A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of medieval fortification and palaces in Wales

List of Pele Towers in Wales

Also called peel towers. A form of fortified farmhouse or house of a significant, but not noble, person, such as a vicar or local knight, built with some defensive features both for genuine protection from raiding bands and for social prestige. These can be free-standing towers but are generally chamber (or solar) towers attached to other, unfortified, buildings such as the hall. The free standing form is more 'Scottish' and often later in date and are, in practice, rare. Many pele towers now appear free standing as they have lost their attached timber (or thin walled stone) halls, kitchens and other ancillary buildings. These gentry status building are generally said to be confined to the North of England but some exist Wales.
Many authors dislike the use of pele in this sense and use the term 'tower house' for a wide range medieval and early modern multi-storey defensible buildings and there is a continuum in size and status between these buildings which can be used to justify that practice. However, the social status and function of these buildings is usually significantly different from the larger intergral Towerhouses and a differentation between gentry status pele towers and baronial tower houses is felt to be worthwhile.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Angle Rectory Nangle; The Tower; Castle Inn Pembrokeshire major building
Broncoed; The Tower Mold Tower; Broncoed Tower Flintshire masonry ruins/remnants
Carew Old Rectory Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Carswell Pembrokeshire major building
Culver Hole Culvers Hole; Smugglers' Hole Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Eastington Manor House Jestynton; Rhoscrowther; Keeston; Iseston; Tre-Jestyn Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Glantowy Glantywi Carmarthenshire masonry ruins/remnants
Harold's House, Portskewett Monmouthshire earthwork
Kemeys House Kemys House Monmouthshire masonry ruins/remnants
Kingston Farmhouse Pembrokeshire major building
Llandeilo Abercywyn Pilgrims Rest Carmarthenshire uncertain
North Cornelly; The Hall Corneli Glamorgan masonry ruins/remnants
Paterchurch Tower Peterchurch Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Pen-y-bryn, Aber Twr Llewelyn; Llewelyn's Tower Caernarfonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Penhow Castle Monmouthshire major building
Pipton Tower Pyperton, Periton Brecknockshire masonry footings
Priory Farm House, Monkton Pembrokeshire major building
Rheidol Castle Plas Crug Cardiganshire no visible
Sandyhaven Tower Sandy Haven Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Scethrog Castle (The Tower) Llansanffraid, Sgethrog Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Scotsborough House Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
St Brides; The Abbey St Bride's Castle Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Talgarth Tower Brecknockshire masonry ruins/remnants
Upper Lamphey Park Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
West Tarr mediaeval house Pembrokeshire masonry ruins/remnants
Crickhowell Tower The Ivy Tower Brecknockshire masonry footings
Nunnery Pembrokeshire no visible
Quay Street Tower House, Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire major building
Tre Castell Building Tre-gastell Montgomeryshire masonry footings
Tyn Twr Ty'n Twr; Twr Abercaseg; Llanllechid Caernarfonshire cropmark/slight earthwork

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