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Acts of Perception

A study of Barnard Castle in Teesdale
David Austin

Review from Oxbow Books
An excavation report, but a genuinely entertaining one. David Austin conducted excavations at the castle from 1974-82 and his enthusiasm for the project shines through on every page. He is keen to make his findings available to historians as well as archaeologists, and an accordingly greater part of the report goes over to analysis, and explaining what he's up to than would perhaps usually be the case. The study also contains compelling reflections on the history of castle archaeology, and the methodology and theory of excavating in general, as well as suggestions for the future of castle studies. In conclusion Austin aims to answer the three questions which he says he is most asked by the public: Have you found anything interesting? Why is the castle here? and Who built it? 706p b/w illus, maps plans etc (Archaeological Society of Durham / English Heritage 2007)

From The Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland
David Austin's interests extend far beyond the traditional focus of castle archaeologists, and the two volumes of the report include a detailed analysis of the social, political and economic significance of the castle within its geographic setting, as well as a critical examination of the methodology of historical and archaeological research and an attempt to shed light on the symbolic and ritual significance of the castle within its medieval landscape. This is an important reference work for archaeologists and medieval historians alike, and a fascinating book for all those with an interest in the history and archaeology of Teesdale and the north.
In two illustrated volumes

Published by English Heritage and The Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland (Research Report 6) (2007)
ISBN: 978 0 9510388 57

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