A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of castles and fortified houses

List of Tower Houses in England

In this list this means a form of Fortified Manor House where all the accommodation, including the hall, is in one tower, often with a parapet along the top of the tower, turrets and other defensive features. Although the residential buildings form one tower there would usually have been a court of ancillary buildings often with a defensible walled enclosure (sometimes called a barmekin or bawn). In England and Wales these were high status buildings, usually of baronial or greater status. Unsurprisingly for high status buildings, inhabited by lords, these sites are often named 'castle'.
This form of integral accomodation block was common in Scotland and Ireland but relativel rare in England and Wales.
N.B. The term 'towerhouse' is much used and loosely defined, many authors use it for any type of defensible house, including pele towers or even bastles, and there is, indeed, a continuum in size and status between these buildings which can be used to justify that practice.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Alnham Earls Pele Earls Tower; Alnham Castle; Elnam; Turris de Alneham; Aylnane; Alname Northumberland masonry footings
Armathwaite Castle Cumberland major building
Arnside Tower Armside Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Ashby De La Zouch Castle Ashby Castle, Ashby de la Zouche Leicestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Ayscoughfee Hall Lincolnshire major building
Ayton Castle Aiton Yorkshire major building
Baginton Castle Bagot's Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Barden Tower Yorkshire major building
Barmoor Castle Barnmoor; Bairmoor; Byermore; Barmor; Barmer Northumberland masonry footings
Belsay Castle Beleshou Northumberland major building
Birtley Castle Bertley; Birteley Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bishop Rufus Palace, Northallerton Northallerton Bishops Palace; new castle of Alvertun Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Blenkinsopp Castle Blenkinsop; Blenkensopp; Blenkinsoppe; Blemansopp; Blencansopp; Blekensope Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Boconnoc near Lostwithiel Blekennok prope Lastydyall Cornwall no visible
Buxton Tower Old Hall Hotel; St Anne's Well Derbyshire masonry ruins/remnants
Capheaton Castle Hutton; Kippetheton; Kippitheton Northumberland no visible
Chipchase Castle Chollerton Castle; Chipchesse; Chipchace; Chypchase; Chipches Northumberland major building
Cockle Park Tower Cockley; Bubbleymire; Cocklepark Northumberland major building
Cornhill Castle Castleton Nich; Castle Stone Nick; Cornhill Tower; Cornval; Cornouaille; Cornehylle; Cornell Northumberland earthwork
Cornhill Tower Cornhill House Northumberland no visible
Coupland Castle Coupland Millfield; Copeland; Cowpland Northumberland major building
Cowton Castle, South Cowton Gilling West near Richmond 2; Coluton Castle Yorkshire major building
Crawley Tower Crawelawe; Krawlawe Northumberland masonry footings
Crayke Castle Crek; Crech; Creche; Creic; Creca; Crec; Crake; Crage Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dacre Castle Dacker; Daker; Dacor Cumberland major building
Dally Castle Dala; Dale; Dallie; Delaley; Dalley Northumberland masonry footings
Detchant Tower Ditchend; castle of Dichante; Detchon Northumberland no visible
Dilston Castle Dyvelston; Divelston; Devilstone; Devilswater Northumberland major building
Doddington Bastle Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Drayton Lodge Shepherd's Castle Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Drumburgh Castle Drombogh; Drumbewgh Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Eastwood Hall, Ashover New Hall Derbyshire no visible
Elsdon Tower Vicars Pele; Parsonage; Elsden; Elsdon Castle; Turris de Ellysden Northumberland major building
Elswick Hall Northumberland no visible
Etal Castle Echale; Ethalle; Othale; Ethale; Etella; Etall; Etell; Etayle Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Evenwood; The Barony Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Featherstone Castle Feeatherstonhaughe; Fetherstonehaugh; Fetherstonhawgh; Fetherstonhaughe Northumberland major building
Fenton Tower Fenton Castle Northumberland no visible
Flotterton Tower, Snitter ffortalicium de fflowayton Northumberland no visible
Gainford Tower Durham no visible
Gilling Castle–Gilling East near Helmsley Moat Hill; Galchlin Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Great Swinburne Castle Great Swinburn; West Swinburne; Westswynburn; Westswynborn; Swinburn Castle; Swinburne Castle; Mickle Swinborne; Mykle Swynburne Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Greenhalgh Castle Grenhaugh; Grenall Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Gundulfs Tower, Rochester Cathedral Gundulph's Tower Kent major building
Haggerston Castle Hagerston; Braggarstone; Turris de Haggarston Northumberland no visible
Hapton Tower Lancashire no visible
Haresceugh Castle Harescow Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Harewood Castle Harewode; Harwode Yorkshire major building
Harlsey Castle Hatlesey; Hartesey vel Harlesey; Harsley; Harlesey Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Haughton Castle, Humshaugh Houghton; Hawghton Northumberland major building
Hayton Castle, Cumberland Aspatria; Haton; Hatton Cumberland major building
Hellifield Peel Helefeld; Helgefelt Yorkshire major building
Henderskelfe Castle Castle Howard; Hinderskelf; Henderskelf; Hinderskelfe; Hinderskell Yorkshire no visible
Horsley Tower, Longhorsley Northumberland major building
Horton Castle, Chatton Horton in Glendale; West Horton Northumberland uncertain
Howgill Castle Westmorland major building
Hunsdon House Honesdon; Hunsdon Tower; Turris manerij de Howndesdon Hertfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hussey Tower Benyngton Tower; Benyington Tower Lincolnshire major building
Ilderton Tower Turris de Ildirton Northumberland uncertain
Kershope Castle Kirshope; Gresshope; Gresshoppa; Carrshope Northumberland masonry footings
Kirklinton Castle Hill Kirklington; Levington Hall; Stubb Cumberland no visible
Lambeth Palace Lollards Tower; Chicele's Tower; Water Tower; Lambehith Surrey major building
Lammerside Castle Dolorous Tower Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Langley Castle Northumberland major building
Lea Castle Lee; Lye; Lay Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Linstock Castle Cumberland major building
Low Coniscliffe Tower Durham earthwork
Maulds Meaburn Hall Meaburn Hall; Medburn; Maudesmeburn Westmorland no visible
Netherwitton Hall castle of Witton; Turris de Witton juxta aquam; Nether Wootton; Netherwitten Northumberland uncertain
Newbiggin Hall in Westmoreland Westmorland major building
Newhall Tower Cheshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Newton Hall Tower, Bywell Northumberland uncertain
Otterburn Tower Otterburn Castle; Otiburne Northumberland no visible
Pendragon Castle Mallerstrang; Mallustang Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Preston Tower, Ellingham Preston by Alnwick Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Radcot; The Garrison Ratrotam Oxfordshire earthwork
Randalholme Hall, Alston Moor Randalholm; Raynerholme; Kirkhaugh Cumberland major building
Rochford Tower Kyme Tower; Richmond Tower; Skirbeck Lincolnshire major building
Rockcliffe Castle Rokele; Rokclife; Rocliffe; Rowcliffe; Roukcliff; Rockelife; Roclyf Cumberland no visible
Rye Ypres Tower Baddings Tower; Ria; Rya; Ipres; Wipers Tower; la Rie Sussex major building
Seamer Dower House Semere; Semer Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Seaton Delaval Castle Delavel; Dalawele; Seton Dallyvell; Turris de Seton de la uale Northumberland no visible
Seghill Tower Blake Arms Hotel; Sighale Northumberland uncertain
Sewingshields Castle Sewyngeshealles; Sewing Shields; Sewyngsheles Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Shank Castle waikelli; Shanke Cumberland no visible
Shawdon Hall Shawden Castle Northumberland no visible
Simonburn Castle and Tower House Turris de Simondburn; Symondburne Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Someries Castle Summeries; Somerys Bedfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
South Kyme Tower Lincolnshire major building
Stafford Castle, Castlechurch Barons Castle, Monetvile Staffordshire masonry footings
Staward Peel Staward Pele; Staward-le-Pele; Staward le' Peel; Staward Castle; Stawarth; Staworth; Staword Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Stone Castle Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Tarset Castle Tarsett; Tyrsete; Tersetthaull Northumberland masonry footings
Thirlwall Castle Thirlwell; Thyrlewall; Thirwall; Thirlewall Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Tower on the Moor Woodhall; Tour of the Moore Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tower Royal Queenes Wardrobe; La Riole; Le Riall; La Ryole London and Middlesex no visible
Twizell Castle Twyzell; Twysill; Twizel; Twisle; Twisell Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
West Butterwick Tower Botterwic Lincolnshire no visible
Widdrington Castle Widdringtons; Castrum de Wodryngton; Turris de Wodryngton; Withrington; Witherington; Woderington: Widringdun Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Barsham Hall Blennerhassett Tower Suffolk masonry footings
Elslack Hall Estlake in Craven Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Harnham Hall, Belsay ffortalicium de Harnhamhall Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hepburn Bastle, Chillingham Hebburn; Hebburne; Hebborn; Heburn; The Bastile Northumberland major building
Kirklinton Hall Kirklington Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Warnell Hall Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Weetslade Weetslaid; Wittslad; Wittsland Juxt Mare Northumberland no visible

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