A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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List of the Medieval Fortified Sites of the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands

Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification or palace
Alternative Name(s)
Essex Castle Essex Farm; Fort Essex; Les Murs de Haut; Upper Fort Alderney Artillery Fort major building
The Nunnery Les Murs de Bas; Chateau de Longis; Lower Fort; Castrum Longini; Lower Fort Alderney Fortified Manor House, Artillery Fort major building
Castle Cornet, St Peter Port Chateau-Cornet; Cornet Rock; Castle Rock; castri de Gerner'; Corneyt Guernsey Masonry Castle, Artillery Fort major building
Jerbourg Castle Chirburgh; Girburgh; Gyrbourg, Gerebrok; Gerbourkes; Gierebouk Guernsey Timber Castle, Masonry Castle earthwork
Vale Castle Le Chateau St Michel; Chateau de Val; Chateau de Valle Guernsey Masonry Castle, Artillery Fort masonry ruins/remnants
Chateau Des Marais Ivy Castle; Marais d' Orgeuil; Chateau d'Orgueil; The Marsh Castle Guernsey Timber Castle earthwork
St Peter Port Town Defences Beauregard Tower; Tour Beauregard; La Tour Grand; Le Tourgand Guernsey Urban Defence no visible
Chateau De Rocquaine Fort Grey; Châté dé Rocquoïne Guernsey Timber Castle, Masonry Castle no visible
Elizabeth Castle Islett of Saynt Helyer Jersey Artillery Fort major building
Grosnez Castle Jersey Masonry Castle masonry ruins/remnants
Mont Orgueil Castle Gorey Castle; Jerres', Gurry Jersey Masonry Castle, Artillery Fort major building
St Aubins Fort St Aubyn; Islet of Sayntobyn Jersey Artillery Fort major building
Les Catieaux Les Câtiaux; Les Cateaux; le Chastel-Sedement; Sedeman; Ceasar's Camp Jersey Timber Castle earthwork
St Ouen's Manor St Owen Jersey Fortified Manor House masonry ruins/remnants
Castel de Lecq Le Câtel de Lecq Jersey Timber Castle earthwork
Castel Rozel Le Câtel de Rozel; La Petite Césaree Jersey Timber Castle earthwork
Bishopscourt Bishop's Court; Ballachurry; King Orry's Tower; Kirkmichael Man Palace, Pele Tower, Masonry Castle major building
Castle Rushen Russin; Castellum de russyn Man Timber Castle, Masonry Castle major building
Cronk Howe Mooar Fairy Hill; Cronk Mooar; Cronk y Mur Man Timber Castle earthwork
Derby Fort St Michaels Island; Fort Island Man Artillery Fort major building
Douglas Artillery Fort Pollock rocks; Paul Bridson's Parlour Man Artillery Fort no visible
Peel Castle St Patricks Isle Man Timber Castle, Masonry Castle, Artillery Fort major building
Bride Motte Lambhill Man Timber Castle earthwork
Peel Bay Battery Man Artillery Fort no visible
Santon Broogh Moaney Man Timber Castle earthwork
Cashtal Lager Ballagawne Man Timber Castle, Fortified Manor House, Uncertain earthwork
Cass ny Hawin Man Timber Castle earthwork
Castleward Fort Knock y Troddan; Hill of the Fight; Sod Castle; Cashtal yn Mhoid Man Timber Castle earthwork
Close ny Chollagh Close ny Chollaugh Man Timber Castle earthwork
Congary Brooghs Man Uncertain no visible
Cronk ny Merriu Cronk ny Marroo; Cronk-na-Myrriow; Cronk y Merritt; Hill of the Dead Man Timber Castle earthwork
Cronk Sumark Cronkshamerk; Primrose Hill Man Timber Castle earthwork
South Barrule hill fort Man Timber Castle, Uncertain earthwork
The Court Man Palace no visible
Ballakaighan Ballalough; Ballakeighan; Ballakaighen Man Timber Castle earthwork
Sark forts Le fort Sark Artillery Fort earthwork
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