A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of the castles and palaces of the native welsh princes

The Gatehouse website list of the castles and palaces of the Welsh Princes

This is a provisional working list of the llysoedd (residential dwellings) of the native rulers of Wales in the later medieval period, that is the 11th to 14th centuries. It is mainly derived from Richard Avent, 1983, Castles of the Princes of Gwynedd (Cardiff), Paul R. Davis, 2007, Castles of the Welsh Princes (Y Lolfa) and Lawerence Butler, 2009, 'The Castles of the Princes of Gwynedd' in Willams, D. and Kenyon, J. (eds), The Impact of the Edwardian Castles in Wales (Oxbow) with additions derived from online archaeological database descriptions.
This list does not include sites occupied or supposedly occupied before the 11th century (Dark Age sites) that were not in use in the normal accepted age of castles.

Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a castle (castell) or palace (llys) built or used by a native prince of Wales.
This is not the same as the confidence in the individual site record.


Name Alternative Name(s) Princedom Type
Cardigan Castle Aberteifi; Aberteivi; Kardigan Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Carew Castle Castell Caeriw; domum de Carrio; Carieu Deheubarth llys
Carreg Cennen Castle Caer Cynan; Karekenyl Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Castell Gwynionydd, Llandysul Coedfon Deheubarth ringwork timber castle
Castell Meurig, Llangadog Castell Meiris; Castell Pridd; Lychewein Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Castell Nanhyfer, Nevern Cammais; Cammeis; Cemmeis; Llanhyvor; castellum Newer Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Castell Trefilan Trifilan Deheubarth llys with motte
Dinefwr Castle Dynevor; Gueithtinevur; Dinefawr; Old Dynefwr; Dinevor; Dinewor Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Domen Las, Ysgubor y Coed Abereinion; Aberdyfi; Aberdovey; Glan Dyfi; Tomen Las; Domenlas Deheubarth llys with motte
Dryslwyn Castle Drusselan; Deresloyn; Droslan; Drosselan; Dyryslwyn; Drysllwyn Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Llystroyddyn ?Deheubarth llys
Morgraig Castle Castell Mor Graig ?Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Nant yr Arian Castle Old Goginan Castle; Castell Goginan Deheubarth llys with motte
Newcastle Emlyn Castle Castel Nowid; Newcastle Emelyn Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Pen y Castell, Llanilar Garth Grugyn Deheubarth ringwork timber castle
Rhayader Castle Tower Mount; Rhaiadyr; Rhaiadr; Rhaedr Gwy; Rhaidr Gwy; Rhys Castle Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Y Castell, Llys y Fran Llysyfran ?Deheubarth llys with motte
Ystrad Meurig Castle Henblas; Meyric Deheubarth Masonry Castle
Aber Castle - Pen-y-Mwd and Ty'n-y-Mwd llys Abermenai; Mwd Castle; Abergwyngregyn; Llan Boduan; Bangor Gwynedd llys with motte
Aberffraw llys and motte Gwynedd llys with motte
Bryn Castell, Caerhun Tal Y Cafn; Castell Maelgwn ?Gwynedd llys with motte
Cae Llys, Rhosyr Llys Rhosyr Gwynedd llys
Caergwrle Castle, Hope Queen's Hope; Kaierguill Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Caernarfon Castle Caernarvon; Carnarvon Gwynedd llys with motte
Carn Fadryn Garn Fadryn; Carn Fadrun; Madryn; Garn Fadrun Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Castell Cadwaladr, Caer Penrhos Llanrhystud; Caer Penrhoys; Caerpenrhos; Gaer Penrhos Gwynedd ringwork timber castle
Castell Carndochan, Dolhendre Castell Carn Dochan Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Castell Coch, Ystradfellte Stratmelthin; Mellte Castle Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Castell Cynfal, Bryn Crug Cynfael; Towyn; Bryn y Castell Gwynedd llys with motte
Castell Gwain Goch, Penrhyndeudraeth Deudraeth; Deudrait; Castell Aber Iâ; Portmeirion; Gwaun Goch Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Castell Prysor Cwm Prysor Gwynedd llys with motte
Castell y Bere Caerberllan; 'a castle in Merionydd or Ardudwy', Teberri Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Castle Bryn Amlwg Amting; Bryn Amlwc; Bettws y Crwyn; Cefn Fron; ?Ruffin; ?Hithoet Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Corwen Gwynedd llys
Criccieth Castle Cricieth Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Cwm Camlais Castle Camlais; Bleancamlais; Blaencamlais; Maescar; Defynoch; Defynock; Dyfynoch; 'new castle beyond Brecon'; novo castro ultra Breckoniam Gwynedd masonry castle
Danylan Mound, Llyswen ?Gwynedd llys with motte
Degannwy Castle Castle of Gannoc; Gannock; Dagaunoth; Deganwy; Hegannow Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Denbigh Castle Castell Dinbych; Dinbech Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Dinas Emrys Castle Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Dolbadarn Castle Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Dolbenmaen Castle Tomen; Plas Dolbenmaen ?Gwynedd llys with motte
Dolforwyn Castle Castle at Abrunol; Abermule; Aber miwi; Bachyranneleu; Dolvoreyn; Castell Dol-y-Vorwyn Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Dolwyddelan Castle Dolvithalan; Doluithalan Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Domen Ddreiniog, Llanegryn Tomen Ddreiniog; Thorny Motte; Tal y Bont; Talybont ?Gwynedd llys with motte
Ednyfeds Castle Llys Euryn; Bryn Euryn; Plas Bryneuryn Gwynedd llys
Erw'r Castell Mound, Caerwys ?Gwynedd llys with motte
Ewloe Castle Youley; Yollo; Eulo; Egloe; Eggelawe Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Harlech Castle Arlech; Hardelowe Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Knucklas Castle Cnwclas; Conoclas; Knokelace Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Neuadd Wen Mound Siambr ddu Gwynedd llys
Pen y Castell, Garreg Olau Caer Oleu; Careg Oleu Rhiw Dafnau Maenan Gwynedd Masonry Castle
Pen-y-bryn, Aber Twr Llewelyn; Llewelyn's Tower Gwynedd llys
Rheidol Castle Plas Crug Gwynedd llys
Tomen Las Castle Mound, Pennal Y Domen Las; Towyn Gwynedd llys with motte
Tomen y Mur, Maentwrog Mur Castell; Heririmons ?Gwynedd llys with motte
Tomen y Rhodwydd, Llandegla Castell y Rhodwydd; Buddugre; Llanarmon yn Ial; Yale; Castle in Ial; Castell yr Adwy Gwynedd llys with motte
Trefriw Treurewe; Trevriw Gwynedd llys
Twthill, Old Rhuddlan Castle Toothill; Tut Hill; Bonc Hill; Roelent; Roeland Gwynedd llys
Castell Du, Sennybridge Castell Ddu; Castell Rhyd y Briw; Black Castle; 'new castle beyond Brecon' Gwynedd/Einion Sais Masonry Castle
Tomen y Bala, Bala Gwynedd/Penllyn llys with motte
Castell Brogyntyn Selattyn Powys ringwork timber castle
Castle Caereinion Motte Twmpatch Garmon; Twmpath Garmon; Kaer einawn; Gereinawn; Kaer einiawn; Kereinaun Powys llys with motte
Cwrt Llechrhyd, Llanelwedd Cwrt Llechryd Powys llys
Cymmer Castle, Llanelltyd Cymer Powys llys with motte
Dinas Bran Castle Crow Powys Masonry Castle
Domen Castell, Welshpool Domen Gastell; Pola; Pole; Pool; Pol; Powis; Trallwng; Trallung; Trallwm Powys llys with motte
Domen Fawr, Tafolwern Walwerin; Walwern; Waluernia; Walwar; Talfolwern Powys llys with motte
Domen Gastell, Llanfechain Domen Castell; Tomen Gastell Powys llys with motte
Kerry; The Moat Moat Farm; Kerry Motte; Moat Castle; Kerri; Ceri Powys llys with motte
Llyssun Motte Llysin; Llyssin; Llanerfyl; Llyslun; Llynssyn ?Powys llys
Oswestry Castle Album Monasterium; Blancminster; Blankmouster; Blancmustier; Croes Oswald; L'Oeuvre; L'uvre; Castle Loure; Luure; Luvre; Lvvre: Castle Philip; Oswaldestre; Meresberie Powys Masonry Castle
Pen Llys Ringwork Llysdinam ?Powys ringwork timber castle
Powis Castle Powys; Castell Coch; Pool; Pola; Pole; Trallwng; Red Castle; Redde Castle; Castel Cough Powys Masonry Castle
Roft Motte The Rofft; Rofft Mount; The Rofts; Marford; Hoseley; Hodesley; Bromfield; castellum de Bromfeld Powys llys with motte
Sycharth Castle, Llansilin Castle of Owain Glyndwr; Saghern Powys llys with motte
Tomen yr Allt Motte, Llanfyllin Boyddon; Domen yr Allt; Bodyddon; Bodedon Powys llys with motte
Bronllys Castle Brunless; Brenles; Brynllys; Brendlais Brycheiniog llys
Aberafan Castle Aber Afan; Aberavon; Beili y Castell; Bailey Castle; Baily'r castell de Avene (lords of Afan) llys with motte
Briton Ferry Motte Hen Gastell de Avene (lords of Afan) llys with motte
Cwm Clais, Castell Bolan Baglan; Cwm Glais de Avene (lords of Afan) Masonry Castle
Plas Baglan Castell y wiryones de Avene (lords of Afan) Masonry Castle
Castell Meredydd Machen; Maghay; Maghhay Gwynllwg Masonry Castle
Castle Arnold, Llangattock nigh Usk Castle Arnault; Castell Arnallt; Castell Ernallt ?Morgannwg llys with motte
Dinas Powys Ringwork Cwm George Camp; Cwrt-yr-ala ?Morgannwg ringwork timber castle
Twyn Castell, Gelligaer Cadwallon Cadwallon, son of Ifor llys with motte
Caerphilly Castle Caerfilly; Caerffili; Castell Caerfilli-Crynodeb; Kerfily; Kaerfilly; Sengenneth lesser - Lower Senghenydd llys
Cae Castell, Llechart Rhyndwyclydach; Nant Llwydyn lesser llys with motte
Castell Gwern lesser Masonry Castle
Castell Nos, Aberdare Castelle Nose lesser ringwork timber castle
Castell Taliorum, Llanhilleth Castell Taliurum; Llanhithel; Castell Hithell ?lesser Masonry Castle
St Illtyds Castle, Llanhilleth Twyn; Llanhithel; Castell Hithell; Y Tump; Twmp Siencyn Sion; Twmp y Castell ?lesser llys with motte

This listing was last updated on 5 May 2015

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