygruck; Tregruk; Treygruk; Treigruk Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Llangynwyd Castle Tir yr Iarll; Tyriartlh; Tyryartlh; Castell Coch; Llangwynyd; Llangennydd; Llangeneu; Landguned Glamorgan masonry footings
Llanquian Castle Glamorgan masonry footings
Llansteffan Castle Llanstephan; St Stephen Carmarthenshire major building
Llantrisant Castle Landtrissen; Lantrissan Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Llanvaches Castle Llanfaches Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Llawhaden Castle Llanyhadein; Lauwadein; Lanwadein; Llanwhadein; Lawhaden; Lahaden Pembrokeshire major building
Loughor Castle Aberllwchwr; Casllwchwr; Lochor; Castell Llychwr Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Maes Celyn Motte, Crickhowell Maescelyn Castle Brecknockshire earthwork
Manorbier Castle Meanor Pir; Maenor Pyrr; Mansion of Pyrrhus; Manorbeer; Manober; Mannorbeer Pembrokeshire major building
Mathrafal Castle Madrael; Matafall Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Mold; The Bailey Hill Montalt; Mohaut; Monhalt; Mouhaut; Montalto; Gwyddgrug; Guiddgrug; Yr Wyddgrug; Wydrug; Wyrebruch Flintshire earthwork
Monmouth Castle Mingui; Mori; Monemude Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Montgomery Castle Trefaldwyn; Baldwins Castle; Balwy Montgomeryshire masonry ruins/remnants
Morgraig Castle Castell Mor Graig Glamorgan masonry footings
Morlais Castle Castell Morlais Glamorgan masonry footings
Nantcribba Castle The Gaer, Nant y Cribbau; Gwyddgrug; Wydrug; Wyrebruch; Nant Cribau Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Narberth Castle Arbeth; Norberd; Narbeth Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Neath Castle Castell-nedd; Neth Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
New Radnor Castle Maes Hyfaidd; Maes Hyvaidd Radnorshire masonry footings
Newcastle Bridgend Castle Castelle Newith, Penbont; Castro Novo Glamorgan major building
Newcastle Emlyn Castle Castel Nowid; Newcastle Emelyn Carmarthenshire masonry ruins/remnants
Newport Castle, Gwent Casnewydd; Novus Burgus Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Newport Castle, Pembrokeshire Trefdraeth Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Ogmore Castle Castle of William of London; William de Londres Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Overton Castle Auretone; Averetone Flintshire no visible
Oystermouth Castle Ystum Llwynarth; Ostrelaf; Ostremew Glamorgan major building
Painscastle Pain's Castle; Payn's Castle; Castle Paine; Mauds Castle; Castrum Matildis; Elfael; Elvael; Castle Matilda; Garde Doloureuse Radnorshire earthwork
Pembroke Castle Penfro; Penbroch Pembrokeshire major building
Pen y Castell, Garreg Olau Caer Oleu; Careg Oleu Rhiw Dafnau Maenan Caernarfonshire masonry footings
Pen y Cnap, Llanegwad Carmarthenshire earthwork
Pencelli Castle Penkelly; Pengelli; Pencelly; Penketli Brecknockshire masonry footings
Pencoed Castle Pencoyd Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Penhow Castle Monmouthshire major building
Penller Castell Penllyr; New Castle in Gower; Penlle'r Castell Glamorgan earthwork
Penllyn Castle Penlline; Penllin; Penline Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Penmark Castle Penmarc Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Pennard Castle Penard; Penarth; Pen arth Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Penrice Castle Penrees Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Peterston Castle Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Picton Castle Pilton; Picot Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Plas Baglan Castell y wiryones Glamorgan masonry footings
Port Eynon Castle Porteynon' Glamorgan no visible
Powis Castle Powys; Castell Coch; Pool; Pola; Pole; Trallwng; Red Castle; Redde Castle; Castel Cough Montgomeryshire major building
Prestatyn Castle Prestinton' Flintshire earthwork
Raglan Castle Ragland; Yellow Tower of Gwent; Twyn y Ceirios Monmouthshire major building
Rhayader Castle Tower Mount; Rhaiadyr; Rhaiadr; Rhaedr Gwy; Rhaidr Gwy; Rhys Castle Radnorshire earthwork
Rhuddlan Castle Rothelan; Ruthlan; Rughlan; Rhudland Flintshire major building
Roch Castle Roche; Castle de Rupe Pembrokeshire major building
Rogerstone Castle Tribginlion; Castell Gwilym; William’s Castle Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rumney Castle Rhymney; Cae Castell; Reigni; Remni; Renni; Remmi Monmouthshire earthwork
Ruthin Castle Castell Rhuthun; Castell Coch yn Gwern-for Denbighshire masonry ruins/remnants
Scethrog Castle (The Tower) Llansanffraid, Sgethrog Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Simons Castle, Churchstoke Symons; Simonds; Symondes; Symonds; Sneth; Snead; Sned; Snet Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Skenfrith Castle Ynys Gynwreid; Skinffrith Monmouthshire major building
St Clears Castle Banc y Beili; Ystrad Cyngen; Rhyd Y Gors; St Clare Carmarthenshire earthwork
St Donats Castle St Donatt's; St Denwit's Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
St Fagans Castle Castell Sain Ffagan Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
St Georges Castle Glamorgan masonry footings
St Quentins Castle, Llanblethian St Quintins; Caer Dynnaf; Cowbridge Glamorgan major building
Sully Castle Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Swansea Castle New Castle; Abertawe; Seinhenydd; Gower; Goher; Sueineshea; Suenesel; Senghenydd Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Tan y Castell Aberrheidol; Rhyd y Felin; Llanychaiarn; Tyn y Castell; Tan y Bwlch; Old Aberystwyth; Aberstuyth; Llanbadarn Cardiganshire earthwork
Tenby Castle Dinbych-y-pysgod; Canneby Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tomen Castell, Old Dolwyddelan Caernarfonshire earthwork
Tomenseba, Llangeler Domen Seba, Bwlch y Domen; y Domen Fawr; Tomen Soba; Penboyr; y Tomen Fawr Carmarthenshire earthwork
Treoda, Whitchurch Tre Oda; Album Monasterium; Blank Mouster; Kibor; Castellum Kibur Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Tretower Castle Stratdewy; Ystrad Yw; Stratewy; Straddewy Brecknockshire major building
Trostrey Castle Monmouthshire earthwork
Twmpan Motte, Llangors Tymaur Motte; Llangasty Tal y Llyn; Llangasty Talyllyn Twmpan Brecknockshire earthwork
Twthill, Old Rhuddlan Castle Toothill; Tut Hill; Bonc Hill; Roelent; Roeland Flintshire earthwork
Upton Castle Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Usk Castle Brynbuga; Brunebegy; Burenbegie; Huske; Uske; Oscae Monmouthshire major building
Walwyns Castle Castell Gwalchmai; Castle Gawayn Pembrokeshire earthwork
Wenvoe Castle Glamorgan no visible
White Castle Llantilio Castle; Blanc Castle; Guyn Monmouthshire major building
Wiston Castle Gwys; Wiz; Wizton; Wizos Castle; Castell Gwis Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Womaston Castle Radnorshire earthwork
Wrinstone Castle Grenestone Glamorgan no visible
Y Gaer, Manor Pound, Maenclochog Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ystrad Meurig Castle Henblas; Meyric Cardiganshire masonry footings
Alltygawrddu Allt-Y-Gawrddu; St Cawrdaf's Monastry Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Amroth Castle Park Long Furze; Earwere; Erwer; Eare Weare; Amroath; Ambroth; Amboth; Little Castle Park Pembrokeshire earthwork
Bogs Mount Castle, Burfa The Bogs Radnorshire masonry footings
Brigam Farm Breigam Glamorgan no visible
Bryn Llys, Glascwm Mount Hely; Brynllys Radnorshire no visible
Bryn y Castell, Knighton Bryn Castell; Cnicteton; Cnichton; Trefylco Radnorshire earthwork
Caer Dynnaf, Llygod Old Castle Old Llanbeddian; Llanblethian Castle; Llanblethian Hill; St Quintin's Glamorgan earthwork
Caer Gybi, Holyhead Treffynnon Anglesey major building
Camrose Castle Camros Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Cyfeiliog, Darowen Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell Dyffryn Mawr Llanfair Nant Gwyn; Parc y Domen Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Gwynionydd, Llandysul Coedfon Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Trefilan Trifilan Cardiganshire earthwork
Crege Castle Craige; Creigiau Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Crickadarn Ringwork Crucadarn; Castle Field Brecknockshire earthwork
Denbigh Old Castle, Crown Hotel Mount Dinebech; Dinbech; Timbei Denbighshire no visible
Gelli Garn Castle Coed Breigam Glamorgan uncertain
Graig Fawr, Dyserth Flintshire uncertain
Little Newcastle Pembrokeshire no visible
Llandaff Archdeacons Castle Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Llanddewi Castle, Port Eynon Glamorgan no visible
Llandelio Graben Motte Llanbedr Motte; Llanddewi Mound Radnorshire earthwork
Llanfyrnach Motte Pembrokeshire earthwork
Llangennith Castle, Barraston Glamorgan uncertain
Llangibby Motte The Bowling Green; Llangybi; Tregrug Monmouthshire earthwork
Moulton Castle Glamorgan no visible
Nicholaston Castle Glamorgan no visible
Old Hall Camp Huberts Folly; Castell Machaethlon; Old Hall Ffrydd; Old Hall Frydd; Stultita Huberti Montgomeryshire earthwork
Oxwich Tower Oxwick Glamorgan masonry footings
Pipton Tower Pyperton, Periton Brecknockshire masonry footings
Porthkerry Castle Castle Rock Glamorgan no visible
Ruperra Castle Rhiwperra Castle; Ruppera Glamorgan major building
Silverwood Castle, Oystermouth Glamorgan uncertain
Stormy Castle, Cheriton Glamorgan masonry footings
Tre Castell Building Tre-gastell Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Van Castle Castell Y Fan; Van Manor; Vanne Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Wallston Castle Glamorgan no visible
West Orchard Manor House Glamorgan masonry footings
Woodcastle Castle, Newbridge on Wye Radnorshire uncertain

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