A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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List of medieval fortifications of uncertain type in England

There is a degree of uncertainty with many sites but these are sites with significant doubt as to the type of site. Sites which are lost were probable timber castles, other sites are doubtful mentions of possible fortifications and some are just not clear from the available description.
Also included in this category are a small number of sites which don't fit into any of the more specific categories.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification or palace


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Brent Marsh Brente-knolle Somerset uncertain
Burton Cheshire uncertain
Castell Hithoet Hychoet; Castell Coch Shropshire uncertain
Castle of John of Evreux (d'Evreux) Herefordshire uncertain
Dunwich Castle Dunewico Suffolk no visible
Fervelton Fernelton Yorkshire no visible
Hatton Warwickshire no visible
Hinstock Castle Shropshire no visible
Maer La mere Cornwall no visible
Maiden Castle Fort, Durham Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Mosleyescastel, West Dean Moseley; Castrum de Moseleye Gloucestershire no visible
Much Wenlock Castle Castel Wenlock Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Ravengers Castle London and Middlesex uncertain
Ruffin Ruthin; Rufin; Rutthin Shropshire uncertain
Scarrowmanwick Scallermanok; Scalemanock; Saltermannoweke; Scaramanwick Cumberland no visible
Seynteleyscastel, Ruspidge Saintlow; Turner's Tump; Seinteleye Gloucestershire no visible
St Anns, Great Leighs St Annes; Leigh Essex no visible
Stippershull Stipershill; Stipurashall; Stiper's Hill Warwickshire uncertain
Upper Denton Moat Over Denton Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Wadenhoe Castle Close Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Wherwell Abbey Wherwell Priory; Werwellam; Warewella Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Whitlow Bastle 1, Kirkhaugh Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Yarm Castle Jarum Yorkshire no visible
Aikton Castle, Great Salkeld Little Salkeld; Scatterbeck Cumberland masonry footings
Aiskew Grange Middlebrack; Micklebrack Yorkshire uncertain
Albrick on Tees Yorkshire uncertain
Alveley Castle placenames Romsley Shropshire no visible
Ancaster Oncaster; Onkaster; Causennae Lincolnshire earthwork
Annesley Ansley Warwickshire uncertain
Barton Fell, The Castle, Askham Westmorland no visible
Bassenthwaite Castle Hill Castlehill Cumberland no visible
Beddington Oxfordshire uncertain
Berrington Barrington Worcestershire uncertain
Blakeney, Awre Gloucestershire no visible
Bockleton Castle Camp Worcestershire uncertain
Boreham Hampshire and the Isle of Wight uncertain
Brookside Castle placenames Holmer Farm Shropshire no visible
Brow Castle, Westbury Brough Castle; Lower Newton Farm Shropshire earthwork
Broymeron Shropshire uncertain
Buckcastle, Bridstow Herefordshire no visible
Bury St Edmunds 'Castle' Suffolk uncertain
Bythem Hampshire and the Isle of Wight uncertain
Cadbury Castle Cadebi; Cadanbyrig; castri de Cadebir; Camalet; Camelot; Camallate Somerset earthwork
Camden; The Castle London and Middlesex no visible
Cartmel Castle Meadows Lancashire no visible
Castelhous, Mainsforth Durham no visible
Castle Crag Kentmere Westmorland no visible
Castle Dore Casteldour; Croftededor; Castle Dirford; Golant Cornwall earthwork
Castle Folds Castlesteads Westmorland uncertain
Castle Hayes Shropshire no visible
Castle Place Toppings Castle Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Surby Berkshire uncertain
Castle, Lostwithiel Cornwall no visible
Castleditch Hill, Ipsley Worcestershire no visible
Cave Castle Yorkshire no visible
Cheristone Castle Derbyshire no visible
Chesterfield castle Castrum de Chestrefeld Derbyshire no visible
Chidrick Dorset uncertain
Cleobury Mortimer Ronhill Ron Hill Shropshire no visible
Collinson's Castle Cumberland no visible
Coombe Castle Combe; Crane Castle Cornwall earthwork
Corshall Crosshills Shropshire uncertain
Crabs Castle, Kentchurch Crab's Castle Herefordshire no visible
Creake Crech; Creche; Crek Uncertain uncertain
Crow Castle, Crewkerne Somerset no visible
Dalby Cumberland uncertain
Dallington Old Castle Sussex no visible
Darden Lough Pele Northumberland uncertain
Dartford Kent no visible
Dowr Herefordshire uncertain
Dunmalloght Pele Dunvalloght; Dunmallet; Dunmallard; Dunmallok Cumberland no visible
Dunmow Castle Essex no visible
Eyton Northumberland uncertain
Fisshehous Fishhouse Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Gildersdale, Warter Gaultney; Galclint; Galchlin Yorkshire no visible
Goseford Castle Goseforde Surrey uncertain
Graveney Greveney; Graveneycourt Kent uncertain
Guyn Herefordshire uncertain
Haggerston Dovecote Northumberland major building
Hallon Castle Hawn Shropshire no visible
Haltcliffe Hall Haltcliff Cumberland no visible
Hamsterley Castles The Castles; Harthope Castle Durham earthwork
Hatley 'castle' Huntingdonshire uncertain
Heath House, Wedmore Castle Furlong Somerset no visible
Hennell Northumberland uncertain
Hermitage Hill, Conishead Priory Lancashire uncertain
Higher Walland, Milton Damerel Devonshire earthwork
Hopton Wafers Hopton Wafre Shropshire uncertain
Horton Cumberland uncertain
Husbands Bosworth 'encampment' Leicestershire no visible
Kings Caple; The Castle Herefordshire no visible
Kirkby Cherchebi Lancashire no visible
Kirkby Stephen Rectory Grammer School Westmorland masonry footings
Kirkby Thore Hall Kirkbythore Westmorland major building
Le Castell Castele Grove; Croft voc le Castell Surrey no visible
Little Hadham, Cailes Castle Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Merthyr Knapp Farm Herefordshire no visible
Llandamas Landamas Herefordshire uncertain
Low Coppice Fort Tilberthwaite; Tillesbure Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lower Allithwaite, The Old Castle Bishop's Tithe Allotment Lancashire no visible
Lyme Cage Cheshire major building
Madley Castle Field place names Herefordshire no visible
Market Drayton Draiton apon Terne Shropshire no visible
Mawley Shropshire no visible
Melverley Shropshire no visible
Michaelchurch Escley Castel Farm Castle Farm Herefordshire no visible
Micklefield Castle Plains Castle Hills Yorkshire no visible
Mildenhall 'castellum' Suffolk uncertain
Milford on Sea Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Milton Cumberland uncertain
Morro Castle Kingsgate Castle Kent no visible
Much Dewchurch; Charity Castle place name Herefordshire no visible
Much Dewchurch; The Castle place name Herefordshire no visible
Neston Northumberland uncertain
Ogbeare castle field name Ogbeere; Ugbere; Castle Marsh Cornwall no visible
Old Skegness Castle Lincolnshire no visible
Orcop Little Hill Herefordshire uncertain
Orthwaite Castle How Cumberland no visible
Ousden Suffolk no visible
Peel Island Piel Island; Montagu Island, Coniston Water Lancashire uncertain
Pentillie Castle Pentilly Cornwall no visible
Perlethorpe Peverelthorpe; Pearlthorpe Nottinghamshire uncertain
Pylewell Castle Meadow Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Raby Castle, Shap Tailbert; Thiefstead Westmorland no visible
Ragstaffe Ragstaff Herefordshire uncertain
Retallack Retaluc Cornwall no visible
Revier Castle Hayle; Theodore's Castelle; Revyer; Riviere; The Towans Cornwall no visible
Romney 'castle' Kent earthwork
Rose Joseph's Castel Kent uncertain
Rossington Draw Dykes Draw Dikes Yorkshire earthwork
Shellingford Manor Shellingford Castle; Shillingford Berkshire no visible
Shoreham Sussex no visible
Shuckburgh Castle, Dullingham Fir Bush Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely no visible
Sitlington Castle Gate placename Shitlington Yorkshire no visible
Skaigh 'old castle' Devonshire no visible
Smallwood Hampshire and the Isle of Wight uncertain
St Margarets Castle Farm place name Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
St Margarets Castle(h)ibo Farm place name Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
St Mary Magdalen Leprosaria Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Stedford Castle Shropshire no visible
Swates Swaites Cumberland uncertain
Tateshall in Norfolk Norfolk uncertain
Thurstaston Cheshire no visible
Tiefort Castle Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Topsham Castle Apsom; Mount Howe Devonshire no visible
Torpenhow Hall Cumberland no visible
Tregothnan Trejago Cornwall major building
Trench Hall Castle Stead Trench Castlegate Shropshire earthwork
Twyford Herefordshire uncertain
Ulverston Castle Lancashire no visible
Wardle Castle Field Place Name Cheshire no visible
Warwick on Eden earthwork Cumberland no visible
Wednesbury Wedgebury; Wodensborough, Weadesbury; Weddsborrow; Ethelfleda Terrace Staffordshire no visible
Whitley Castelgate placename Yorkshire no visible
Wood Eaton Home Farm Staffordshire no visible
Woodsheaves 'mound' Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Woolwich Wulwich Kent no visible
Wootton Castle Field Shropshire earthwork
Workington Rectory St Michaels Rectory; St Michael's House Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants

This listing was last updated on Friday, April 10, 2015

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