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In 1447 April 24, Thomas Daniell, king's squire (Thomas Danyell; Daniel) was granted, by Henry VI, (In year 25 of his reign) a Royal licence to crenellate Ridon (Roydon Hall (The Rey))
Grant, of special grace, for good service, to Thomas Daniell, king's squire, that he may enclose his manor of Ridon, co. Norfolk, with ditches and walls, and crenellate the same with stone and mortar and hold the same so enclosed and fortified to himself and his heirs; and that he may enclose 600 acres of marsh, 200 acres of pasture and 100 acres of meadow at Ridon with a ditch and palings and impark the same, and so hold it to him and his heirs; grant also to him and his heirs of free warren in all their demense lands ... etc. (CChR)

Granted at Westminster. Grant by King and of the date etc. {by authority of parliament}.


Extensive grant of licence to crenellate, impark, free warren, take deer from their land in the king's forest, take felons chattels, to be quit of toll, pannage, etc. etc. etc.
John Wodehouse built here a large and most royal and beautiful manor-house, called the Rey, on the river hereby, which cost him above 2000 marks sterling, with stately offices, &c about a mile from Rising, in which he died in 1430; and that this noble edifice was entirely destroyed, and pulled down to the ground, by the advice and assistance of Thomas Lord Scales, about September 21, 1454, by the consent of the heir of the founder, and his particular friend; the reason assigned is, that Thomas Danyel, Esq. of Lancashire, late sheriff of Norfolk, by the assistance and power of John (Mowbray) Duke of Norfolk, on account of his marrying a kinswoman of the said Duke, pretending a right and title to the said lordship, falsely asserting that Wodehouse, the heir to his father, (the founder) had given it to him. On this pretence he several times entered the same by force, and a great army of the Duke. And this the Lord Scales did out of a good intention, though much to the loss and damage of Wodehouse's heir. (Blomefield)
Daniell may have been intending to add to the existing manor and may well have done so although this licences was much more use to him as a sign of royal confirmation of his holding this contested manor. The destruction of the manor seven years after the licence seems to have been motivated by destroying any work of Daniell's so as to entirely remove any claim he might have. There does not seem to be any reason to believe the manor was rebuilt after 1454.

Original source is;

(In fact, the original source given is usually a transcription/translation of what are precious medieval documents not readily availably. It should be noted that these transcription/translations often date to the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries and that unwitting bias of transcribers may affect the translation. Care should also be taken to avoid giving modern meaning to the medieval use of certain stock words and terms. Licentia is best translated as 'freedom to' not 'permission'.)

Significant later sources are;

Thomas Daniell (1415-c. 1482)
Thomas Daniell (1415-c. 1482) Younger son of William Daniel of Daresbury, Cheshire. Numerous appointments, mainly but not exclusively in the east of England, MP at various dates for various counties including Cornwall (1445) and Buckinghamshire (1447 and 1449). Constable of Castle Rising. Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk. Later seems to made enemies and twice denounced and pardoned. A roving civil servant and favoured courtier who seems to have been particularly willing to take on appointments although he got this licence fairly early in his career.

Biographical source include;

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