A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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List of the medieval fortified sites of the historic county of Surrey

Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification or palace
Alternative Name(s)
Abinger Motte Timber Castle earthwork
Addington Castle Hill Palace , Fortified Manor House no visible
Ash Manor Henley on the Heath; Henley by Guildford; South Henley Palace , Fortified Manor House earthwork
Banstead Dower House Palace cropmark/slight earthwork
Battersea Manor of Bishop of Durham Bridgecourt; York House; York Place Palace , Fortified Manor House no visible
Beddington Place Carew Manor Palace , Fortified Manor House masonry ruins/remnants
Betchworth Castle Bechesworth; Bettisworth; Bletchworth Timber Castle , Fortified Manor House masonry ruins/remnants
Black Hawes Castle, Westcott Balchins Lane Fortified Manor House uncertain
Bletchingley Castle Blechingele; Blechingley Timber Castle , Masonry Castle masonry footings
Broomhall Copse Rudgwick; Lynwick Timber Castle earthwork
Byfleet Manor House Byfleete Palace no visible
Chessington Castle Hill Timber Castle earthwork
Chobham Park Palace no visible
Croydon Archbishops Palace Palace major building
Dorking Benhamcastle; Benham-castle; Bonhamcastle Timber Castle no visible
East Horsley manor of Bishop of Exeter West Horsley Palace no visible
Farnham Castle Feornham; Ffarnum; Fernham Timber Castle , Masonry Castle , Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Farnham Town Defences Urban Defence no visible
Guildford Blackfriars Palace no visible
Guildford Castle and Palace Geldeford'; Goseforde, Guildeford Timber Castle , Masonry Castle , Palace major building
Guildford Town Defences Urban Defence no visible
Kennington Palace Palace no visible
Kingston Upon Thames Bishops Palace Bishops Hall Palace no visible
Kingston Upon Thames Castle Moreford, Kenington, Warwick Castle Timber Castle , Masonry Castle no visible
Lagham Manor Langham; Lageham in Walkested Fortified Manor House earthwork
Lambeth Palace Lollards Tower; Chicele's Tower; Water Tower; Lambehith Palace , Tower House major building
London Inn of the Bishop of Rochester, Lambeth La Place Palace no visible
London Inn of the Bishop of Rochester, Southwark Palace no visible
Mortlake Palace Wimbledon Palace no visible
Nonsuch Palace Palace no visible
Oatlands Palace Otelands Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Oxted Barrow Green The Mount; Barogrene; The Bergh Timber Castle earthwork
Pachenesham Magna, Leatherhead The Mounts Fortified Manor House earthwork
Preston Hawe Fortified Manor House earthwork
Reigate Castle Holmesdale Timber Castle , Masonry Castle earthwork
Richmond Palace Richemont; Sheen Palace; Shene Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Rotherhithe Palace Platform Wharf Palace no visible
Southwark Town Defences Suthriganageweorce Urban Defence no visible
Staines Town Defences Penton Ditch Urban Defence no visible
Starborough Castle Sterborough; Sterborrow; Prinkham; Pringham; Prynkeham in Lyngfeld Masonry Castle masonry footings
Suffolk Place Brandon Place; The Mint Palace no visible
The Rosary la Rosere Palace no visible
Thunderfield Castle, Horley Horne; Thunderford; Herewoldeslea; Haroldslea Timber Castle , Fortified Manor House earthwork
Tollsworth Farm Tolworth Farm, Chaldon Fortified Manor House earthwork
Walton on the Hill, Leatherhead Court Ditch Timber Castle earthwork
Waynefletes Tower, Esher Waynfletes Tower; Wolseys Tower; Esher Palace; Esher Place; Esher Episcopi Masonry Castle , Palace masonry ruins/remnants
West Horsley Place Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Winchester Bishops Palace, Southwark Winchester House Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Woking Palace Old Hall; Okyng Palace major building
Burstow Lodge Burstow Manor Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Camberley mound The Knoll; Olddean Common Timber Castle no visible
Crodonio Créon Fortified Manor House no visible
Enton's Coppice Ewekene's Copse Timber Castle earthwork
Godstone Castle Hill Timber Castle earthwork
Goseford Castle Goseforde Uncertain uncertain
Hambledon; The Tolt The Tote, Hydon Hill Timber Castle uncertain
Le Castell Castele Grove; Croft voc le Castell Uncertain no visible
Ockley Timber Castle cropmark/slight earthwork
Reigate Priory Park mound, Timber Castle cropmark/slight earthwork

This listing was last updated on Sunday, August 27, 2017

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