A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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List of the medieval fortified sites of the historic county of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification or palace
Alternative Name(s)
Alverstoke Motte, Gosport Alder Moor; Grange Farm; Apple Dumpling Timber Castle cropmark/slight earthwork
Ashley Village Defences Urban Defence masonry footings
Basing House Old Basing House; Basyng Timber Castle , Fortified Manor House masonry footings
Basing Old Castle Oliver's Battery; Priest's Croft; Kings Horse Croft; veteris castelli de Basing; Lickpit Timber Castle cropmark/slight earthwork
Beaulieu Royal Hunting Lodge Bellus Locus Regis Palace no visible
Bishops Sutton Bishops Palace Palace no visible
Bishops Waltham Bishops Palace Wautham; Wantham Masonry Castle , Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Bitterne Bishops Palace Manor House Masonry Castle , Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Bolderwood Hunting Lodge Boldrewood; Harborough; Bolder Lodge; Hatheburgh; Hatherburgh; Harborowe Palace earthwork
Calshot Castle Caldshore; Calshott; Cawshot; Calste Point Artillery Fort major building
Carisbrooke Castle Alwinestone; Karebroc Timber Castle , Masonry Castle major building
Christchurch Castle Twineham; Twynham; Twynam; Twinamburne; Cristiciria Timber Castle , Masonry Castle masonry ruins/remnants
Christchurch Town Wall Twyneham; Twinham; Twynam Urban Defence earthwork
Church Place Ashurst Houndesdoun; Hounsdoun Palace earthwork
Church Place Denny Wait Denny Wood Palace earthwork
Crondall Barley Pound Lidelea; Udelea Timber Castle , Masonry Castle earthwork
Dogmersfield House Palace no visible
East Cowes Old Castle Point; EastCow Artillery Fort , Chain Tower no visible
East Meon Court House Palace major building
East Tytherley La Wardour; Tuderleye Palace no visible
East Worldham Hunting Lodge King John's Hill; Lodge Hill Palace no visible
Elvetham Hall, Hartley Wintney Fortified Manor House no visible
Fareham manor of the Bishop of Winchester Cheney Court Palace no visible
Farringdon Faringdon Episcopi Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Fisshehous Fishhouse Artillery Fort , Uncertain no visible
Freemantle Kings House Frigidum Mantellum; Gottington Hill; King Johns House; Freytmauntel; Freitmantell'; Freit Mantel Palace no visible
Freshwater 'Fort' Artillery Fort no visible
Freshwater Manor Fresshewater Fortified Manor House no visible
Gains Castle, Ashley Church Close; Ashley Gains; Ashley Castle; Esleg'sive Timber Castle , Masonry Castle masonry footings
Godshill Castle Hill, Woodgreen Fordingbridge Timber Castle , Masonry Castle , Siege Work cropmark/slight earthwork
Gosport Tower Fort Blockhouse; Chiderodd Artillery Fort , Chain Tower no visible
Gurnard Fort Gurnard Castle; Gurnerds fortt Artillery Fort no visible
Hamble River fort and chain tower Oyster Hard Artillery Fort , Chain Tower no visible
Hambledon Bishops Palace Manor Farmhouse Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Haselworth Castle, Gosport Hasilworth Artillery Fort no visible
Highclere Bishops Palace Highclere Castle; Highcleere; Clere Episcopi; Alta Clera; Hauteclere; Bisshopesclere; Hautclere Palace no visible
Holt Pond Motte, Blendworth Motley's Copse Siege Work cropmark/slight earthwork
Hursley Park Hunting Lodge Logge Palace no visible
Hurst Castle Woodward Artillery Fort major building
Hurstbourne Hesseburna; Esseburna Palace no visible
Isle of Wight fortalices The abbot's mill and other places Artillery Fort no visible
John of Gaunts Palace, Kings Somborne Old Palace Farm Palace masonry footings
Long Sutton; The Battery Well Timber Castle earthwork
Lymdens Bulwark The bulwark of Mr Sperte's making Artillery Fort no visible
Lyndhurst Park Hunting Lodge; Hatheburgh Palace no visible
Lyndhurst Park Hunting Lodge; Helmsley Holmsley; Holneslegh Palace earthwork
Lyndhurst Park Hunting Lodge; Park Lodge de Parco Palace no visible
Lyndhurst; The Queens House Palace earthwork
Marwell Bishops Palace Marwell Manor Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Merdon Castle, Hursley Merden; Merdona Timber Castle , Palace earthwork
Minstead Princes Lodge Keeper's Cottage, Canterton Palace earthwork
Motleys Castle, Idsworth Motleys Copse; Blendworth Timber Castle earthwork
Netley Castle Abbey Hill; Netly; Letley; Letelege Artillery Fort masonry ruins/remnants
Nettlestone point Nettlesheigh fort Artillery Fort no visible
Odiham Castle King Johns Castle; Hodiham Masonry Castle , Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Odiham Palace(s) The Priory Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Overton Court House The Well House Palace no visible
Pinsley Motte, Southwick and Widley Portsdown; Port Down Timber Castle cropmark/slight earthwork
Place Wood Motte, Southwick and Widley Timber Castle earthwork
Portchester Burghal Defences Porchester Urban Defence major building
Portchester Castle Porchester; castro de Porecestre; Porcestre Masonry Castle , Palace major building
Portsmouth Kings House King's Hall Palace , Fortified Manor House no visible
Portsmouth Round Tower Artillery Fort , Chain Tower major building
Portsmouth Square Tower Artillery Fort masonry ruins/remnants
Portsmouth Town Defences Urban Defence , Artillery Fort earthwork
Powderham Castle, Crondall Powder Castle Timber Castle , Siege Work earthwork
Quarr Abbey Quarrera Fortified Ecclesiastical site masonry ruins/remnants
Queen Bower Hunting Lodge, Brockenhurst Queneboure Palace earthwork
Romsey King Johns House Palace earthwork
Rowlands Castle Rolokecastel Timber Castle , Masonry Castle masonry footings
Ryde Fort Artillery Fort no visible
Sandown Castle, Isle of Wight Sandham Castle; Sandumffort Artillery Fort no visible
Shamlord Peel Shamelhorde; Shamblord; Shamblers Urban Defence no visible
Sharpenrode Bulwark Sconce Point; Careys Sconce Artillery Fort no visible
Silchester Amphitheatre Castellum de Silva; Castle of the Wood Timber Castle earthwork
Southampton Castle munitionem Hamptoniae; Hamtune Timber Castle , Masonry Castle masonry ruins/remnants
Southampton Kings House King John's Palace Palace no visible
Southampton Town Wall, Bargate and Gods House Tower Suthampton; South Castle; The Spur; Millhouse; Bargate; Polymond Tower; Arundel Tower; Windwhistle Tower; Prince Edward Tower; Catchcold Tower Urban Defence , Artillery Fort major building
Southsea Castle Palschyd's bulwark Artillery Fort major building
St Andrews Castle St Andrews Point; Hamble Castle Fortified Manor House , Artillery Fort , Urban Defence masonry footings
St Helens Fort Artillery Fort no visible
Steers Copse Mound, Bentley Bentley Castle Siege Work cropmark/slight earthwork
Studley Castle Palace no visible
Swainston Manor, Calbourne Swainstone Palace major building
Thruxton Manor Fortified Manor House earthwork
Tidgrove Kings House Titegrove; Titegraua Palace no visible
Titchfield Abbey Tychefeld; Place House, Palace House Fortified Manor House major building
Warblington Castle, Havant St Faiths Fortified Manor House masonry ruins/remnants
West Cowes Cowes Castle; Cowfort Artillery Fort masonry ruins/remnants
West Tisted Manor Timber Castle , Fortified Manor House no visible
Westbury Manor Fortified Manor House no visible
Wherwell Abbey Wherwell Priory; Werwellam; Warewella Fortified Ecclesiastical site , Uncertain no visible
Winchester Castle Wintoniae Timber Castle , Masonry Castle , Palace major building
Winchester City Wall Kings Gate; West Gate Urban Defence major building
Winchester Royal Palace(s), Winchester Wintoniae Palace no visible
Wolverton Palace Wolverton House; Vlfertona; Ulferton Palace no visible
Wolvesey Castle Wolvesey Palace Masonry Castle , Palace masonry ruins/remnants
Woodgarston, Wootton St Lawrence Woodcastle; Monk Sherborne; Castle of the Wood; Castellum de Silva Timber Castle earthwork
Woolmer Hunting Lodge Palace uncertain
Worsleys Tower, Sharpnode Point Sharpenrode; Round Tower Point Artillery Fort no visible
Yarbridge Battery Artillery Fort no visible
Yarmouth Castle Artillery Fort major building
Yarmouth Town Defenses Urban Defence no visible
Alresford manor of the Bishop of Winchester Palace no visible
Ampfield Winchester Road Moat Fortified Manor House cropmark/slight earthwork
Ashleys Copse, Nether Wallop Buckholt; Popple Light Copse Timber Castle earthwork
Badminston Plantation Mound Timber Castle earthwork
Barton Castle, Wield Barton Copse Timber Castle , Masonry Castle masonry ruins/remnants
Bevois Mount Bevois Hill; Sir Bevoys Hill; Padwell Hill Timber Castle no visible
Boreham Uncertain uncertain
Broughton, Hampshire Timber Castle , Fortified Manor House earthwork
Bythem Uncertain uncertain
Clanfield Earthwork Timber Castle no visible
Ellisfield Castle Ellisfield Camp Timber Castle earthwork
Hurst Castle, Bradley Wood Timber Castle cropmark/slight earthwork
Itchel manor of the Bishop of Worcester Ichull; Itchell Palace no visible
Lime Copse, Froxfield Timber Castle earthwork
Lymington Town Defences Urban Defence no visible
Malshanger House Malsanger Castle; Church Oakley Fortified Manor House masonry ruins/remnants
Milford on Sea Uncertain no visible
Penley Copse, Isnage Timber Castle cropmark/slight earthwork
Pylewell Castle Meadow Uncertain no visible
Rhinefield House Hunting Lodge, Brockenhurst Suersbery Lodge Palace no visible
Smallwood Uncertain uncertain
St Mary Magdalen Leprosaria Uncertain earthwork
Winchester Mews La Parroc Palace no visible
Woodcott Danesgrove Enclosure Woodcote Ringwork Timber Castle cropmark/slight earthwork

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