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In 1477 May 28, John Pylkington, knight was granted, by Edward IV, (In year 17 of his reign) a Royal licence to crenellate Bradeley (Bradley Hall)
Licence for John Pylkington, knight, and his heirs to build walls and towers around and crenellate his plot or manor within the parish of Wakefield, co. York, called 'Pylkyngton Hall,' newly built by him, and his other plots or manors of Bradeley, Elfletburgh and Turneham Hall, co. York. By p.s. (CPR)

Granted at Westminster. Grant by privy seal.


Gatehouse is informed, by John Goodchild, this was Bradley near Huddersfield. and that John had obtained this property, previously a grange, from Fountains Abbey. A Bradley Hall and Park are marked on the modern Map about a mile north of the parish church. Images of England records a probably C17 house on the site.

Years of service to Edward were final rewarded with a senior government position, although Pilkington died a couple of years after. The licence to crenellate seems to be granted to bring Pilkington in line with Hastings in term of status.

Original source is;

(In fact, the original source given is usually a transcription/translation of what are precious medieval documents not readily availably. It should be noted that these transcription/translations often date to the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries and that unwitting bias of transcribers may affect the translation. Care should also be taken to avoid giving modern meaning to the medieval use of certain stock words and terms. Licentia is best translated as 'freedom to' not 'permission'.)

Significant later sources are;

Sir John Pilkington (d. 1479)
Sir John Pilkington (d. 1479), king's knight of the body, chamberlain to Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Benefited rapidly from royal patronage after the accession of Edward IV. MP Yorkshire 1472-5, 1478. Sheriff Lancs. 1462-3, 1464-7. Numerous positions of profit, mainly in Yorkshire but also elsewhere. He was jointly created Chamberlain of the Exchequer in April 1477 (with Hastings who got a licence to crenellate in 1474 qv.)

Was convicted of rape in 1450 but pardoned in 1452. Committed Yorkist. Fought at Wakefield and taken prisoner; fought at Tewkesbury and then knighted.

At John's death his estate was valued at over £600. His main home had been at Wakefield, where he sought burial in a chantry chapel that he had founded, and where he had built himself a new house, Pilkington Hall, which he received licence to crenellate in 1477 (along with three other houses) and which he bequeathed to his widow for life on condition that she spent most of her time there. (Horrox)

Biographical source include;

More information about licences to crenellate can be found here.

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