A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Below is a carefully selected list of the web sites which give reasonable information on the medieval fortifications of England and Wales. As with so much on the internet there is a vast variation in quality. Castle studies has had major and significant findings and reinterpretations in the last couple of decades which has made major changes in the understanding of castle. This is very rarely reflected in online sources.

Many 'castle' sites are appallingly poor, rehashing old and unsound ideas and myths. Some sites have limited, often dated, but useful content. A few have broad and good content. A tiny handful have, in-depth, quality written content and illustrations that show important details and which reflect the most up to date ideas about castles. One of the purposes of this list is save the reader the trial of viewing the poor sites and to give critical information on the worthwhile sites. Sites in bold are particularly noteworthy.

Specific links to individual castles and fortifications, where these exist, can be found on the individual web page but the web is a highly dynamic environment and Gatehouse does not waste much effort in checking links so some links will be dead and a search with an internet search engine may well be worthwhile.

Anyone who wishes to let Gatehouse know about a web site that they considered worth adding to this list is welcome to contact Gatehouse. However, please note this is a non-commercial site and the good will of the copyright holders of the information on this site comes from this being a non-profit educational resource. No link will be made to a commercial site unless it provides significant free and useful content.

Gatehouse is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Corfe Castle, Dorset

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Finding bibliographical sources

The Gatehouse book search page gives basic details for finding books and serial articles.

Castles Collections - collections of pages for fortifications in particular areas

European Castles

Although Gatehouse is concerned with English and Welsh castles these were not built in isolation and a proper understanding of castles requires looking at the external influencies. Below are some quality sites dealing with european castle studies.
1Note added March 2017. While the front page of the site is still there the search facillity does not now work and links to specific site pages are broken. Some pages may be indexed and can be found using Internet Archive WaybackMachine.

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