A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of medieval fortifications and palaces in Wales

List of medieval fortifications of uncertain type in Wales

here is a degree of uncertainty with many sites but these are sites with significant doubt as to the type of site. Sites which are lost were probable timber castles, other sites are doubtful mentions of possible fortifications and some are just not clear from the available description.
Also included in this category are a small number of sites which don't fit into any of the more specific categories.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification or palace


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Allt y gaer, Llangathen Altigar Carmarthenshire uncertain
Barons Court, Cogan Pill Glamorgan uncertain
Bryneglwys 'Dinas' Castell Furi; Fury Denbighshire no visible
Castell Aberlleiniog Castell Llienawg; Aberllienawg; Castle in Anglesey; Castell Leiniog Anglesey earthwork
Castelldwyran Castel Dauyran; Dyram Carmarthenshire no visible
Cottrell House Glamorgan no visible
Culver Hole Culvers Hole; Smugglers' Hole Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Dernio Castle of Edernion; Edeyrnion; Dernant; Dermant Merioneth uncertain
Dinweilir Dinweiler; Castle of Mabudrud Uncertain uncertain
Dinyetha castrum vocatum Dynyeytha Uncertain uncertain
Ednyfeds Castle Bryn Euryn; Plas Bryneuryn Denbighshire uncertain
Emlyn Uncertain uncertain
Glyn, Denbighshire Denbighshire uncertain
Goedmore Coedmawr; Coedmor; Castell Cevel; Llangoedmor; Coit Maur Cardiganshire no visible
Guiddgrug Gwyddrug; Yr Wydgruc; Wyrebruch; Weidgrut Montgomeryshire uncertain
Gwyddrug Yr Wydgruc Uncertain uncertain
Hithoet Castle Hychoet; Castell Coch; Is Coed Radnorshire uncertain
Lawrenny Castle Pembrokeshire no visible
Llanelli New Castle Pen y Castell, Llanelly Carmarthenshire no visible
Llangynidr Vro Brecknockshire no visible
Llanrhyadr Cardiganshire uncertain
Llwdarth Llwydarth Glamorgan uncertain
Madua Carmarthenshire uncertain
Maelienydd Radnorshire no visible
Meirionydd Merioneth uncertain
Meirionydd, Ardudwy Merioneth uncertain
Peytivins Castle Castle of the Poitevins; Castle of Poytins; Pytinglas Farm Brecknockshire no visible
Quay Street Tower House, Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire major building
Rhuthyn Glamorgan uncertain
Towre Kenvyn Caer y Bont; Pen y Twr; Twr Cynfyn; Hendwr; Kenuyn; Kynvyn Merioneth no visible
Trefriw Treurewe; Trevriw Caernarfonshire no visible
Tregawnll Glamorgan uncertain
Witley Glamorgan uncertain
Afon Lliw Mound, Llanuwchllyn Merioneth earthwork
Bailey Placename, Painscastle Radnorshire no visible
Barclodied y Gawres Camp, Llanwyddelan Montgomeryshire no visible
Black Rock Radnorshire uncertain
Blaenau 'Tower' Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bryn Castell, Llanasa Flintshire no visible
Bwlch y Castell Cardiganshire uncertain
Cae Castell Einion Fieldname, Llanfair Caereinion Cae Castle Einion Montgomeryshire no visible
Cae Castell Placename, Llangollen Denbighshire no visible
Cae Castell Placename, Tregynon Montgomeryshire no visible
Cae Castell Ucha Issa and Pella Fieldname, Llangollen Denbighshire no visible
Cae Cerrig Earthworks, Glascwm Radnorshire uncertain
Cae Gaer Fieldname Radnorshire no visible
Cae Garn Earthworks Pant Glas Tower Glamorgan uncertain
Cae Pengaer Placename, Llandeilo'r Fan Brecknockshire no visible
Cae Tump Placename 1, Gladestry Radnorshire no visible
Cae Tump Placename 2, Gladestry Radnorshire no visible
Cae Whisken Fieldname, Overton Whistan Flintshire no visible
Cae y Castle Fieldname, Ruabon Denbighshire no visible
Caerau Placename and Earthwork Enclosure, Llandinam Montgomeryshire earthwork
Castell Coch Placename, Llanbister Castle Coch Radnorshire no visible
Castell Du Placename, Llangamarch Brecknockshire no visible
Castell Greido Placename, Llangurig Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell Gwern Glamorgan uncertain
Castell Mabwinion Castell Mabwynion; Castellum Mebwenniaun Cardiganshire earthwork
Castell Maelgwyn Pembrokeshire no visible
Castell Manest Placename, Merthyr Cynog Brecknockshire no visible
Castell Morlais, Porthcawl Sker Glamorgan no visible
Castell Myn, Llangrannog Cardiganshire no visible
Castell Placename, Halkyn Flintshire no visible
Castell Placename, Llandinam Castell y waun Montgomeryshire uncertain
Castell Placename, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Denbighshire no visible
Castell Placename, Llanfihangel Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell Placename, Waen Flintshire no visible
Castell Placename, Ysceifiog Flintshire no visible
Castell Placenames, Llanwyddelan Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell Porth Wen Anglesey no visible
Castell Teirtut Castell Tein Tut Brecknockshire no visible
Castell y Dail Placename, Llangurig Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell y Gur Fieldname, Llay Denbighshire no visible
Castell y Gwynt Placename Montgomeryshire uncertain
Castell y Gwynt Placename, Mochdre Montgomeryshire no visible
Castell y Waun Placename, Llanwyddelan Montgomeryshire no visible
Castle near Penrhos Church Monmouthshire uncertain
Castle Placename, Gladestry Radnorshire no visible
Castle Placename, Painscastle Radnorshire no visible
Castle Tump, Caerwent Whitewall Brake Monmouthshire masonry footings
Castle Wood Placename, Abbey Cwmhir Cymaron Radnorshire no visible
Castle, Gowerton Glamorgan no visible
Cefn Gaer Placename, Llanfyllin Montgomeryshire no visible
Cefn Mably Cefnmabli; Cefn Mabli Glamorgan no visible
Chirk Castle Fieldname Denbighshire no visible
Close Bank Enclosure, Llandinam Cloisybank Montgomeryshire uncertain
Coed y Castell Placename Brecknockshire no visible
Coitier Castell Fieldname, Trelawnyd Newmarket Flintshire no visible
Craig Dinas Fach Placenames, Llanwrtyd Wells Brecknockshire no visible
Craig y Castell Placename, Llangynog Montgomeryshire no visible
Crombeir Radnorshire uncertain
Crug y Byddar, Beguildy Crug y Buddair, Crug y Buddar; Mount of Ambuscade Radnorshire no visible
Cwmargenau Enclosure Carmarthenshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Din Gaer Placename, Llanwyddelan Montgomeryshire no visible
Discoed Mound Radnorshire earthwork
Dol Gaer Placename, Meifod Montgomeryshire no visible
Domen y Castell Placename, Llanerfyl Montgomeryshire uncertain
Erwr Castell, Dyffryn Ardudwy Erw'r Castell Merioneth no visible
Ffridd y Castell Placename, Banwy Ffriddycastell Montgomeryshire no visible
Ffridd Y Castell Placename, Glantwymyn Montgomeryshire no visible
Gaer Fan Foel Placename, Llywel Brecknockshire no visible
Gaergyno Placename, Llanwrin Caecyno Montgomeryshire no visible
Garn Defended Homestead Glamorgan no visible
Glyn Castle Clun y Castell; Soflen Glamorgan earthwork
Gnoll House Glamorgan no visible
Gwar y Castell and Cae Castell Placenames, Llangurig Montgomeryshire no visible
Gwrych Y Fron Denbighshire no visible
Hensol Castle Glamorgan no visible
Howells Castle, Tenby Pembrokeshire earthwork
Keeston Castle, Camrose Pembrokeshire no visible
Llancanery Castell Carmarthenshire no visible
Llandough juxta Penarth Llandochau; Llan Doche Penarth Glamorgan no visible
Llantwit Major Tower Glamorgan earthwork
Lluest Llewelyn Placename, Llangurig Ty'n y Graigon Montgomeryshire no visible
Llyswen Manor Hall Cardiganshire no visible
Maes y Castell Placename Maes-y-castell Montgomeryshire no visible
Maes y Castell Placename, Newton Montgomeryshire no visible
Marsh House, East Aberthaw Glamorgan major building
Moel Garn, Llangeinwyr Glamorgan earthwork
Mount Field Placename, Painscastle Cae y Brwnt Radnorshire no visible
Nantmel Castle Radnorshire earthwork
Nantmel Castle Hill Pen y Castell Radnorshire no visible
Old Castle upon Alun Castle upon Alen Glamorgan no visible
Old Cogan Hall Farm Glamorgan uncertain
Pen Castell Placename, Aberedw Radnorshire no visible
Pen y Bryn y Castell Merioneth no visible
Pen y Ddinas and Banc y Ddinas Placenames Brecknockshire no visible
Pen y Gader Fawr Placename, Llanbedr Ystradwy Brecknockshire earthwork
Pen y Gaer Placename, Berriew Montgomeryshire no visible
Red Castle Ty Coch Monmouthshire earthwork
Rhos y Castell Placename, Llangurig Dol y Castell Montgomeryshire no visible
Rulam Glamorgan uncertain
Ruthin Castle, St Mary Hill Glamorgan no visible
Salt House, Port Eynon Glamorgan masonry footings
Scurlage Castle, Port Eynon Llanddewi; Scurlagiscastel; Skorlocastell Glamorgan no visible
Stanage Park Stanage Castle Radnorshire no visible
Stormy Castle, Barraston Glamorgan no visible
Stout Hall, Reynoldston Stout Walls; Stouthall Glamorgan no visible
Sweldon Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Talgarth 'Castle' Brecknockshire no visible
Towy Castle Carmarthenshire uncertain
Tre Castell Building Tre-gastell Montgomeryshire masonry footings

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