A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of early castles

List of Timber Castles (Mottes and Ringworks) in Wales

These are the earthwork and timber castles of the motte and bailey, ringwork or other form which where the vast majority of castles of the early conquest period, of the Marches in the 11th and 12th centuries and of the period during the reign of Stephen known as the Anarchy. They could be fairly short lived, although some such castles survived for centuries, with the timber buildings and defences being replaced on occasions sometimes in timber and sometimes in masonry. Some of the smaller low mottes may have been adapted into moated manor houses, whilst others where abandoned and replaced by manor houses of a more comfortable and domestic nature. Timber castles varied greatly in size with some being massive constructions clearly deserving the term castle, whilst other were small mounds of minor knights and had a similar size, function and social status as the later pele towers. These small mottes are called 'castle' but this could be considered a rather obtuse use of the term. In practice some, possibly many, timber castles may have been revetted in dry stone or even have been revetted with timber walls plastered, limewashed and painted with mock masonry lines.
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Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Aber Castle - Pen-y-Mwd and Ty'n-y-Mwd llys Abermenai; Mwd Castle; Abergwyngregyn; Llan Boduan; Bangor Caernarfonshire earthwork
Aberafan Castle Aber Afan; Aberavon; Beili y Castell; Bailey Castle; Baily'r castell Glamorgan no visible
Aberedw Motte Hen Castell; Pen Garreg Wood Radnorshire earthwork
Aberffraw llys and motte Anglesey earthwork
Abergavenny Castle Y Fenni; Bergevenn'; Gevenu; Berguevenis Monmouthshire major building
Aberllynfi Castle Great House; Abberlewin; Abrelenuith; Aberllyfni Brecknockshire earthwork
Aberllynfi Church Hall Mound Glasbury; Glasbiry Brecknockshire earthwork
Aberyscir Motte Brecknockshire masonry footings
Adpar Motte, Llandyfriog Atpar Cardiganshire earthwork
Alexanderstone Motte, Llanddew Mara Mota Brecknockshire earthwork
Alisby Castle, Crickhowell Crucywel; Crug Hywel Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Allt Pant Glas, Llanpumsaint Carmarthenshire earthwork
Allt y Ferin, Llanegwad Din Weilir; Dinweiler Carmarthenshire earthwork
Amroth Castle Park Long Furze; Earwere; Erwer; Eare Weare; Amroath; Ambroth; Amboth; Little Castle Park Pembrokeshire earthwork
Ard Den y Domen Placename Castell Madoc Brecknockshire no visible
Ballan Moor; The Berries Crick; Ballan Mount; Mount Ballan Monmouthshire earthwork
Banc y Bettws, Llangyndeyrn Banc y Betws, near Tygwyn Carmarthenshire earthwork
Bank Llwyndomen, Hendy Ystum Enlli North; Llanedy Carmarthenshire earthwork
Barland Motte Radnorshire earthwork
Barry Castle Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Bauzans Castle Breigan Castle; Brigam; Brigan Glamorgan uncertain
Bishops Moat Castell Hithoet; Castlewright; Castel Wrygh; Castell Vrych; Castle Wrighe; Castell Wrich; Castel Wrigge; Castell Ruht; Castell Rhudd Montgomeryshire earthwork
Bishopton Old Castle, Barland Old Castleton Bishopton; Old Castle Camp; Barland Castle; Bishopston Glamorgan earthwork
Bishton Castle Lankes Castle; Lanckiscastle; Bishopston Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Blackwood Enclosure, Trewern Craig Pwll-du; Terwern in Elfael Radnorshire earthwork
Blaenporth Castle Castell Gwythan; Ralphs Castle; Y Gaer; Blaen Porth Hodnant; Castell Gwithian; Brynawelan Cardiganshire earthwork
Bleddfa Castle Bledewach; Bledvach; Bledeach; Blethefou Radnorshire masonry footings
Bogs Mount Castle, Burfa The Bogs Radnorshire masonry footings
Bon y Dom The Castle of King Olaf; Porth Bouery Don; Porth Bon y don; Dinas camp Caernarfonshire no visible
Boughrood Motte Boskeret; Bouret; Boyhckered Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Brecon Castle Aberhonddu; Aberhodeny; Aberhodni; Brecknock; Brecheinoc Brecknockshire major building
Briton Ferry Motte Hen Gastell Glamorgan earthwork
Bron Felin Motte Bronfelen Mound; Bron Felen; Bronfelin Montgomeryshire earthwork
Bronllys Castle Brunless; Brenles; Brynllys; Brendlais Brecknockshire major building
Bryn Castell, Bagillt Basingwerk; Dinas Bassing; gastell Basing Flintshire earthwork
Bryn Castell, Caerhun Tal Y Cafn; Castell Maelgwn Caernarfonshire earthwork
Bryn Derwen Motte, Llandyssil Bryn Derwyn Montgomeryshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bryn y Castell, Knighton Bryn Castell; Cnicteton; Cnichton; Trefylco Radnorshire earthwork
Bryn y Cwn Motte, Flint Plas yn Balls; Bryn-cwn; Bryn y cwm Flintshire earthwork
Bryn-ffanigl Uchaf Denbighshire earthwork
Brynwell Leckwith, Beganston Berganston Glamorgan earthwork
Builth Wells Castle Buellt; Llanfair-ym-Muallt; castrum de Beohelt; Buhelt Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Burdydd Castle, Vaynor Faenor; Vaenor Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Castell, Llechart Rhyndwyclydach; Nant Llwydyn Glamorgan earthwork
Cae Thygle Enclosure, Berriew Caethugley; Cae Thugley Montgomeryshire earthwork
Caer Beris Motte Llangantan; Llanganten Brecknockshire earthwork
Caer Castell, St Mellons Pen y pil; Witla Court; Cae Castle Monmouthshire earthwork
Caer Dommon Mound, Llangamarch Careau; Llangammarch Brecknockshire no visible
Caer Dynnaf, Llygod Old Castle Old Llanbeddian; Llanblethian Castle; Llanblethian Hill; St Quintin's Glamorgan earthwork
Caer Siac Motte, Bettws Cedewain Cefn Ucheldre Montgomeryshire earthwork
Caerau Castle Kayre; Cayre Glamorgan earthwork
Caerau Motte, Treflys Twdin; Treflis King Brecknockshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Caerleon Castle Caerllion; Carlion Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Caernarfon Castle Caernarvon; Carnarvon Caernarfonshire major building
Caerwent Motte Castell Gwent Monmouthshire earthwork
Caldicot Castle Caldecot; Conscuit Monmouthshire major building
Camrose Castle Camros Pembrokeshire earthwork
Cardiff Castle Caerdydd; Caerdiff; Caerdyf; Kidis; Kerdif; Caertoph Glamorgan major building
Cardigan Castle Aberteifi; Aberteivi; Kardigan Cardiganshire masonry ruins/remnants
Cardigan Old Castle Motte Aberteifi; Dingeraint; Dingereint Cardiganshire earthwork
Carew Castle Castell Caeriw; domum de Carrio; Carieu Pembrokeshire major building
Carmarthen Castle Caermarthen; Caerfyrddin; Caermarddin; Rhyd y Gors; Rhyd Cors Carmarthenshire masonry ruins/remnants
Carn Fadryn Garn Fadryn; Carn Fadrun; Madryn; Garn Fadrun Caernarfonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Carreghofa Castle Carreghova; Carreghove; Karrecouain; Karakawein; Karrecove; Caroclove; Carrecoel; Carrecoen; Karrechove; Carrec Huwa; Tanat Camp Montgomeryshire earthwork
Castell Aber Cafwy, Trefenty Llanfihangel Abercywyn; Abercowyn; Aber Taf; Aber Carwy; Aber Covwy; Aber Cafury; Oysterflow; Osterlow; Ystlwyf; Treventy Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Abereinon Cilcraig; Cil y Craig Cardiganshire no visible
Castell Aberlleiniog Castell Llienawg; Aberllienawg; Castle in Anglesey; Castell Leiniog Anglesey earthwork
Castell Abersoch Castell Aber-Soch; Hen Gaer; Castellmarch Caernarfonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Bach, Llanwinio Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Blaenllynfi Blaen Llyfni; Blaen Lleveny; Blean-Llevenny; Blaenllyfni; Blaenllynvi; Bleynleveny Brecknockshire masonry footings
Castell Bryn Gwyn Castle of King Olaf; Bon y Dom Anglesey earthwork
Castell Cadwaladr, Caer Penrhos Llanrhystud; Caer Penrhoys; Caerpenrhos; Gaer Penrhos Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Cadwgan, Aberaeron Aberatron Cardiganshire no visible
Castell Caemaerdy, Llanelwedd Castell Cae Maerdy; Cefn Dyrys; Caemardy Radnorshire earthwork
Castell Caer Wedros Caerwedros; Gaer Odris; Llwyn Davydd Castell; Castell Llwyndafydd; Castell Meib Wynion; Mab Wynion Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Coch Rubeum Castrum; Rubeocastro Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Castell Crugerydd Crug Eryr; Cruker; Llanfihancel Nant Melan; castrum Crukeri Radnorshire earthwork
Castell Crwn Llanrhwdrys; Castell Rhonyn Anglesey earthwork
Castell Crychydd Herons Castle; Castell Cicydd Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Cwm Aran Cymaran; Cymaron; Gemaron; Camaron; Caperun; Cwm Avon; Cwm Aron; Kamhawn; Cans Castle; Cuthremion Radnorshire earthwork
Castell Cwmere, Llanfihangel Ystrad Temple Bar Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Cynfal, Bryn Crug Cynfael; Towyn; Bryn y Castell Merioneth earthwork
Castell Cynon, Lampeter Velfrey Lampeter Velfry; Castell Cynen Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Dinas Bwlch y Ddinas; Castell Ddinas; Bwlch y Dinas; Bulkdinas; Bolkedynas; Waynards Castle Brecknockshire masonry footings
Castell Dol Wllf, Llanwenog Castell Santesau; Castell Sant Esau; Castell Sant Esen; Castell Sant Hesse Cardiganshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Du, Llanfihangel Ar Arth Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Du, Llanwnen Llanwnnen, Castell Ddu Cardiganshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Dyffryn Mawr Llanfair Nant Gwyn; Parc y Domen Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Eglwyswrw Tyddin; Eglwsywrw Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Foel Allt Pilleth; Haled; Vallet Radnorshire earthwork
Castell Glas Greenfield; Green Castle; Maes Glas; Maesglas Castle; Maindy Hill Camp Monmouthshire earthwork
Castell Gronw, Bala Llangower; Castell Gronw Bevr o Benllyn Merioneth earthwork
Castell Gwain Goch, Penrhyndeudraeth Deudraeth; Deudrait; Castell Aber Iâ; Portmeirion; Gwaun Goch Merioneth cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Gwallter, Geneu'r Glyn Castell Gwalter; Penweddig; Pengwern; Penwedic; Pennedich; Llanfihangel Geneur Glyn; Castell Walter; Gaer Brynhir; Castell Penwedig; Chastell Gwalter Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Gwarcwm, Rhosgoch Stradpeithyll; Ystrad Peithyll; Strath Peithyll; Rhydydomen; Razos Castle; Ystrad Peithyl, Castell Peithyll Rhosgoch. Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Gwynionydd, Llandysul Coedfon Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Haidd, Hayscastle Haycastle; Hayscastell Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Hendre Henrys Moat; Castell Hendrev Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Hywel, Llandysul Humphrey Castle; Castell Hwmphre; Valley of Cletwr; Howels Castle; Castell Howell; Castell Wmphre; Castell Hywell; Castell Wmffre Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Llainfawr Llain-fawr Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Llwyn Bedw Llwynbedw; Lwm Bwa Carmarthenshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Llwyn Gwinau Llwyn-Gwynau Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Madoc Motte Madog; Llanfihangel Fechan 1; Madoc South Brecknockshire earthwork
Castell Madoc Ringwork Madog; Llanfihangel Fechan 2; Madoc North Brecknockshire earthwork
Castell Mael, Puncheston Castell Moel; Punchesterton Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Mawr, Llanboidy Carmarthenshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Mawr, Llanwinio Carmarthenshire uncertain
Castell Meredydd Machen; Maghay; Maghhay Monmouthshire masonry footings
Castell Meurig, Llangadog Castell Meiris; Castell Pridd; Lychewein Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Moch Fawr, Llanrhaiadr ym Mochnant Castell Mochnant Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell Nanhyfer, Nevern Cammais; Cammeis; Cemmeis; Llanhyvor; castellum Newer Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Nant y Garan, Llandyfroig Nant y Garau; Nant y Carau; Llanfair–Orllwyn Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Nonni, Llanllwni Castell Psysg; Castell Y Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Nos, Aberdare Castelle Nose Glamorgan earthwork
Castell Pant-Mawr, Llanilar Coed y Castell Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Pen yr Allt Llantood; Castell yr Allt; Castell Penallt Pembrokeshire masonry footings
Castell Pencader, Llanfihangle Ar Arth Mabudrud; Mabudryd; Dinweiler Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Pengawsai Llangolman; Blaenllechog Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Pistog Bangor Teifi; Castell Bangor Cardiganshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Poeth Castell Boeth; Dan castell; Weirglodd castell; Llanwnda Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Pridd, Penbryn Cardiganshire no visible
Castell Prysor Cwm Prysor Merioneth earthwork
Castell Tal y Fan Talavan; Talyvan; Tallaunt; Talevan; Thalevon; Talyfan Castle Glamorgan masonry footings
Castell Tinboeth, Llananno Castelltinboeth; Tynbot; Tinbech; Timbei, Timpath; Timbod; Tynboeth; Tyn y Bwlch; Tyn yn y Bwlch; Ty yn yr Bwlch; Ty yn y Bwlch; Tilloed; Dinbaud; Dunawd; Dyneneboth; Dwybod; Dynelegh; Dymbaud Radnorshire masonry footings
Castell Trefadog Porth Trefadog Anglesey earthwork
Castell Trefilan Trifilan Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell y Blaidd, Llanbadarn Fynydd Wolfs Castle Radnorshire earthwork
Castell y Domen, Llangyndeyrn Pont Antwn; Gwempa; Llangendeirne Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell y Garreg, Gorslas Castle of Lle Gareig; Luchewein; Lychewein; Caer Castell Carmarthenshire no visible
Castell y Rhingyll Lychewein; Luchewein Carmarthenshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell y Waun Motte, Chirk Ceiriog Denbighshire earthwork
Castle Arnold, Llangattock nigh Usk Castle Arnault; Castell Arnallt; Castell Ernallt; Castro Arnaldi Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Caereinion Motte Twmpatch Garmon; Twmpath Garmon; Kaer einawn; Gereinawn; Kaer einiawn; Kereinaun Montgomeryshire earthwork
Castle in Gwerthrynion Radnorshire uncertain
Castle Kinsey, Court Evan Gwynne Cwrt Gwynne; Clyro 2; Court Evan Glynne Radnorshire earthwork
Castle Morris Castell Maurice; Pen-cnwc; Casmorys; Castlemorris Pembrokeshire no visible
Castle Nimble, Old Radnor Knapp; Maes Hyfaidd; Maes Hyvaidd Radnorshire earthwork
Castle Pill, Milford Blackbridge; Steyton Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Ring, Begelly Bottom Farm; Castle Bugelyn Pembrokeshire no visible
Castle Villa, Brawdy Castle Gwilym; Cas Wilia; Castle-y-Cymry; Castell Willia; Castell Wilym; Castle William Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castlebythe Castell y Bwch; the buck's castle; Castell y Fuwch; Castelbegh; Castellbugh Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castlemartin Castle Court Castle; Martine Castell; Castro Martini Pembrokeshire earthwork
Cefn Barn Ringwork, Trefeca Fawr Trefecca Fawr; Trefeca-fawr; Cefn Bank; Weynards Castle; Waynards castle; Castellum Waynardi Brecknockshire masonry footings
Cefn Bryntalch Motte, Llandyssil Llandyssul; Castle Wood; Cefnbryntalch Montgomeryshire earthwork
Cefn Du Motte, Guilsfield Montgomeryshire earthwork
Cefn Llech Enclosure Cwm y Saeson; Dulas Radnorshire earthwork
Cefnllys Old Castle Dinieithon; Kenflyc; Dinyetha in Melenith Radnorshire earthwork
Chepstow Park Wood Earthwork, Devauden Monmouthshire earthwork
Cil Ifor Top, Llanrhidian Cil Ivor Camp Glamorgan earthwork
Cilgerran Castle Emlyn; Cenarth Bychan; Cenarth Fechan; Kilgarren; Cilgarron; Kilgeran Pembrokeshire major building
Cilwhybert Motte Modrydd; Old Manor Farm; Cilgilbert Brecknockshire earthwork
Clyn Pattel Mound Crinow Castle; Green Castle; Glynpatel; Clun Pattel Pembrokeshire earthwork
Clyro Castle La Royl Radnorshire earthwork
Coed Caeau, Waun Gunllwch Crucadarn; Guan Gunllwch; Crickadarn Brecknockshire earthwork
Coed y Cra Uchaf Mound, Halkyn Flintshire uncertain
Coed y Cwm, St Nicholas Bolston Glamorgan earthwork
Coed y Fedw Tump Dingestow Monmouthshire uncertain
Coity Castle Coyty; Coety Glamorgan major building
Colwyn Castle Mauds Castle; Mawds; Colunwy; Clun Radnorshire earthwork
Corwen Merioneth uncertain
Cottrell Motte Cottrell Park Motte Glamorgan earthwork
Craig Ruperra Motte Castell Breiniog; Castell y ddraenen; Coed Craig Ruperra; Castell Breiniol; Remmi; Remni; Rubina Glamorgan earthwork
Crickadarn Ringwork Crucadarn; Castle Field Brecknockshire earthwork
Crogen Motte, Llandderfel Croegen; Cregan Merioneth earthwork
Cwm Camlais Castle Camlais; Bleancamlais; Blaencamlais; Maescar; Defynoch; Defynock; Dyfynoch; 'new castle beyond Brecon'; novo castro ultra Breckoniam Brecknockshire masonry footings
Cwm Clais, Castell Bolan Baglan; Cwm Glais Glamorgan earthwork
Cwm Meurig Isaf Castell Ystrad–Meurig; Castell Pridd Cardiganshire earthwork
Cwrt y Gaer Ringwork, Wolvesnewton Monmouthshire earthwork
Cymmer Castle, Llanelltyd Cymer Merioneth earthwork
Degannwy Castle Castle of Gannoc; Gannock; Dagaunoth; Deganwy; Hegannow Caernarfonshire masonry footings
Denbigh Old Castle, Crown Hotel Mount Dinebech; Dinbech; Timbei Denbighshire no visible
Dinas Emrys Castle Caernarfonshire masonry footings
Dinas Island Castell Cwm-yr-Eglwys Pembrokeshire earthwork
Dinas Powys Ringwork Cwm George Camp; Cwrt-yr-ala Glamorgan earthwork
Dinefwr Castle Dynevor; Gueithtinevur; Dinefawr; Old Dynefwr; Dinevor; Dinewor Carmarthenshire major building
Dinerth Castle, Castell Allt Craig Arth Hero; Monachty; Dinierth; Dineirth; Llanrhystid Cardiganshire earthwork
Dingestow Castle Landinegath; Llandingat; Landinegat Monmouthshire earthwork
Dingstopple, Llawhaden Pembrokeshire earthwork
Dixton Motte Monmouthshire earthwork
Dolbedwin Motte Talybedwyn Tump; Dolybedwyn; Newchurch; Llys Ifor; Dolbedwyn Radnorshire earthwork
Dolbenmaen Castle Tomen; Plas Dolbenmaen Caernarfonshire earthwork
Domen Castell, Welshpool Domen Gastell; Pola; Pole; Pool; Pol; Powis; Trallwng; Trallung; Trallwm Montgomeryshire earthwork
Domen Ddreiniog, Llanegryn Tomen Ddreiniog; Thorny Motte; Tal y Bont; Talybont Merioneth earthwork
Domen Fawr, Tafolwern Walwerin; Walwern; Waluernia; Walwar; Talfolwern Montgomeryshire earthwork
Domen Gastell, Llandrinio Tomen Gastell Montgomeryshire earthwork
Domen Gastell, Llanfechain Domen Castell; Tomen Gastell Montgomeryshire earthwork
Domen Las, Ysgubor y Coed Abereinion; Aberdyfi; Aberdovey; Glan Dyfi; Tomen Las; Domenlas Cardiganshire earthwork
Drim Castle, Llawhaden Drum Castle; Castell y Drim Pembrokeshire earthwork
Dunns Lane Motte, Evenjobb Radnorshire earthwork
Egwys Cross Motte Eglwys Cross, Mount Cop Castle; Tybroughton Flintshire earthwork
Erddig Castle, Wrexham Wrecsam; Erthcote; Wristleham; Wristlesham Denbighshire earthwork
Erw'r Castell Mound, Caerwys Flintshire uncertain
Evancoyd Mound Evenjobb 4; Evenjobb House; Newcastle Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Evanjobb Motte Evenjobb Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Felin Cwrrws, Llandyfroig Felin Cwrrs; Felin Cwrws; Henllan Cardiganshire earthwork
Felin Isaf Motte, Llantrisant Glamorgan earthwork
Fforest Castle Llanlleonfel; Dol-Aeron; Fforest Twdin; Caer Aeron Brecknockshire earthwork
Fforest Wood Castle Cregrina; Forest Wood Mount Radnorshire earthwork
Foel Las Motte, Pentrefoelas Foel; Voelas; Llanfair Rhyd; Hen Foelas; Y Foelas; Castell Coch Denbighshire earthwork
Gaer, Llandygwydd Cardiganshire earthwork
Garn Fawr 'Motte', Newchurch and Merthyr Castell Waunllannau; Yr Hen Gaer; Cnwc Carmarthenshire earthwork
Garn y Castell Motte Weynards Castle; Waynards castle; Castellum Waynardi; Carnycastell Brecknockshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Gelli Garn Ringwork St Mary Hill; Hill House Glamorgan earthwork
Glan Mynys Mount Llanwrda Castle Carmarthenshire earthwork
Glasbury Motte Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Goytre Wood Motte Castell Goetre; Gwern Castle; Great Goytre Monmouthshire earthwork
Graig Foel, Llanbadoc Monmouthshire earthwork
Graig Wood, Caerleon Caerllion; Llantarnam; Graig-yr-Eurych; Colstar; Craig Wood Monmouthshire earthwork
Granvilles Castle, Neath Neath Motte; Castell-nedd; Cwrt Herbert Glamorgan no visible
Great Castle Head, Dale Pembrokeshire earthwork
Great Rudbaxton Mount Pembrokeshire earthwork
Gro Tump Motte Castell y Dale Montgomeryshire earthwork
Grosmont Castle Grismond; Grossemont; Grismont; Grossomonte Monmouthshire major building
Gwern y Domen Domen Bedwas, Van Castle Glamorgan earthwork
Hawarden Castle Penharddlech; Penarlag; Hawurd; Harden Flintshire major building
Hay Castle Hay-on-Wye Castle; Gelli; Tregelli; castello de haia; La Haie Taillee Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hay Tump Hay-on-Wye Motte; Gelli; Tregelli; Swan Hotel; castello de haia; La Haie Taillee Brecknockshire earthwork
Hen Blas Basingwerk; Dinas Bassing; Coleshill Fawr; Coleshill Castle Flintshire earthwork
Hen Domen, Llansantffraid Deuddwr Coed Mawr Montgomeryshire earthwork
Hen Domen, Old Montgomery Castle Baldwins Castle; Muntgumeri Montgomeryshire earthwork
Hendre Isaf Motte, Llangernyw Domen Pentre Isaf; Llangerniew Denbighshire earthwork
Hendy Castle Ystum Enlli South; Llanedy Carmarthenshire earthwork
Holywell Castle Mound Treffynnon; Bryn y Castell; Treffynnawn; Basingwerk; Dinas Bassing Flintshire earthwork
Howe Mill Enclosure How Mill; St Mary's Castle Glamorgan earthwork
Hughs Castle, Llandeilo Talybont Tal y Bont; Castell Du; Castle Hu; Banc y Rhyfel; Talybonet in Gower; Goher; Talband Glamorgan earthwork
Hundred House; The Mount Brynllwyd Mount; Glan Edw Radnorshire masonry footings
Hyssington Castle Castle Hill; Sneth; Snead; Sned; Snet Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Kemeys Inferior Motte Kemys Motte; Gipsies Mount; Gypsies Tump Monmouthshire earthwork
Kenfig Castle Kengfig; Kinefeage; Kenefeg Glamorgan masonry footings
Kerry; The Moat Moat Farm; Kerry Motte; Moat Castle; Kerri; Ceri Montgomeryshire earthwork
Kidwelly Castle Cydweli; castellum de Cadweli; castelli de Kadweli Carmarthenshire major building
Kinnerton Court Motte Radnorshire earthwork
Knapp Farm Mound Old Radnor; Maes Hyfaidd; Knap Radnorshire earthwork
Knighton Castle Mount Cnicteton; Cnichton; Trefylco; Trefeclaud; Trefclawdd Radnorshire earthwork
Ladys Mount, Powis Castle Park Ladys Mound; Pola; Pole; Pool; Powis; Trallwng; Trallwm Montgomeryshire earthwork
Lampeter Church Mound Cardiganshire no visible
Langstone Court Motte Monmouthshire earthwork
Laugharne Castle Abercorran; Abercorram; Talacharn; Talcharn; Talachar Carmarthenshire major building
Leeswood Hall Mound, The Mount Mold Rural Flintshire earthwork
Little Newcastle Pembrokeshire no visible
Llanddowror Motte Carmarthenshire earthwork
Llandefaelog Fach Motte Llandyfaelog; Llandefaelog House Motte Brecknockshire earthwork
Llandelio Graben Motte Llanbedr Motte; Llanddewi Mound Radnorshire earthwork
Llandovery Castle Canterbohhan; Cantref Bychan; Llanymddyfri; Llanymdyfri; Landevery Carmarthenshire masonry ruins/remnants
Llandow Castle Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Llandre Egremont Llandre Gaer; Y Gaer; Moat Llandre Bridge Carmarthenshire earthwork
Llanelli Old Castle Carnwyllion; Castle of Carnwillion; Yr hen gastell Carmarthenshire earthwork
Llanfyrnach Motte Pembrokeshire earthwork
Llangadfan Motte Cann Office Hotel Montgomeryshire earthwork
Llangewydd Castle, Laleston Llangenydd Glamorgan no visible
Llangibby Motte The Bowling Green; Llangybi; Tregrug Monmouthshire earthwork
Llanglydwen Carmarthenshire no visible
Llangwathen Motte Pembrokeshire earthwork
Llangwm Uchaf Camp House; Beiliau Llangwm Monmouthshire earthwork
Llangynwyd Castle Tir yr Iarll; Tyriartlh; Tyryartlh; Castell Coch; Llangwynyd; Llangennydd; Llangeneu; Landguned Glamorgan masonry footings
Llanidloes Castle Montgomeryshire no visible
Llanilid Castle Glamorgan earthwork
Llanllwni Mount Carmarthenshire earthwork
Llanquian Castle Glamorgan masonry footings
Llansteffan Castle Llanstephan; St Stephen Carmarthenshire major building
Llanthomas Motte, Llanigon Brecknockshire earthwork
Llantrisant Castle Landtrissen; Lantrissan Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Llantrithyd Ringwork Llantrythyd Ringwork; Llantrythyd Moat; Llantrithyd Castle; Llanthrithyd Glamorgan earthwork
Llawhaden Castle Llanyhadein; Lauwadein; Lanwadein; Llanwhadein; Lawhaden; Lahaden Pembrokeshire major building
Lleiniog near Penmon Anglesey earthwork
Llwynduris Castle Mound Llandygwydd; Parc y Castell; Llwyndyris; Henllys Cardiganshire earthwork
Llys Gwenllian castle Llanrhaiadr yn Cinmerch Denbighshire earthwork
Llyssun Motte Llysin; Llyssin; Llanerfyl; Llyslun; Llynssyn Montgomeryshire earthwork
Loughor Castle Aberllwchwr; Casllwchwr; Lochor; Castell Llychwr Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Lower Min y Llyn Motte Lower Munlyn; Mon-y-llyn Montgomeryshire earthwork
Luggy Motte, Berriew Lower Luggy Moat; The Moat, Upper Luggy Farm; The Moat, Luggy Bridge Montgomeryshire earthwork
Maes Celyn Motte, Crickhowell Maescelyn Castle Brecknockshire earthwork
Maindee Camp Casnewydd; Newport Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Manafon Motte Manafan; The Moat Montgomeryshire earthwork
Manian Fawr, St Dogmaels Cardiganshire earthwork
Manorbier Castle Meanor Pir; Maenor Pyrr; Mansion of Pyrrhus; Manorbeer; Manober; Mannorbeer Pembrokeshire major building
Mathrafal Castle Madrael; Matafall Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Middlecross Ringwork, Llancarfan Crosstown; Pancross Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Mill Wood Motte, Dingestow The Mound; Llandingat Monmouthshire earthwork
Minwear Ringwork Pembrokeshire earthwork
Moat Meadow, East Williamston Pembrokeshire no visible
Mold; The Bailey Hill Montalt; Mohaut; Monhalt; Mouhaut; Montalto; Gwyddgrug; Guiddgrug; Yr Wyddgrug; Wydrug; Wyrebruch Flintshire earthwork
Monmouth Castle Mingui; Mori; Monemude Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Morganstown Motte Tongwynlais; Ty nant motte Glamorgan earthwork
Mountyborough, Old Penrice Castle Mounty Bank; Mounty Brough Glamorgan earthwork
Nant yr Arian Castle Old Goginan Castle; Castell Goginan Cardiganshire no visible
Nantcribba Castle The Gaer, Nant y Cribbau; Gwyddgrug; Wydrug; Wyrebruch; Nant Cribau Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Nantperchellan St Dogmaels; Nan Perchellan Cardiganshire earthwork
Neath Castle Castell-nedd; Neth Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Nefyn Tomen Nevin Caernarfonshire earthwork
Neuadd Goch Motte Neuadd Coch; Nuadd Goch; Neuaddgoch Montgomeryshire earthwork
Neuadd, Llandrindod Wells Noyadd Radnorshire earthwork
New Moat Motte Nova Mota Pembrokeshire earthwork
New Radnor Castle Maes Hyfaidd; Maes Hyvaidd Radnorshire masonry footings
Newcastle Bridgend Castle Castelle Newith, Penbont; Castro Novo Glamorgan major building
Newcastle, Llangattock Vibon Avel Monmouthshire earthwork
Newport Castle, Pembrokeshire Trefdraeth Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Newport Old Castle Long Street; Trefdraeth; Hen Gastell Pembrokeshire earthwork
Newtown Hall Motte Montgomeryshire earthwork
North Hill Tor, Cheriton Nottle Tor Camp Glamorgan earthwork
Norton Camp, Oxwich Glamorgan earthwork
Norton Motte Northton Radnorshire earthwork
Ogmore Castle Castle of William of London; William de Londres Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Old Hall Camp Huberts Folly; Castell Machaethlon; Old Hall Ffrydd; Old Hall Frydd; Stultita Huberti Montgomeryshire earthwork
Old Radnor Castle The Castle Radnorshire earthwork
Oldcastle Bridgend Nolton; Henecastelle, Penbont Glamorgan no visible
Overton Castle Auretone; Averetone Flintshire no visible
Owain Glyndwrs Mount Glyndyfrdwy; Owen Glendower's Mound Merioneth earthwork
Oystermouth Castle Ystum Llwynarth; Ostrelaf; Ostremew Glamorgan major building
Painscastle Pain's Castle; Payn's Castle; Castle Paine; Mauds Castle; Castrum Matildis; Elfael; Elvael; Castle Matilda; Garde Doloureuse Radnorshire earthwork
Parc Castell, Scleddau Castell Fartin; Maenorowen; Castlemartin; Manorowen Pembrokeshire earthwork
Parc Castell, St Nicholas Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Parc Moat, Letterston Littardiston; Trelettert Pembrokeshire no visible
Parc y Castell, St Davids Penlan; Cairboias Castel Pembrokeshire earthwork
Parc y Domen Issa, Cenarth Cenarth Fawr; Y Domen Fawr; Emlyn Carmarthenshire earthwork
Pembroke Castle Penfro; Penbroch Pembrokeshire major building
Pen Llys Ringwork Llysdinam Brecknockshire earthwork
Pen y Castell, Garreg Olau Caer Oleu; Careg Oleu Rhiw Dafnau Maenan Caernarfonshire masonry footings
Pen y Castell, Llanidloes Montgomeryshire earthwork
Pen y Castell, Llanilar Garth Grugyn Cardiganshire earthwork
Pen y Clawdd Castle, Crucorney Llantilio Pertholey; Penyclawdd Court Monmouthshire earthwork
Pen y Cnap, Llanegwad Carmarthenshire earthwork
Pen-uchar llan, Llanfor Pen-Ucha'r Llan Merioneth earthwork
Penarth Motte Cregrina; Cenarth Mount Radnorshire earthwork
Pencastell, Llangeler Castell Mair; Capel Mair Carmarthenshire earthwork
Pencelli Castle Penkelly; Pengelli; Pencelly; Penketli Brecknockshire masonry footings
Penhow Castle Monmouthshire major building
Penller Castell Penllyr; New Castle in Gower; Penlle'r Castell Glamorgan earthwork
Penmaen Burrows Ringwork Castle Tower Glamorgan earthwork
Penmark Castle Penmarc Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Pennard Castle Penard; Penarth; Pen arth Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Penrhos Castle Penros; Penros Farm; Coed y mount Monmouthshire earthwork
Penycastell, Eithin-gleision Upper Lledrod; Pen y Castell Cardiganshire earthwork
Picton Motte, The Belvedere Dungledi Pembrokeshire earthwork
Plas Cadwgan Mound Cadwgan Hall Mound Denbighshire earthwork
Plas yn Dinas, Llansantffraid manerium de Dynas Montgomeryshire earthwork
Pointz Castle Punch Castle; Poyntz; Castrum Poncii Pembrokeshire earthwork
Pont Estyll Ringwork, Dan y Cefn Llanspyddid; Llansbyddyd; Bolgoed Brecknockshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Powis Middle Park Mound Pola; Pole; Pool; Trallwng Montgomeryshire earthwork
Prestatyn Castle Prestinton' Flintshire earthwork
Presteigne; The Warden Llanondras Radnorshire earthwork
Raglan Castle Ragland; Yellow Tower of Gwent; Twyn y Ceirios Monmouthshire major building
Rhayader Castle Tower Mount; Rhaiadyr; Rhaiadr; Rhaedr Gwy; Rhaidr Gwy; Rhys Castle Radnorshire earthwork
Rhos Ddiarbed, Llandinam The Moat; Moat Lane Montgomeryshire earthwork
Rhyd y Gors, Llangunnor Banc y Castell; Rhydygors; Ritcors Carmarthenshire no visible
Rhyd yr Onen Moat, Llangurig Rhyd yn Owen Montgomeryshire earthwork
Rhysnant Hall Motte Montgomeryshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rockfield Castle, Llangattock Vibon Avel Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rockfield Farm Motte, Llangwm Isaf New House Monmouthshire earthwork
Roft Motte The Rofft; Rofft Mount; The Rofts; Marford; Hoseley; Hodesley; Bromfield; castellum de Bromfeld Flintshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rogerstone Castle Tribginlion; Castell Gwilym; William’s Castle Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rosemarket Rath Pembrokeshire earthwork
Rudbaxton Rath Rhos; Simons Castle; St Leonards Rath Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rug Park Motte Dernio; Edernion Merioneth earthwork
Rumney Castle Rhymney; Cae Castell; Reigni; Remni; Renni; Remmi Monmouthshire earthwork
Ruthin Old Castle Rhuthun; Ruffin; Ruthlan Denbighshire no visible
Sentence Castle, Templeton Arberth; Narberth; Nereberd Pembrokeshire earthwork
Simons Castle, Churchstoke Symons; Simonds; Symondes; Symonds; Sneth; Snead; Sned; Snet Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Soldiers Grave, Bonvilston Glamorgan earthwork
St Clears Castle Banc y Beili; Ystrad Cyngen; Rhyd Y Gors; St Clare Carmarthenshire earthwork
St Donats Castle St Donatt's; St Denwit's Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
St Fagans Castle Castell Sain Ffagan Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
St Illtyds Castle, Llanhilleth Twyn; Llanhithel; Castell Hithell; Y Tump; Twmp Siencyn Sion; Twmp y Castell Monmouthshire earthwork
St Ishmaels Tump Pembrokeshire earthwork
St Marys Old Church Motte Llanfair Treflygen; Llandyfriog Castle Cardiganshire earthwork
St Marys Yard Mound, Llanfair Kilgeddin Llanfair Kilgedin; St Mary Hill Monmouthshire earthwork
Stanage Farm Motte Lower Stanage Radnorshire earthwork
Stephens Castle, The College, Lampeter Llan Ystyffan; Castell Pont Steffan; Castell Pont Stuffan; Castle of Mabwynion; Llanbedr; Pont Stephen Cardiganshire earthwork
Stormy Castle, Cynnig Tythegston Higher; Sturmieston; villa sturmi Glamorgan earthwork
Stow Hill Motte Newport; Casnewydd; Twyn Gwnlliw; Ywyn Gwynlliw; Castleton Monmouthshire no visible
Sully Castle Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Swansea Castle New Castle; Abertawe; Seinhenydd; Gower; Goher; Sueineshea; Suenesel; Senghenydd Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Sycharth Castle, Llansilin Castle of Owain Glyndwr; Saghern Denbighshire earthwork
Talley Mound Carmarthenshire earthwork
Tan y Castell Aberrheidol; Rhyd y Felin; Llanychaiarn; Tyn y Castell; Tan y Bwlch; Old Aberystwyth; Aberstuyth; Llanbadarn Cardiganshire earthwork
Tir y Dail house, Ammanford Old Castle; Castell Rhydaman Carmarthenshire earthwork
Tomen Bedd Urge, Llanddewi Ystradenny Castell Cwm Aran; Tomen Buddurge; Tomen Bedd Turc; Bedd-y-gre Radnorshire earthwork
Tomen Castell, Old Dolwyddelan Caernarfonshire earthwork
Tomen Castle, Cae Banal Llanfihangel Nant Melan Radnorshire earthwork
Tomen Cefn Glaniwrch, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Cefn Uchaf; Trefeilw; Hendomen Denbighshire earthwork
Tomen Cefncoch Motte Tyncelyn; Pennant; Ty'n y celyn Montgomeryshire earthwork
Tomen Fawr, Llanystumdwy Dolwydln; Domen Fawr; Llanystwmdwy; Glan-llynau Caernarfonshire earthwork
Tomen Gastell, Bala Tomen y Castell; Hen Hafod; Llanfor Merioneth earthwork
Tomen Las Castle Mound, Pennal Y Domen Las; Towyn Merioneth earthwork
Tomen Llanio, Llanddewi Brefi Castle of Richard de la Mare; Castello i Flemis Cardiganshire earthwork
Tomen Llansantffraid, Rhayader Llansantffraid Cwmdeuddwr; Park Style; Rhaeadr; Motimers Castle Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tomen Madoc Motte, Kerry Montgomeryshire earthwork
Tomen Rhyd Owen, Llandysul Cardiganshire earthwork
Tomen y Bala, Bala Merioneth earthwork
Tomen y Cefnlloer, Llanfyllin Moel Froehas Motte; Tomen Moel Frochas; Tomen Moel Frocas; Tomen Cefnlloer; Tomen Cefn Lloer; Cefn Llawr; Tomen Yr Cefnlloer; Tomen Yr Cefn lle oer; Domen Moel Frochas Montgomeryshire earthwork
Tomen y Clawdd, Llantwit Fardre Llantwit Vaerdre; Coed y Twr; Monkey Tump Glamorgan earthwork
Tomen y Faerdre, Llanarmon yn ial Yale; Tomen y Vardra Denbighshire earthwork
Tomen y Maerdy Motte Glantanat Isaf; Llanrhaiadr ym Mochnant; Tomen y Faerdre Denbighshire earthwork
Tomen y Mur, Maentwrog Mur Castell; Heririmons Merioneth earthwork
Tomen y Rhodwydd, Llandegla Castell y Rhodwydd; Buddugre; Llanarmon yn Ial; Yale; Castle in Ial; Castell yr Adwy Denbighshire earthwork
Tomen yr Allt Motte, Llanfyllin Boyddon; Domen yr Allt; Bodyddon; Bodedon Montgomeryshire earthwork
Tomenlawddog, Llangeler Tomen Llawddog; Domen Llawddog;Tomen Maesllan; Penboyd; Penbeher Carmarthenshire earthwork
Tomenseba, Llangeler Domen Seba, Bwlch y Domen; y Domen Fawr; Tomen Soba; Penboyr; y Tomen Fawr Carmarthenshire earthwork
Tre Castle, Raglan Llangovan; Pen y Clawdd; Trecastle Monmouthshire earthwork
Tre Fedw; The Moat Treveddw; Trefeddw; Coucorney Fawr; Bwlch Trewen Monmouthshire earthwork
Trecastle Motte Castle Tump, Trecastle; Trecastle Castle; Castell Trecastell Brecknockshire earthwork
Tredustan Motte Turstenton; Tredwstan Brecknockshire earthwork
Trefecca Motte Trefeca; Weynards Castle; Waynards castle; Castellum Waynardi Brecknockshire earthwork
Treoda, Whitchurch Tre Oda; Album Monasterium; Blank Mouster; Kibor; Castellum Kibur Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Tretower Castle Stratdewy; Ystrad Yw; Stratewy; Straddewy Brecknockshire major building
Troed yr Harn Motte Ty'n y Caeau; Ty'n y Caernau; Alexanderstone Motte Brecknockshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Trostrey Castle Monmouthshire earthwork
Truemans Hill, Hawarden Flintshire earthwork
Tump Terret, Trellech Trelleck; Trillech; Trillec; Trillek; Twyn Tirret Monmouthshire earthwork
Twm Barlwm, Risca Twyn Bar-lwm; Twm barlwm; Craig y Neuadd; The Tump; The Pimple; The nipple Monmouthshire uncertain
Twmpan Motte, Llangors Tymaur Motte; Llangasty Tal y Llyn; Llangasty Talyllyn Twmpan Brecknockshire earthwork
Twmpath Motte, Rhiwbina Caer Cynwrig Glamorgan earthwork
Twthill, Old Rhuddlan Castle Toothill; Tut Hill; Bonc Hill; Roelent; Roeland Flintshire earthwork
Twyn Bell Camp, Llanbadoc Monmouthshire earthwork
Twyn Castell, Gelligaer Cadwallon Glamorgan earthwork
Twyn Tudur, Mynddislwyn Twyn Tudor Monmouthshire earthwork
Twyn y Garth, Llandelio Graben Radnorshire earthwork
Twyn y Gregen, Llanarth Twyn y Cregen Monmouthshire earthwork
Ty Du, Pendoylan Glamorgan earthwork
Ty Mawr, Llanrhystyd Castell Mawr; Castell Dinerth Cardiganshire uncertain
Ty Newydd Mount, Llannor Y Mount Caernarfonshire earthwork
Tyddyn Mount Mold Rural; Tyddin Flintshire earthwork
Tyn Twr Ty'n Twr; Twr Abercaseg; Llanllechid Caernarfonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tynewydd Mound, Leeswood Flintshire earthwork
Usk Castle Brynbuga; Brunebegy; Burenbegie; Huske; Uske; Oscae Monmouthshire major building
Walterston Castle Glamorgan earthwork
Walwyns Castle Castell Gwalchmai; Castle Gawayn Pembrokeshire earthwork
Waun Ddu, Myddfai Y Pigwrn Carmarthenshire earthwork
Waun Tympath Penbre; Twmpath, Cwm Ferman Carmarthenshire earthwork
Wentloog Castle Castleton; Wentlloog; Castell Coch; Castell Behan; Remmi; Remni Monmouthshire earthwork
Wern y Cwrt Motte, Bryngwyn Monmouthshire earthwork
Wiston Castle Gwys; Wiz; Wizton; Wizos Castle; Castell Gwis Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wolfscastle Motte Wolfs Castle; Castrum Lupi; Cas Blaidd; Moldiscastel; Wolfiscastel Pembrokeshire earthwork
Womaston Castle Radnorshire earthwork
Y Castell, Llys y Fran Llysyfran Pembrokeshire no visible
Y Gaer, Manor Pound, Maenclochog Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Y Gaer, St Nicholas Cottrell Ringwork; Coed y Cwm Glamorgan earthwork
Ynyscrug Castle, Trealaw Rhondda; Ynys y Crug; Hangman's Hill; Gibbet Hill; Tonypandy Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Ystrad Meurig Castle Henblas; Meyric Cardiganshire masonry footings
Ystradowen Motte Ystrdd Owen; Druids Grove Glamorgan earthwork
Abergele; The Mount The Peel Denbighshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Aberhafesp Hall Mound Montgomeryshire earthwork
Aberyscir Ringwork Brecknockshire earthwork
Afon Marteg Mount The Mount, Maes Gwaelod; Bedd Garmon Radnorshire earthwork
Allt Ogofau, Dolaucothi Gogofau; Ogofau Lodge Carmarthenshire earthwork
Allt yr Esgair Enclosure Brecknockshire earthwork
Bailey Farm, Llangunllo Llangynllo; Penbeili Radnorshire earthwork
Banc Glyn Gyrnant Enclosure Brecknockshire uncertain
Banc Mawr, Llannon Cefn y Bryn Carmarthenshire uncertain
Bangor Castle Bangor Castell Caernarfonshire no visible
Bank Farm Enclosure, Berriew Ffridd Penthryn Montgomeryshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Battle Tump, Llanelly Brecknockshire uncertain
Bedford Castle Glamorgan earthwork
Beili Helyg Motte Crwcws Castle Brecknockshire earthwork
Beili-Bedw, Llanddeusant Beily Bedw Carmarthenshire earthwork
Belan Farm Castle Placename, Llangurig Montgomeryshire no visible
Berry Wood Earthwork Glamorgan no visible
Black Wood Mound, Berriew Montgomeryshire earthwork
Boat Inn Mound, Llandeilo Graban Radnorshire earthwork
Braich y Dinas Caernarfonshire earthwork
Bridge End Inn Mound Brecknockshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Brigam Farm Breigam Glamorgan no visible
Brocastle Llangan Glamorgan no visible
Bromfield Castle castellum de Bromfeld Denbighshire no visible
Broney Castle, Llansilin Denbighshire no visible
Bryn Llyn Mound Brynllwyn Farm Montgomeryshire earthwork
Bryn Llys, Glascwm Mount Hely; Brynllys Radnorshire no visible
Bryn Maen Caerau Bryn Cynon Enclosure, Cellan Cardiganshire earthwork
Bryn Rhydd Enclosure Brynrhydd; Bryn yr Hydd Common Radnorshire earthwork
Bryn yr Erye Enclosure Merioneth uncertain
Bryn-ffanigl Uchaf 2 Denbighshire earthwork
Brynhyfryd Mound Montgomeryshire no visible
Burry Hall, Port Eynon Bury Hall; Berry Wood Glamorgan no visible
Buttington Montgomeryshire no visible
Cae Castell Fieldname and Ysgwennant round barrow Denbighshire no visible
Cae Castell Placename, Llanafanfawr Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Castell Placename, Llywel Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Dan y Domen Placename, Bronllys Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Dan y Domen Placename, Treflys Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Dan y Domen Placename, Ystradgynlais Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Domen Mound, Llandinam Montgomeryshire no visible
Cae Domen Placename, Llanafanfawr Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Domen Placename, Llandinam Montgomeryshire earthwork
Cae Domen Placename, Llanwddyn Montgomeryshire earthwork
Cae Domen Placename, Newton Montgomeryshire no visible
Cae Domen Placename, Trallong Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Dommen Fawr, Clydey Cae Domen Fawr Pembrokeshire no visible
Cae Dommen, Llanddeusant Carmarthenshire earthwork
Cae Fan Domen, Abbey Cwmhir Radnorshire earthwork
Cae Gaer Allt Cunedda; the hill of Cunedda; Allt Kanatha Carmarthenshire earthwork
Cae Gawr Placename, Llandrinio Montgomeryshire earthwork
Cae Mount Fieldname Fflint Flintshire no visible
Cae Tan Tomen Placename, Llanfair Caereinion Montgomeryshire no visible
Cae Twmpan Placename, Llangenny Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Twmpath Fieldname 2, Coedpoeth Llidart Fanny Farm Denbighshire no visible
Cae Twmpath Fieldname, Coedpoeth Denbighshire no visible
Cae Twmpin Placename, Beusych Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Twmpin Placename, Llangors Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Twmpin Placename, Maesmynis Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Twmpin Placename, Merthyr Cynog Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Twmpin Placename, Trallong Brecknockshire earthwork
Cae Twpin Placename, Llanafanfechan Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Wall Wood Motte, Langstone Pool Head Motte Monmouthshire earthwork
Cae'r Castell Placename, Ystradgynlais Brecknockshire earthwork
Caer Fach Fieldname, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Denbighshire earthwork
Caer Fach, Cribyn Cardiganshire earthwork
Caer Licyn Kemeys Inferior; Gaer Licyn Monmouthshire earthwork
Caersws Castle Caer-Sws Montgomeryshire no visible
Camen Mound Tomen Montgomeryshire uncertain
Capel Pentyrch Enclosure Montgomeryshire no visible
Carreg Pumsant, Dolaucothi Gogofau; Penlan Wen Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Bach Placename, Glantwymyn Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell Bugad Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Caerwen Castell Kilkiffeth; Llanychaer Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Cilan Caernarfonshire earthwork
Castell Cossan Eglwys Fair a Churig; Castell Coshan; Parc Castell Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Cottage, Penbontrhydyfothau Cardiganshire uncertain
Castell Crov, Bettws Newydd mound Monmouthshire earthwork
Castell Dinas, Dinas Cross Bwlch Mawr Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Du Placename, Llywel Brecknockshire no visible
Castell Fflemish Llanbadarn-Odwyn Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Gwyddgrug Gwyddgwg; Guiddgrug Carmarthenshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Henllys, Nevern Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell in Solva Y castell; Henre Ruffydd Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castell Llanddeiniolen Tymawr Caernarfonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Moeddyn Fach, Llanarth Moyddin Fach; Moeddyn-fach; Moeddin Fach Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Moel Motte, Llangain Greencastle Carmarthenshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell Olwen, Lampeter Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Pant Y Fen Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castell Placename, Nercwys Flintshire no visible
Castell Prin Castell Pren Wood Monmouthshire earthwork
Castell Rhosesmor, Halkyn Flintshire uncertain
Castell Waun-Withan Carmarthenshire uncertain
Castell Wladus, Pencaer Castell cleddau; Castell Cleddyf, Y Castell Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castell y Dail Placename, Newton Dulas Meadow Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell y Fran, Bletherston Pembrokeshire earthwork
Castle Ely, Eglwyscummin Cyffic; Parc y Twmp, Castell Heli; Castell Park Carmarthenshire earthwork
Castle Hill Placename, Guilsfield Cae Llewelyn Montgomeryshire no visible
Castle Hill Placename, Llandinam Montgomeryshire no visible
Castle Hill Placename, Tregynon Montgomeryshire no visible
Castle Placename, Glynfach Brecknockshire earthwork
Castle Tump mound, Llanbadarn Fynydd Radnorshire earthwork
Castles Bay Camp Pembrokeshire earthwork
Cefn y Coed Mound, Llanafanfawr Brecknockshire no visible
Cegin Fedw Mound, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Denbighshire earthwork
Ceunant Mound, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant Caenant Denbighshire no visible
Chester Street Mound Fflint Flintshire no visible
Ciddig Barrow, Llanwddyn Cuddeg; Soldiers' graves Montgomeryshire earthwork
Clawyd British 'Motte' Clawdd Brythonig; Llandeilor-fan Brecknockshire earthwork
Clyro Hill Tump Placename, Clyro Radnorshire no visible
Coed Allt y Tywood Mound Coad Allt y Tywod; Castell Ty Maen Flintshire earthwork
Coed Ty Mawr, Llanafanfawr Pen Cae Gaer Brecknockshire earthwork
Collfryn Mound Boncyn y Gwilliaid; Cemmes Montgomeryshire uncertain
Connahs Hey Mound Connah's Hill; Conna's He; Connah's Quay Flintshire no visible
Counsel Tut, Cowbridge Council Twt Glamorgan earthwork
Craig Ty Isaf Camp Glamorgan earthwork
Crawley Rocks Fort, Nicholaston Glamorgan earthwork
Crug y Whil, Llanwenog Crug y chwil Cardiganshire uncertain
Crugiau Edryd Crugerydd; Llanbydder; Crukeri Carmarthenshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Crugyn Dimai, Llanfarian Lower Llanabadarn y Creuddyn Cardiganshire earthwork
Crugyn Tump, Beguildy Bugeildy Radnorshire uncertain
Crungoed Wood, Llangunllo Llangynllo Radnorshire earthwork
Cwm Bach Mound, Gwenddwr Brecknockshire earthwork
Cwm Mound, Llansantffraed in Elvel Garn Fach Radnorshire no visible
Cwrt Llechrhyd, Llanelwedd Cwrt Llechryd Radnorshire earthwork
Cyrnau Castell, Llanddewi Brefi Cyrnau; Brobwll Cardiganshire uncertain
Danylan Mound, Llyswen Brecknockshire earthwork
Deepweir Tump Dewstow Monmouthshire earthwork
Dinas Cadnant Anglesey earthwork
Dol y Canney Mound Bryngwyn; Doleycanny Radnorshire uncertain
Drim Camp, Llawhaden Drum Camp Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ffynogion Earthwork Denbighshire no visible
Ford Motte, Beguildy Radnorshire uncertain
Gadlys, Llanilid Glamorgan earthwork
Gaer Noddfa, Carno Montgomeryshire uncertain
Garn Coch Motte Brecknockshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Garth Enclosure, Nantmel Radnorshire earthwork
Garth Rhiwaedog Merioneth cropmark/slight earthwork
Gelli Garn Castle Coed Breigam Glamorgan uncertain
Glan Hafren Ringwork Montgomeryshire no visible
Gors Enclosure Denbighshire earthwork
Graig Fawr, Dyserth Flintshire uncertain
Grugyn Llawr Llan Mound, St Harmon Radnorshire uncertain
Grugyn Mound, St Harmon Radnorshire earthwork
Guanceste Gwaunceste; Bryn y Maen Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Gwenthriew Enclosure, Kerry Great Cloddian Enclosure; Great Cloddiau Montgomeryshire earthwork
Gwerclas Llangar, The Mount Merioneth cropmark/slight earthwork
Gwerglodd y Domen Placename, Llanfihangel Montgomeryshire no visible
Hafod y Bwch Denbighshire earthwork
Hean Castle motte Hen Gastell Pembrokeshire earthwork
Hen Caerau, West Cilrhedyn Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hen Gastell, Llanrhidian Higher Hen Castell; Dan-y-lan Camp; Pen-clawdd Glamorgan uncertain
Hendom Mound, Corwen Merioneth earthwork
Hendre Hafaidd Ringwork, Llanddewi Rhydderch Hendre Hadaidd; Cae Moat Camp Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hook Tump Tump Park Pembrokeshire uncertain
Horgrove Enclosure Glamorgan uncertain
Horn Castle Placename, Rhos-goch Radnorshire no visible
Kittle Top, Penrice Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Leason Leyston Glamorgan earthwork
Llanddewi Enclosure, Port Eynon Glamorgan earthwork
Llandyssil Bridge Mound Montgomeryshire earthwork
Llanllowel Castle Monmouthshire no visible
Llanmelin Wood Lesser Enclosure Monmouthshire earthwork
Llantrisant Fawr Castle Monmouthshire no visible
Llantrithyd Camp Llantrithyd House; Llantrythyd Ringwork Glamorgan masonry footings
Lle'r Prior Earthwork, Llanafanfawr Llanafan Fawr Brecknockshire earthwork
Llechryd Earthwork Llechrhyd Montgomeryshire earthwork
Llethrau Camp Radnorshire earthwork
Llowes Castle Tump Radnorshire earthwork
Llyn Gwyn Enclosure Treflyn Radnorshire earthwork
Llysin Hillfort Llyssin; Llys-din Radnorshire earthwork
Lower Fawnog Mound Pentre llaeth enwyn; Pentre Buttermilk Montgomeryshire uncertain
Maes Gwyn, Pentrefoelas Denbighshire earthwork
Maes Hywaid Motte, Welsh St Donats Glamorgan earthwork
Maes Mynan Mound Maesmaenan; Aberwhiler; Coed Maesmynan Denbighshire no visible
Maes y Castell, Taliaris Carmarthenshire earthwork
Maes y Domen mound Montgomeryshire no visible
Maes y Garn Mound, Llanwern Brecknockshire earthwork
Maesgwyn mound Gogia; Llowes Radnorshire earthwork
Maesmor Hall Castle Mound, Llangwm Tomen Maesmor; Y Domen; Maerdy; Llandderfel Denbighshire earthwork
Maesteg Mound Montgomeryshire no visible
Martletwy Upper Castle and Hallwalls Land of Green Ginger Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mellington Hill Mound Boot Hill Montgomeryshire earthwork
Moel Hywel Barrow, St Harmon Foel Howell Radnorshire no visible
Moel Part mound, Banwy Montgomeryshire uncertain
Moel-y-crio Hen-y-fail; Hen Efail Flintshire earthwork
Mound, Llansamlet Mynydd Drumau Glamorgan earthwork
Mount Mound, Llananno Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mount Vernon Motte Vernon House; Warren Hill Glamorgan earthwork
Moynes Court Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Mynydd Cilciffeth, Cwm Gwaun Pembrokeshire uncertain
Mynydd Morvil Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mynydd Y Fforest Earthwork Glamorgan earthwork
Nant Fagl Mound, Llanrhaiadr ym Mochnant Castell Moch; Castellmoch Montgomeryshire uncertain
Nant Y Baedd Mound Llanganten Mound Brecknockshire earthwork
Nash Mound Glamorgan earthwork
Nash Point Old Castle Nash Point Camp Glamorgan earthwork
Neuadd Wen Mound Siambr ddu Montgomeryshire uncertain
Newton Mount Meadow, Llanstadwell Pembrokeshire uncertain
North Hill, Angle Pembrokeshire no visible
Oakley Arms Maentwrog; Mayn Turroc; Ffestiniog Merioneth earthwork
Old Church Stoke Castle Ring The Castle Ring, Todlith hill Montgomeryshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Old Mills Moat Montgomeryshire earthwork
Oldcastle, Crucorney Monmouthshire earthwork
Padeswood Mound, Leeswood Mold Rural; Bryn y Castell Flintshire earthwork
Pant y Cadno, Llandisilio West Llandysilio West; Pant-y-cadnaw Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Pant y colin Pantycollin; Pant-y-colie; Pant-y-celyn Monmouthshire uncertain
Panteg Motte Rectory Monmouthshire no visible
Pantycaregl Pant y Caregl Radnorshire earthwork
Parc y Castell Llandygwydd Cardiganshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Parc y Marl Rath Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Parc yr Hen Gastell Castell Llain Mabws Pembrokeshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Park Mill, Ilston Liston Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Pen Isa'r Pentre Enclosure, Llanfilo Penishapentre Brecknockshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Pen Sarn Earthwork, Llansantffraid Montgomeryshire uncertain
Pen Twr Enclosure, Treflys Cwm Cowydd; Cefn Gardys Brecknockshire earthwork
Pen Vain Mound Pontvane Radnorshire earthwork
Pen y bylchau Carmarthenshire earthwork
Pen y Castell, Cynnig Kibor Castle; Castellum Kibur: Castelstude Glamorgan earthwork
Pen y Castell, Kerry Huberts Folly; Stultita Huberti; Pen Castle; Penycastell Montgomeryshire earthwork
Pen y foel Montgomeryshire earthwork
Penbeili-mawr, Llangynllo Pen y Beili Bedw Cardiganshire no visible
Penlan Mound, Llanbister Penland Radnorshire earthwork
Pentre Mound, Llandrindod Wells Radnorshire earthwork
Pier Camp, Bangor Caernarfonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Pont Mathrafal Mound Cae Bancau Montgomeryshire earthwork
Pytindu Motte Peytin-du; Pytin-du Brecknockshire no visible
Pytingwyn Motte Brecknockshire no visible
Reynoldston Camp Reynoldstone Glamorgan earthwork
Rhiwau Mound, New Radnor Rhewey Radnorshire earthwork
Rhiwderin Camp Rhiwderyn; Cae Tumpyn ring Monmouthshire earthwork
Rhos Domen Placename, Banwy Montgomeryshire no visible
Rhuallt mound Flintshire earthwork
Romans Castle Ramus Castle; Roman Castle Pembrokeshire earthwork
Scrape Cottage Mound Flintshire earthwork
Sinadon Snowdon; Smardon; Sinnodune; Castell Caer Lleion; Castell Caer Seion Caernarfonshire earthwork
St Harmon Church Mound St Garmon Radnorshire no visible
St Lythans Ringwork Coednant Bran Glamorgan earthwork
Stanlo Tump Mound Radnorshire earthwork
Stradmore Motte Cardiganshire earthwork
Summerton Camp Pembrokeshire earthwork
Swansea; The Mount Glamorgan no visible
Tir Bach, Cilcennin Cardiganshire earthwork
Tomen Bryn Dadlau Mound Tomen Bryn Dadleu Mound Montgomeryshire uncertain
Tomen y Castell, Gwyddelwern Merioneth cropmark/slight earthwork
Tongwynlais alleged motte Eglwysilan Glamorgan uncertain
Tower House Mound, Llangollen Denbighshire earthwork
Tre Domen Mound, Llanbedr Ystradwy Brecknockshire earthwork
Tredegar Fort, Gaer Newport Monmouthshire earthwork
Treowen Ringwork, Mitchel Troy Monmouthshire earthwork
Trwstllewelyn Trwst Llewelyn Montgomeryshire uncertain
Tump Farm Placename, Clyro Radnorshire no visible
Tump house mound, Glascwm Radnorshire earthwork
Tump Piece Placename, Llanbister Radnorshire no visible
Turla Mound Twrla Mound; Glanyrannell, Glan-yr-annell; Talley Carmarthenshire earthwork
Twiscob Moat, Whitton Cascob; Ffossidoes Radnorshire earthwork
Twmp Placename, Bronllys Brecknockshire earthwork
Twmpath Chwrall Fieldname, Tremeirchion Flintshire no visible
Twmpath Garmon Montgomeryshire uncertain
Twmpath Placename, Gwenddwr Brecknockshire no visible
Twmpath Placename, Treuddyn Flintshire uncertain
Twmpath, New Moat Pembrokeshire no visible
Twmpin Placename, Llansantffraed Brecknockshire earthwork
Twthill, Caernarfon Caernarfonshire uncertain
Twyn Llewelyn Mound A Glamorgan earthwork
Twyn Llewelyn Mound B Glamorgan earthwork
Tyddyn Castell, Rhiw Caernarfonshire earthwork
Ucheldre Mound, Corwen Ucheldref Merioneth cropmark/slight earthwork
Upper Pen y Clawdd Ringwork Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Vianshill, St Lythans Down Glamorgan earthwork
Vortigern Castle, Pistyll Nant Gwrtheirn Caernarfonshire uncertain
Waun y Caerau Placename Radnorshire no visible
White Grit Enclosure, Priest Weston Miner's Arm Montgomeryshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Winllan Enclosure, Llansantffraid Montgomeryshire earthwork
Woodstock Ring, Ambleston Ableston Pembrokeshire earthwork
Ynys Cefni, Llangefni Anglesey no visible
Ynysawdre Mound, St Brides Minor Glamorgan earthwork
Ysgubor Gaer, Pencaer Pembrokeshire earthwork
Ysgubor Wen Motte Glamorgan earthwork

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