A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of medieval urban fortifications

List of Medieval Urban Defences (Town Walls and Ditches) in Wales

Town walls, banks and gates. Those built by the Romans, Anglo-Saxons or Danes are mentioned if they were maintained, at least partly, during the period 1000-1600. As with most fortifications of the period these were not simply defensive but also reflected social status. Ambitious town leaders would petition for and build walls for the personal and civic kudos. Walls and ditches, or sometimes just isolated gates, also regulated trade and made collection of taxes easier. Some villages, in vulnerable areas, had simple defences of ditches to deter cattle raiders and 'wolves' (Although it is doubtful wolves were a significant threat, to any community at any time, they were believed to be a threat and had enormous psychological power).
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Abergavenny Town Walls Y Fenni Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Aberystwyth Town Walls Llanbadarn Fawr; Lanbadar; Lampadarn; Lampader Cardiganshire no visible
Beaumaris Town Walls Anglesey masonry footings
Blaenporth Castle Castell Gwythan; Ralphs Castle; Y Gaer; Blaen Porth Hodnant; Castell Gwithian; Brynawelan Cardiganshire earthwork
Brecon Town Walls Aberhonddu Brecknockshire masonry footings
Caerau Castle Kayre; Cayre Glamorgan earthwork
Caerleon Town Walls Caerllion Monmouthshire masonry footings
Caernarfon Town Walls Caernarvon; Kairarvon Caernarfonshire major building
Caerphilly Town Defences Glamorgan no visible
Caerwent Town Walls Monmouthshire major building
Cardiff Town Walls Caerdydd; Kidis; Kerdif; Kerdiviae Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Cardigan Town Walls Aberteifi; Kardygan Cardiganshire uncertain
Carmarthen Town Walls Caerfyrddin Carmarthenshire no visible
Castell y Bere Town Defences Merioneth no visible
Cefnllys Town Defences Keventhlis Radnorshire earthwork
Chepstow Town Wall Port Wall Monmouthshire major building
Conwy Town Walls Conway; Aberconwy Caernarfonshire major building
Cowbridge Town Walls Y Bont-faen Glamorgan major building
Denbigh Town Walls Dynebeghe Denbighshire major building
Dinefwr Town Defences Old Dynevor Carmarthenshire no visible
Dolforwyn Town Defences Montgomeryshire no visible
Dryslwyn Town Defences Carmarthenshire earthwork
Flint Town Defences Y Fflint; le flynt; le Caillou; le Chaylou Flintshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Haverfordwest Town Walls Hwlffordd; Castleton; Castle Town Pembrokeshire masonry footings
Hay-on-Wye Town Walls Haya; Gelli; Tregelli Brecknockshire masonry footings
Kenfig Town Defences Kenefeg; Kenfeg Glamorgan earthwork
Kidwelly Town Walls Cydweli; Kedwelly Carmarthenshire major building
Knighton Town Defences Cnicteton; Cnichton; Knytheton; Knython; Trefylco Radnorshire no visible
Knucklas borough enclosure Radnorshire earthwork
Laugharne Town Defences Abercorran; Abercorram; Abercoran; Talacharn Carmarthenshire no visible
Llanfaes Town Defences Anglesey no visible
Llanidloes Town Defences Montgomeryshire no visible
Loughor Town Defences Logher; Llonghour Glamorgan no visible
Monmouth Town Walls and Defences Mingui; Mouemewe; Clawdd Du Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Montgomery Town Defences Trefaldwyn; Mungumery; Muntgomery; Monte Gomeri Montgomeryshire earthwork
Neath Town Defences Glamorgan no visible
New Radnor Town Defences Maes Hyfaidd; Radenoure; Radenouere Radnorshire earthwork
Newcastle Emlyn Town Defences Carmarthenshire no visible
Newport, Gwent, Town Defences Casnewydd; Novus Burgus Monmouthshire no visible
Newtown Town Defences Montgomeryshire no visible
Pembroke Town Walls Penfro; Barnard's Tower; Bernard's Tower Pembrokeshire major building
Rhayader Town Defences Radnorshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rhuddlan Town Defences Cledemutha Flintshire earthwork
Ruthin Town Defences Rhuthun; Ruffin; Ruthyn Denbighshire no visible
Skenfrith Village Defences Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
St Clears Town Defences Carmarthenshire no visible
Swansea Town Walls Abertawe; Seinhenydd; Sueineshea; Suenesel; Swinesey; Sweyneseye; Swyneseye Glamorgan masonry footings
Talgarth Tower Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tenby Town Walls Dinbych-y-pysgod; Tynebey Pembrokeshire major building
Trelech Town Defences Trellech; Tryleg; Trelleck; Trillech Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Usk Town Banks Brynbuga; Clawdd du Monmouthshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Walterston Castle Glamorgan earthwork
Aberafan Town Walls Glamorgan no visible
Bala Town Defences Merioneth no visible
Bangor Town Defences Caernarfonshire no visible
Beddurge village enclosure Radnorshire earthwork
Colwyn Village Defences Radnorshire earthwork
Crickhowell Tower The Ivy Tower Brecknockshire masonry footings
Crickhowell Town Defences Crukhowel Brecknockshire no visible
Degannwy Town Defences Gannoc Caernarfonshire no visible
Holt Town Defences Denbighshire no visible
Hundred House; The Mount Brynllwyd Mount; Glan Edw Radnorshire masonry footings
Llandovery Town Defences Llanymddyfri; Llanymdyfri Carmarthenshire no visible
Newport, Pembrokeshire, Town Defences Trefdraeth Pembrokeshire no visible
Overton Town Defences Auretone; Averetone Flintshire no visible
Painscastle Borough Defences Radnorshire earthwork
Penmark Village Defences Glamorgan cropmark/slight earthwork
Whitecastle Town Defences Monmouthshire no visible

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