A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of early castles

List of Timber Castle (Mottes and Ringworks) in England

These are the earthwork and timber castles of the motte and bailey, ringwork or other form which where the vast majority of castles of the early conquest period, of the Marches in the 11th and 12th centuries and of the period during the reign of Stephen known as the Anarchy. They could be fairly short lived, although some such castles survived for centuries, with the timber buildings and defences being replaced on occasions sometimes in timber and sometimes in masonry. Some of the smaller low mottes may have been adapted into moated manor houses, whilst others where abandoned and replaced by manor houses of a more comfortable and domestic nature. Timber castles varied greatly in size with some being massive constructions clearly deserving the term castle, whilst other were small mounds of minor knights and had a similar size, function and social status as the later pele towers. These small mottes are called 'castle' but this could be considered a rather obtuse use of the term. In practice some, possibly many, timber castles may have been revetted in dry stone or even have been revetted with timber walls plastered, limewashed and painted with mock masonry lines.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Abinger Motte Surrey earthwork
Acklam Motte Yorkshire earthwork
Acton Bank Hoddenton; Acton Farm Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Adderley Castle Hill Ethelreds Castle Shropshire earthwork
Adwick le Street Castle Hills Hangthwaite; Langthwaithe; Hangtwaite Yorkshire earthwork
Aldborough Studforth Hill Stuteville; Stodart; Stodhart; Vetus Burgus; The Stadium Yorkshire earthwork
Alderton Ringwork Castle Mound; The Mount; Alderingtune Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Aldford Blobb Hill Cheshire earthwork
Aldingbourne Tote Copse Castle Sussex earthwork
Aldingham Motte Moat Hill Lancashire earthwork
Aldreth Aldrey; Alrehede Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely no visible
Allesley Ringwork Ausley Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Allington Castle Alington; Alintona Kent major building
Almeley Castle Almley; Almeleia Herefordshire earthwork
Almeley Old Castle Twt Batch Twt; Oldcastle Herefordshire earthwork
Almondbury Castle Hill Almanberia Yorkshire earthwork
Alnwick Castle Alnewic; Aunewik' Northumberland major building
Alston Hall Hill Hallhill Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Alverstoke Motte, Gosport Alder Moor; Grange Farm; Apple Dumpling Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Amaston Heath Farm Shropshire earthwork
Annesley Castle Anelegh Nottinghamshire earthwork
Anstey Castle Anstey Hall; Anestie; Anesty Hertfordshire masonry footings
Antingham Hall moat Norfolk earthwork
Appleby Castle Appleby in Westmorland; Ceasers Tower; Appelbi; Apelbi Westmorland major building
Ardley Ardley Wood Oxfordshire earthwork
Arkholme with Cawood Chapel Hill Lancashire earthwork
Arlington Castle The Rookery; Milton; Burghlow; Burlough; Middleton Sussex earthwork
Armley Giants Hill Castlearmelay; Castelarmley Yorkshire no visible
Arundel Castle Harundel; Arundelle Sussex major building
Ascott d'Oilly Castle Ascot Doilly; Ascot d'Oilly; Ascott d'Oyley Oxfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Ascott Earl Ascot under Wychwood 2 Oxfordshire earthwork
Ascott under Wychwood 3 Ascot Doilly; Ascot d'Oilly; Ascott d'Oyley Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ashton Castle Tump Herefordshire earthwork
Ashton Keynes Halls Close Kent End; South Cerney; The Battlefield; Cerne Cernei Wiltshire earthwork
Ashton Motte Lane End Farm Cheshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Aslockton Cranmers Mound Nottinghamshire earthwork
Aston Botterell Ringwork Shropshire earthwork
Aston Cantlow, Stocking Banks Cantilupes Warwickshire earthwork
Audley Castle Hill Staffordshire earthwork
Aughton Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Avenbury, Castle Fieldname Herefordshire no visible
Axminster Devonshire no visible
Aylesbury Castle Kingsbury Buckinghamshire no visible
Aylton Castle Field Herefordshire no visible
Baginton Castle Bagot's Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bakewell Castle Hill Derbyshire earthwork
Ballands Castle, Pen Selwood Penselwood Somerset earthwork
Bamburgh Castle Bamborough; Bambrough; Bebanburgh; Bebbanburgh; Bamborrow; Baanburgo Northumberland major building
Bampton Church Church of St Mary; Bentonensi Oxfordshire no visible
Bampton; The Mote Baumton; Bachentun; Baketun; Baentona Devonshire earthwork
Banbury Castle Baneberi Oxfordshire no visible
Barby Castle Hall Close Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Bardsey Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Barford St Michael Bereford Oxfordshire no visible
Barnard Castle Barney Castle; Bernard's Castle; Castelli Bernardi Durham major building
Barnstaple Castle Castle Green; Barnestapl' Devonshire earthwork
Barrow upon Humber; The Castles Goxhill; Barrows Castle; Castellum de Barewa Lincolnshire earthwork
Barton upon Humber Castle Castle Dyke South; Tyrwhitt Hall Lincolnshire no visible
Barwick in Elmet, Hall Tower Hill Berewica Yorkshire earthwork
Basing House Old Basing House; Basyng Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry footings
Basing Old Castle Oliver's Battery; Priest's Croft; Kings Horse Croft; veteris castelli de Basing; Lickpit Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Bassingbourne, John of Gaunts House Bassingburn Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Baynard Castle, Cottingham Stuteville's Castle; Cotingham; Totingham; Coghingham Yorkshire earthwork
Baynards Castle Bainard; Baignard; Bainardus; Baignardus; turris Bainardi; York House; York Place London and Middlesex no visible
Beaudesert Castle, Henley The Mount; Beldesert; castellum suum de Bellodeserto Warwickshire earthwork
Beaumont Castle, Mixbury Oxfordshire earthwork
Beaumont Motte Beaumont on Eden Cumberland earthwork
Bedford Castle castrum Bedefordie; castello de Bedford Bedfordshire masonry footings
Beetham Castle Hill Dallam Park; Dee Park; Haverbrack Westmorland earthwork
Belan Bank, Kinnerley Kinardsley; Kinardesley; Kinardsle; Edgerley; Eggelawe Shropshire earthwork
Bellingham Castle Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Bellister Castle Bellester; Bellecester Northumberland major building
Belvoir Castle Belver; Beluaco Leicestershire masonry footings
Benefield Castle Beningfield; Castrum de Beinfeld'; Castellum de Beningfeld'; Benigfelde; Beningfeud; Benyfeld Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Bengeworth castle, Evesham Worcestershire no visible
Benington Castle Bennington; The Lordship; Benyngton; Beningtuna; Turrim de Beninton' Hertfordshire masonry footings
Benniworth Castle Beningwrd' Lincolnshire no visible
Benwick Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely no visible
Beoley; The Mount Worcestershire earthwork
Berden; The Crump Stock Farm, Stock's Farm Essex earthwork
Berden; The Rookery Cumber Hills Essex no visible
Berkeley Castle Sharpness; Ness; Betthone; Berkelai; Barkley; Berkley Gloucestershire major building
Berkhamsted Castle Berkhampstead; Berkhamstead; Great Berkhamsted; Berchamstede; Berghhamsted Hertfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Berwick Castle The White Wall; Constable Tower Northumberland masonry footings
Berwick motte Sussex earthwork
Betchworth Castle Bechesworth; Bettisworth; Bletchworth Surrey masonry ruins/remnants
Bewcastle Castle Bueth; Belcastell; Beucastle; Boa; Bothe; Bowe; Bowcastle; Booth Caster; Bothecastre; Bothecastell; Beaucastle Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bewerley Castlestead Yorkshire no visible
Bickleigh Castle Old Court Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bicton Castle Mound Shropshire earthwork
Biddulph Lea Forge Baileys Wood Staffordshire earthwork
Biggleswade Ringwork Old Warden Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bilton Swan Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Binbury Castle, Thurnham Thornham; Bonbury; Stocking Wood Kent earthwork
Bincknoll Castle, Broad Hinton Wiltshire earthwork
Bingley Bailey Hill The Hills; Castle Fields; Bayley Hill Yorkshire no visible
Binweston Bynweston; Bing Weston Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Birch Castle Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Bishop Rufus Palace, Northallerton Northallerton Bishops Palace; new castle of Alvertun Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bishops Castle Lydbury Castle; Lydbury North; Lydney North; Lindeberinort; Ledebir; Newcastle; Y Trefysgob; Bissopescastle; Castrum Episcopi Shropshire masonry footings
Bishopstrow Farm Motte Field Wiltshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bishopton Castle Hill Castle Holl; Biscoptun Durham earthwork
Blackrod Castle Croft Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
Blackwell Castle Hill, Darlington Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Bledisloe Tump, Awre Gloucestershire no visible
Blenheim Park Oxfordshire earthwork
Bletchingley Castle Blechingele Surrey masonry footings
Bletchley Castle Hill Shropshire earthwork
Bolam Castle Northumberland earthwork
Bolebec Castle, Whitchurch Bolbeck Buckinghamshire earthwork
Bolsover Castle Derbyshire masonry footings
Bossiney Castle Bossinney Cornwall earthwork
Botelers Castle, Oversley Arrow Motte Warwickshire earthwork
Bothal Castle Bothall; Bothale; Bothalle; Bothalla; Bottle; Bottel Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bothamsall Castle Hill Nottinghamshire earthwork
Bottereaux Castle, Boscastle Bottreaux; Boterel Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Boughton, Diddington Southoe Huntingdonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bourn Hall Ringwork Burne; Brune; Brunne Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Bourne Castle Brune; Brun; Brunne Lincolnshire earthwork
Bow, Middlesex Castle on the Lea; Super Lviam London and Middlesex uncertain
Bowden Watch Hill Dunham Massey; Castle Hill; Yarwood Castle Cheshire earthwork
Bowes Castle Bough; Castelli de Bogis; Beoves; Bouys Yorkshire major building
Brackley Castle Brackelea Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Bradfield Bailey Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Bradfield Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Bradninch Castle Hill Devonshire uncertain
Bradwell Motte Buckinghamshire earthwork
Brailes Castle Hill Motte Warwickshire earthwork
Bramber Castle Brenbre; Brembre; Brambre Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Bramfield Castle Yard Suffolk earthwork
Brampton Bryan Castle Brampton Brian Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Brampton Motte The Mote Cumberland earthwork
Brandon Castle Brandun' Warwickshire earthwork
Bratton Fleming Mound Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Breach Wood Mound, Wanstrow Dungehill Wood Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Bredwardine Castle Coppice Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bredwardine Oldcastle Bradwardine; Bradwardin; Castle of Gronw; Castel Place Herefordshire earthwork
Breinton Moat Breinton Camp Herefordshire earthwork
Brenchley Castle Hill Knowle Kent earthwork
Bretchel; The Beacon Shropshire earthwork
Bridestowe Burley Wood Devonshire earthwork
Bridge Sollers Knapp Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bridgnorth Castle Bridgenorth; Brug; Bruges; Brugge; Burgh; Bridgemouth Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bridgwater Castle Bridgewater; Brugewaltii Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Bridport Castle Dorset no visible
Brill Hunting Lodge Brehull Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Brilley Green Motte Walelege Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Brimpsfield Castle Brimsfield; Brymmesfeld; Brimesfeld; Brymesfeld Gloucestershire masonry footings
Brimpsfield; The Rookery Gloucestershire earthwork
Brinklow Castle Brinklo Warwickshire earthwork
Bristol Castle Bristowe Gloucestershire masonry footings
Britwell Castle Bretewelle Oxfordshire no visible
Broadward Hall Shropshire earthwork
Brockhurst Castle, Church Stretton Brocards; Strettondale; Stratton; Stretton-en-le-dale Shropshire earthwork
Brockton Castle Mound Brocton Shropshire earthwork
Bromfield Grange Shropshire masonry footings
Bromlow Castle Mound Village Farm Shropshire earthwork
Brompton Castle Hill Pickering Lythe Yorkshire earthwork
Brompton Mill Castle Mound Brompton Hall; Brompton and Rhiston Shropshire earthwork
Broomhall Copse Rudgwick; Lynwick Surrey earthwork
Broughton Castlethorpe, Lincolnshire Castle Hill Lincolnshire no visible
Bryn y Castell, Gobowen Shropshire earthwork
Buckingham Castle Church of St Peter and St Paul; Bukingeham Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Buckland Berkshire no visible
Buckland moat Hertfordshire earthwork
Bucknell Motte The Old Farm Shropshire earthwork
Bulmer Tye Pepper Mill Hill Peppermint Hill Essex earthwork
Bungay Castle Bungeye; castellum de Buneie; Bungehia; Bungeia; Bungeie Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
Burgate Ringwork Foxhills Suffolk earthwork
Burgh Castle Burrough Castle; Cnobersburg Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
Burghill Castle Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Burrow Mump, Burrowbridge Othery Burrow Mump, Barrow Mump, Toteyate, Myghellborough Somerset earthwork
Burton in Lonsdale Castle Hill Black Bourton Yorkshire earthwork
Burton Pedwardine Lincolnshire earthwork
Burwell Castle Springe Copse; castelli de Burwelle Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Bury Castle, Brompton Regis Somerset earthwork
Buttercrambe Castle Bossall; Aldby; Buttertram Yorkshire earthwork
Butthouse Motte, Kings Pyon Herefordshire earthwork
Byton Motte Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bywell Castle Baliols; Biwell; Binwell Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Cabal Tump, Pembridge near Leominster Hunton Tump, Strangeworth Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Caernarvon Castle, Beckermet Coneygarth Cop; Ivy Hill Cumberland earthwork
Cainhoe Castle, Clophill Bedfordshire earthwork
Caistor Castle Hill Castor; Castram in Lindesia Lincolnshire no visible
Calne Castle House Cerne, Cernei Wiltshire no visible
Cambridge Castle Castle Hill; Grentebrige; Grontebrugae; Grantebregge Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Canfield Castle, Great Canfield Castle Canfield Essex earthwork
Canons Ashby Castle Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Canterbury; The Dane John Dungeon Hill, Dungan Hill; Dangon Hill Kent earthwork
Caple Tump, Kings Caple Capel Tump Herefordshire earthwork
Cardinham Castle Cadenham; Cardinan; White Hill Cornwall earthwork
Carisbrooke Castle Alwinestone; Karebroc Hampshire and the Isle of Wight major building
Carlisle Castle Karduil Cumberland major building
Carlton in Coverdale Round Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Castell Brogyntyn Selattyn Shropshire earthwork
Castello of Hamo Petit, Brantham Suffolk uncertain
Castle Acre Castle Castelli Nostri de Acra Norfolk masonry footings
Castle Bach Belpha Wood Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Batch, Kewstoke Sand Point; Sandy Point; Woodspring; Swallow Cliff Mound Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Batch, Worle Somerset earthwork
Castle Bromwich Castle Hill Pimple Hill; The Tump; The Tumulus Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Bryn Amlwg Amting; Bryn Amlwc; Bettws y Crwyn; Cefn Fron; ?Ruffin; ?Hithoet Shropshire earthwork
Castle Bytham Biham; Bitham Lincolnshire earthwork
Castle Camps Campo Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Castle Carlton, South Reston Karleton' Lincolnshire earthwork
Castle Carrock Castle Cumberland earthwork
Castle Cary Lodge Hill; Castra Cari; Carey; castellum Carith Somerset earthwork
Castle Combe Castell of Cumbe Wiltshire earthwork
Castle Donington Donnington; Dunnington; Dunintonam; Duntonam Leicestershire earthwork
Castle Eden Edena Durham no visible
Castle Frome castle Herefordshire earthwork
Castle Goff Cornwall earthwork
Castle Haugh Gisburn in Craven; Gisburne; Cromwells Basin; Castle in Craven Yorkshire earthwork
Castle Hymel, Fineshade Castle Hely; Humbel Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle in the Isle of Ely Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely uncertain
Castle Knob, Castle Gresley Greisely Derbyshire earthwork
Castle Levington Castle Leavington; Kirk Leavington; Castellemiton; Castel Leveington Yorkshire earthwork
Castle Neroche Castle Rache; The Beacon; Staple Fitzpaine; Orchard; Castellum de Rach Somerset earthwork
Castle Orchard Wiltshire earthwork
Castle Pulverbatch Purrebech; Pounderback; Pulrebach; Knapp Shropshire earthwork
Castle Rising Castle Risinge Norfolk major building
Castle Roborough, Loxhore Loxore Devonshire earthwork
Castle Thorpe, Castlethorpe Thorpe; Hanslope; Hamslape; Hameslepe Buckinghamshire earthwork
Castle Toll, Newenden Eorpeburnan; ?Haydon Mount Kent earthwork
Castlemorton Motte Castle Morton; Castle Tump; Morton Folliott; Morton Folet Worcestershire earthwork
Castleton Castle Hill, Danby Castleton; Daneby Yorkshire earthwork
Catterick Palet Hill Pallet Hill; Mons Palatinus Yorkshire earthwork
Caus Castle Cause; Caurs; Chaus; Caws; Caurse; Alretone; Auretone; Averetone Shropshire masonry footings
Caxton Moats The Moats Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Chalgrave motte Bedfordshire no visible
Chanstone North Tump, Vowchurch Herefordshire earthwork
Chanstone South Tump, Vowchurch Herefordshire earthwork
Chartley Castle Chartley Holme; Chartley by Stowe Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Cheney Longville Castle Ring Shropshire earthwork
Chennells Brook Farm, North Horsham Channellsbrook Farm; Channelsbrook Sussex earthwork
Chessington Castle Hill Surrey earthwork
Chester Castle Agricola tower; Cestre Cheshire masonry ruins/remnants
Chichester Castle Cisseceastre; Ciceastre; Cheechester; Cicestriae; Priory Park Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Chilham Castle Chileham Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Chippenham Motte King Arthur's Palace Wiltshire no visible
Chipping Norton Castle Oxfordshire earthwork
Chirbury Kings Orchard Shropshire earthwork
Chisley Mount, Down End Chidley Mount; Bally Field; Downend; Chefdelmunt; Caput Montis Somerset earthwork
Chrishall Park Wood Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Christchurch Castle Twineham; Twynham; Twynam; Twinamburne; Cristiciria Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Church Norton; The Mound The Mount; Pagham Harbour Sussex earthwork
Churchover Motte Wavrei; Waverei; Coton Warwickshire earthwork
Cirencester Castle Gloucestershire no visible
Clare Castle Clara Suffolk masonry footings
Clavering Castle Essex earthwork
Cleobury Mortimer Castle Ditches castle of the Mortimers; The Castell Dike; Cleoberi Shropshire earthwork
Cleobury Mortimer Castle Toot Mawleytown Farm; Cleoberei Shropshire earthwork
Clifford Castle Clyfford; Castellaria de Cliford Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Clifford Old Castleton Castellaria de Cliford Herefordshire earthwork
Clifford; The Bage Bach Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Clun Castle Colunwy; Clone; Clune; Clunne Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Clungunford Motte Shropshire earthwork
Coanwood Castle Hill Lambley Northumberland earthwork
Cobhall motte, Allensmore Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Cockermouth Castle Cokermue Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Cockermouth Tute Hill Toot Hill Cumberland earthwork
Cockfield tower Cuckfield Suffolk no visible
Cockroad Wood Motte, Charlton Musgrove Cockroadwood; Wincanton; Penselwood 2 Somerset earthwork
Codnor Castle Codenor; Cotenoure; Courtenoure Derbyshire masonry ruins/remnants
Coldred Court Ceoldred Kent uncertain
Colebatch Motte Shropshire earthwork
Combe Motte, Combe, Herefordshire Bannetts; Hindwell Brook Herefordshire earthwork
Comfort Castle, Leominster Comforte; Castle Comfort; Eaton Hill Wood; Comfordt; Comfor Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Conisbrough Castle Conisborough; Conisburgh; Coningsburgh; Conigbroc; Kuningeburh Yorkshire major building
Corby Glen Motte Lincolnshire earthwork
Corfham Castle Cortham; Corvesham Shropshire earthwork
Corfton; The Mount Diddlebury Shropshire earthwork
Cornhill Castle Castleton Nich; Castle Stone Nick; Cornhill Tower; Cornval; Cornouaille; Cornehylle; Cornell Northumberland earthwork
Cotherstone Castle Cotterstone; Cuderston; Cutherston; Codrestune; Hallgarth Yorkshire masonry footings
Cothill Tump, Turnastone Cothill Camp Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Coupland Bridge 1 Warcop; Copeland Westmorland earthwork
Coventry Castle Red Ditch Warwickshire no visible
Crabbs Castle Crabbe Castle Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Cranborne Castle Hill Castle Hall Dorset earthwork
Cranford Bridge London and Middlesex cropmark/slight earthwork
Cransley Motte Great Cransley Mound Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Craswall Silver Tump Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Crayke Castle Crek; Crech; Creche; Creic; Creca; Crec; Crake; Crage Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Crazy Castle, Skelton Skelton Castle; Sceltune Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Cressage Old Hall Crassach Shropshire earthwork
Cretingsbury, The Old Manor House Cottingsbury Huntingdonshire earthwork
Croft Castle, Crewkerne Castle Hill; Cruca; Craft Somerset earthwork
Crondall Barley Pound Lidelea; Udelea Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Crookbarrow Hill Cruckbarrow Hill; Crokbarwe; Crockebergh Worcestershire earthwork
Cropton T'Hall Garth Yorkshire earthwork
Croston Lancashire no visible
Cruta Devonshire uncertain
Cublington Castle Farm, Madley Cubbington; Cubbeston Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Cublington; The Beacon Buckinghamshire earthwork
Cuckney Castle Hill Cukeney Nottinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Culgaith Culchet; Chulch Westmorland no visible
Culmington Camp Ring Stanton Lacy Shropshire earthwork
Culverhay Castle, Englishcombe English Combe Somerset earthwork
Culworth Berry Close Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Cusop Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Cusworth Castle Hill, Sprotbrough Spotborough Yorkshire earthwork
Cwmma Tump, Brilley Cwmmau Tump; Cumma Tump Herefordshire earthwork
Dalby Old Hall Holt Partney; Parthenai Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Damery Old Castle, Alkington Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Deddington Castle Dedington; castrum de Dadenton'; Dadintune Oxfordshire earthwork
Denham Castle Castle Holes Suffolk earthwork
Denton Darrow Green Castle Hill; Deerhaugh Norfolk earthwork
Derby Cockpit Hill copecastel Derbyshire no visible
Desborough Castle, High Wycombe Disborough; West Wycombe; The Roundabout; Wicumbe Buckinghamshire earthwork
Devizes Castle Vyes; Diuisis; Divisis; Divisas Wiltshire masonry footings
Dewy Hill Dewey Hill Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Didley Court Farm Motte, St Devereux Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Dilwyn Ringwork Herefordshire earthwork
Dodleston Castle Dodleston; Doddlestone; Dodestune Cheshire earthwork
Dolphinholme Castle Hill Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
Doncaster Castle Yorkshire masonry footings
Dorchester Castle Dorkecestre; Dorecestre; Dorcestre Dorset no visible
Dorking Benhamcastle; Benham-castle; Bonhamcastle Surrey no visible
Dorstone Castle Dorston; Tordestone Herefordshire earthwork
Dover Castle Kent major building
Down Hall Motte Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Downhall; The Castles Down Hall Cumberland earthwork
Downton Moot Close Dunton, The Moot; Duntona; Moot Lane Wiltshire earthwork
Downton on the Rock; The Tump Castle Mount Herefordshire masonry footings
Drax Castle Hill Talleville Yorkshire earthwork
Drayton Parslow Mound Buckinghamshire no visible
Dudley Castle Duddeleg; Dudelei Worcestershire major building
Dudston Castle Mound Dudson Shropshire earthwork
Duffield Castle, Derbyshire Dufelda; Castle Orchard Derbyshire masonry footings
Dunder Camp and Upper Town Mound, Ullingswick Dunder Camp Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Dunham Massey; The mount Dunham Massie; Dunham Massy; Duneham Cheshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Dunster Castle Torre; Duncaster; Dunestore Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Durham Castle Dunelm; Dunhelm; Dunholm Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Durpley Castle, Shebbear Devonshire earthwork
Dursley Castle Durslea; Drisilege Castel; Doursley Gloucestershire no visible
Dymock Castle Tump Dimoc; Castletump; Aylesmore Gloucestershire earthwork
Eardisland Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Eardisland Monks Court Mound Herefordshire earthwork
Eardisley Castle Ardelea; Herdeslege; Erdisley; Erdsley; Ordeleya; Erdesleye; Ardelay; Ardelai Herefordshire earthwork
Earl Shilton Castle Yard Leicestershire earthwork
Earls Barton Berry Mount Bury Close Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Easby Castle Hill Easby near Stokesley; Borough Green Yorkshire earthwork
East Bridgford Pancake Hill Nottinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
East Chelborough Castle Hill Dorset earthwork
East Chelborough Stake Farm Dorset cropmark/slight earthwork
East Folifoot Moat House; Follithwaite Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Eastcotts Motte Wood Farm; Exeter Wood; Cardington Bedfordshire earthwork
Eastham Bridge mound Eastam Worcestershire uncertain
Eastleigh Berrys East Leigh Berrys; East Leighburys Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Eaton Mound Shropshire earthwork
Eaton Socon Castle Hills The Hillings Bedfordshire earthwork
Eaton Tregoz Camp Field, Foy The Camp Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Eccleston Mound Cheshire earthwork
Eccleswall Castle, Linton Eccleswall Court Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Edburton Castle Ring Sussex earthwork
Edgton Ring-Motte Shropshire earthwork
Edithmead Motte, Burnham Burneham Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Edvin Loach Ringwork Herefordshire earthwork
Edwyn Ralph Edvin Ralph; Edwin Ralph Herefordshire earthwork
Eggesford Castle, Wembworthy Heywood Wood Devonshire earthwork
Egmanton Gaddick Hill Egmarton: Guddick Hill Nottinghamshire earthwork
Egremont Castle Egermond Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ellesborough Cymbelines Mount Bellinus' Castle Buckinghamshire earthwork
Ellesmere Castle Eselmer; Elesmeres; Mere; Hellesmer; Elsemere Shropshire earthwork
Elmdon Castle Grove Elmdonbury Essex earthwork
Elmley Castle Almelege; Emly; Elmsley Worcestershire earthwork
Elmley Lovett Worcestershire earthwork
Elsdon Mote Hills Elsden Northumberland earthwork
Ely Cherry Hill The Mount Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
English Bicknor Castle Gloucestershire earthwork
Essendine Castle Rutland earthwork
Etonbury, Arlesey Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ewyas Harold Castle Ewyasharneis; Mapheralt; Pentecosts Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Exeter Rougemont Castle Devonshire major building
Exmouth Castle Devonshire no visible
Eye Castle Eay; Eie Suffolk masonry footings
Eyton Motte Eyton Stokes Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Fakenham Magna Burnthall Platation Suffolk earthwork
Faringdon Castle Faringdon Clump; Cromwells Battery; Farringdon; Folly Hill; Ferenduna; Farundunensis; Ferendunam Berkshire earthwork
Farnham Castle Feornham; Ffarnum; Fernham Surrey masonry ruins/remnants
Farthingstone Castle Dykes Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Feckenham Court House Bennett's Bower Worcestershire earthwork
Felixkirk Howe Hill Feliskirk Yorkshire earthwork
Fenny Castle Fenney; Wells 2; North Moor; St Cuthbert Out Somerset earthwork
Fillongley Castle Hills Old Fillongley Warwickshire earthwork
Fillongley Castle Yard Filungeleye Warwickshire masonry footings
Finchampstead Mound Warren Lodge Berkshire earthwork
Fitz mound, Pimhill Shropshire earthwork
FitzHarris, Abingdon FitzHarrys Berkshire earthwork
Fleet Motte Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Flitwick Mount Hills Bedfordshire earthwork
Folkestone Castle Hill Ceasars Camp Kent earthwork
Folkingham Castle Folkyngham Lincolnshire earthwork
Ford Castle, Sussex Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Fordhall, Moreton Say Moretoin, Draiton apon Terne; Castlehill Wood; Buntingsdale Hall Shropshire earthwork
Fordham Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely no visible
Foreigners Castle in Herefordshire aene castel Herefordshire uncertain
Foss Castle Lythe; Mulgrave; Fossards; Mulgreit Yorkshire earthwork
Fotheringhay Castle Fotheringay; Fortheringhay; Foderingeya; Foderingeye; Fotheringeia Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Fowlmere; The Round Moat Whites Close Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Fraisthorpe Motte Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Framlingham Castle Fremingham; Fremingham; Framelingehame Suffolk major building
Freckenham Castle Suffolk earthwork
Frith Hill, Great Missenden Buckinghamshire earthwork
Gains Castle, Ashley Church Close; Ashley Gains; Ashley Castle; Esleg'sive Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry footings
Gaittecastellum Gaitlecastellum Durham uncertain
Galchlin Gaultney; Galclint Uncertain uncertain
Gilling Castle–Gilling West near Richmond Castle Hill; Scales Farm; Low Scales Yorkshire no visible
Gilmorton Motte and Moat Leicestershire earthwork
Gilsland Rose Hill Northumberland no visible
Girsby Castle Hill Low Dinsdale Yorkshire uncertain
Gloucester Castles Gloucestershire no visible
Godards Castle, Thurnham Goddards; Thornham; Godworde; Turnham; Thorneham Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Godshill Castle Hill, Woodgreen Fordingbridge Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Goltho Manor Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Grafton Court Farm Motte Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Great Ashfield Castle Hill Parkers Wood Suffolk earthwork
Great Driffield Moat Hill Moot Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Great Easton Castle Essex earthwork
Great Howle Camp, Walford on Wye Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Great Missenden; The Castle Rook Wood Buckinghamshire earthwork
Great Somerford; The Mound The Mount Wiltshire earthwork
Green Castle, Wooler Cup and Saucer Camp; Humbleton Northumberland earthwork
Grinton Oxhill Yorkshire earthwork
Groby Castle Hill Tourhull; Grobi Leicestershire earthwork
Groton Pitches Mount Pytches Mount Suffolk earthwork
Guildford Castle and Palace Geldeford'; [Goseforde >], Guildeford Surrey major building
Gumley Cat Gruff Danes Camp; The Mot; The Mount Leicestershire earthwork
Gunnerton Money Hill Dungill Wood; Gunnar Peak Camp Northumberland earthwork
Gunthorpe Henge Nottinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Habberley Hall Shropshire no visible
Hailes Castle, Stanway Hayles Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hales Castle, Selwood Somerset earthwork
Halford Castle Warwickshire earthwork
Hallaton Castle Hill Camp Leicestershire earthwork
Halton Castle Hill Lancashire earthwork
Halton Castle, Runcorn Haiton Cheshire masonry ruins/remnants
Haltwhistle Castle Hill Northumberland earthwork
Hampden Danes Camp Hampden Park Buckinghamshire earthwork
Hampole Castle Hill Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hampstead Norris Hampstead Norreys; Parkwood; Park Wood Berkshire earthwork
Hamstead Marshall 1–'siege' castle Berkshire earthwork
Hamstead Marshall 3–conquest castle Newbury Berkshire earthwork
Harbottle Castle Hirbodel; Herbotelle; Harbotle; Hyrebothle; Hirbotle Northumberland masonry footings
Hardwick Mount Hardwicke Shropshire earthwork
Haresfield Mount Gloucestershire earthwork
Harley Castle Hill Shropshire no visible
Harringay Manor of the Bishop of London Hornsey; Haringe; Lodge Hill; Bishop's Lodge London and Middlesex no visible
Hartfield Motte Hartfield Castle Field Sussex earthwork
Hartford; The Mount Sapley; Kings Ripton; The Moat Huntingdonshire earthwork
Hartington Motte Bank Top Derbyshire earthwork
Hartshill Castle Hardreshull Warwickshire masonry footings
Hastings Castle Haestinga; Haestingaceaster; Hasting; Hestengceastra; Hastinges Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Hathersage Camp Green Danes Camp Derbyshire earthwork
Haughley Castle Haganet; Hawghlee; Hegenoth; Hageneth; Haghenet Suffolk earthwork
Haughton Duck Decoy Nottinghamshire earthwork
Hawcocks Mount Hawcocks Farm Ringwork; Winsley Shropshire earthwork
Hawridge Court Hawridge Court Farm Buckinghamshire earthwork
Hayes Castle Hay; Hayescastle; Aykerist; Aykhurst; Dykhurst; Dykehirst Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hayton Castle Hill Heton Cumberland earthwork
Hedingham Castle Hengham; Hedningham; Heningham; Henham; Haingeham; Hingeham Essex major building
Heighley Castle Audley; Healey; Heeley; Heley Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Helmsley Castle Elmesley; Helmsey Blackamoor; Helmislay; Hemmisley Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Helston Castle Cornwall no visible
Hembury Castle, West Buckfastleigh Dane's Castle; The Danish Camp Devonshire earthwork
Hentland Chapel Tump Hennllann Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hereford Castle Hogg's Mount Herefordshire earthwork
Herefordshire Beacon, Colwall The Citadel; British Camp Herefordshire earthwork
Herewards Castle castellum Herewardi; Castellum de Heywoydi Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely uncertain
Hergest Castle Twts Herefordshire earthwork
Hertford Castle Hartford Hertfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hewelsfield Motte Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Heydour Castle Hills Lincolnshire earthwork
Heywood Castle, Wembworthy Heywood Wood Devonshire earthwork
Hickleton Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
High Wycombe, Castle Hill House Keep Hill; Wycumbam Buckinghamshire earthwork
Higham Ferrers Castle Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Highweek Castle Dyke High Week Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hillesley Ringwork Very Croft; Berry Croft; Hawkesbury; Hillsley Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hinckley Castle Hill The Mount; Hughes Castle Leicestershire earthwork
Hinton Waldrist; The Mount Berkshire earthwork
Hisland Castle Mound Shropshire earthwork
Hockleton Motte Tirley; Touchill; Hoketon; Hokelton Shropshire earthwork
Hodnet Castle Hill Odenet Shropshire earthwork
Holdgate Castle Holgate; Helgots; Stanton Holegate; Stanton Long; Castle Holegod; Holgot; Howgate; Castellum Helgod; castrum Helgoti in Scalopescyra Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Holme Spinney, Beckingham Bekingh'm et Sutton Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Holmesfield Castle Hill Derbyshire earthwork
Holwell Castle, Parracombe Devonshire earthwork
Homme Castle, Clifton upon Teme Ham Castle; Home; Castellum de Hamma; Homm; Hommecastel Worcestershire earthwork
Hood Castle La Hode; Hod Yorkshire earthwork
Hope Castle Mound, Shropshire Lady House; Leye; Worthen 3 Shropshire earthwork
Hope Motte, Derbyshire Derbyshire earthwork
Hopton Castle Hopton Corbet; Opetune Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hornby Castlestede Castle Stede; Castleton; Orneby Lancashire earthwork
Hornsea Hermitage Yorkshire uncertain
Horsbury Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Horsford Castle Hill Castle Yards; Horsforth Norfolk earthwork
Horsley Castle Horston; Horeston; Horsford Horsley; Harestan; Harstan; Hareston vel Horsley Derbyshire masonry footings
Hough on the Hill Castle Hill Hache Lincolnshire earthwork
How Caple Mound Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Howton Farm Mound, Kenderchurch Herefordshire earthwork
Huddersfield Hill House Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Hunmanby Castle Hill Castlegarth Yorkshire earthwork
Hunsingore Hall Hall Orchard Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Hunston Mill Hill Suffolk earthwork
Huntingdon Castle Huntendonae Huntingdonshire earthwork
Huntington Castle Huntingdon; Huntedon; Huntindon; Huntinton Herefordshire masonry footings
Huntley Castle, Cheadle Castle Croft Staffordshire uncertain
Hunworth Castle Hill Norfolk earthwork
Hutton Conyers Castle Hutton Hall; Hall Garth; Huton Yorkshire earthwork
Ilcester Castle Northover House; Gaiole ad Iuelcestr'; gaiole de Yuelcestr'; prisona regis apud Ivelcestr' Somerset no visible
Ilketshall St John; The Mount St John Ilketshall Suffolk earthwork
Ingleby Barwick Round Hill Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Inkberrow Castle Intebergh; Inteberg Worcestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ipswich Castle Gipeswic Suffolk no visible
Irthington; The Nook Cumberland earthwork
Isfield Motte Sussex earthwork
John of Gaunts Hill, Sutton Bedfordshire earthwork
Jordan Castle, Wellow Grimestone; Grimston; Grymeston Nottinghamshire earthwork
Keld Tute Hill Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kemsing Castle Bank Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Kendal Castle Kirby Kendal Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Kendal Castle Howe Castle How; Castle Law; Castle how-hill; Castle Low Hill Westmorland earthwork
Kenilworth Castle Killingworth; Kenelworth; Kenelworde; Killingsworth; Chenilleworda Warwickshire major building
Kentchurch Tump Bowlston Court Wood; Bowlstone Court Wood Herefordshire earthwork
Kentchurch Twyn y Corras Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kibworth Harcourt; The Munt Hall Field Leicestershire earthwork
Kildale Hall Garth Yorkshire earthwork
Killerby Castle Hills Yorkshire earthwork
Kilpeck Castle Cilpedec; Chipcete Herefordshire masonry footings
Kilton Castle Kylton Yorkshire masonry footings
Kimberworth Motte Yorkshire earthwork
Kimbolton; The Mound Castle Hill Huntingdonshire earthwork
Kinaird Castle, Owston Ferry Kinnards Ferry; Kenefar; Kinardferry; Kinardeferie; castellum apud Kinardeferiam; Axholme; Axiholme; castello de Insula Lincolnshire earthwork
King Johns Castle, Kineton Warwickshire earthwork
Kingerby Hall Kynyorby; Kinardbi Lincolnshire earthwork
Kings Lynn; The Red Mount 'Ladye Hylle Norfolk earthwork
Kingsbury Castle, St Albans Castro de Kyngsbury; Kyngisbiri Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kingshaugh Camp, Darlton Kingeshag; Kingeshawe; Kingshaw; Kingsey; Kingshaghe; Kingeshage Nottinghamshire earthwork
Kingshurst Hall The Knobbe; Kyngeshurste Warwickshire earthwork
Kingsland Castle Kyngsland Herefordshire earthwork
Kingsley Castle Cob Castle Cobb; Manley Cheshire earthwork
Kingston Upon Thames Castle Moreford, Kenington, Warwick Castle Surrey no visible
Kington Castle Hill castello de Kinton' Herefordshire earthwork
Kinton Motte Shropshire earthwork
Kippax Manor Garth Hill Manor Hall Garth; Cheeney Basin; Ilkston; Kypexk Yorkshire earthwork
Kirkby Fleetham Castle Fletham; Hall Garth Yorkshire earthwork
Kirkby Lonsdale Cockpit Hill The Cockpit; Cockpit Hill; Kirby Lonsdale Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kirkbymoorside no 2 Yorkshire earthwork
Kirkbymoorside, Stutevilles Castle Kirkby Moorside; Vivars Hill; Viviers Hill; Vivers Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Kirkcambeck Kirk Cambock Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kirkoswald Castle Kierkoswald Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Kirkoswald moated site Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kirtling Towers Catledge Hall; Catlidg Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely masonry ruins/remnants
Knapwell Overhall Grove Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Knaresborough Castle Knarsborrow; Cnaresburg; Cnaresburh Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Knepp Castle Cnap; Le Kenape; Cnappe; Kneppe; Knob; Knap; Knep; Knapp' Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Knockin Castle Cnockin; Cnukin; Knockyn; Knoking; Cnucin Shropshire earthwork
Lamerton motte and bailey Lamerhooe Devonshire earthwork
Lancaster Castle Lancashire major building
Lanercost Bridge Brampton Bank Cumberland uncertain
Langford Barton, Ugborough Devonshire earthwork
Lasborough Motte Gloucestershire earthwork
Laughton en le Morthen Castle Hill Thurcroft Castle Hill; Castle Yard Yorkshire earthwork
Launceston Castle Terabil; Terrible; Dunheved; Llan Stefan; Landstavetune Cornwall major building
Lavendon Castle Laverdon; Lavendene Buckinghamshire earthwork
Laxton Castle Panpudding Hill Nottinghamshire earthwork
Laysters Motte Leysters Herefordshire earthwork
Lazonby Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Leafield Barrow Barry Tump; Barry's Hill Tump Oxfordshire earthwork
Lee Brockhurst Shropshire no visible
Leeds Castle Leedes; Ladies Castle; Ledes; Slede Kent major building
Leeds Castle Hill Castell Hyll Yorkshire no visible
Leicester Castle The Newarke Leicestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Leigh Castle Green Castleleigh; Castellegh; Castellygh Worcestershire earthwork
Leppington Yorkshire earthwork
Lesingey Round, Penzance Castle Horneck Cornwall earthwork
Lewes Castle Laewe; Laewas; Lewis; Lauus; Lawes; castellum Delaquis Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Lewisham Castle, Aldbourne Chase Wiltshire earthwork
Liddell Strength Castle Liddel Mote; Lydel; Ledale; pele of Liddel; Lidel Cumberland earthwork
Lidgate Castle Lydgate; Liegate Suffolk masonry footings
Lilbourne Castle Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Lilbourne Roundhill Hill Ground; Lilborune Gorse Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Lincoln Castle Nicole Lincolnshire major building
Lindfield Pims Lock Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Lindsey; The Mounts Leleshay; Boar Hills Suffolk earthwork
Lingen Castle The Churchyard Herefordshire earthwork
Lingen Ringwork The Churchyard Herefordshire earthwork
Liskeard Castle Cornwall no visible
Little Easton Moat Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Gaddesden Church Meadow earthworks Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Hereford Manor Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Houghton Motte Cliffords Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Little Houghton Ringwork Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Kelk Nunnery Hill Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Kimble Motte Buckinghamshire earthwork
Little Missenden Castle Tower Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Ness Castle Mound Shropshire earthwork
Little Shrawardine Motte Alberbury 2 Shropshire earthwork
Littledean Camp Little Dean Camp; Old Castle of Dene Gloucestershire earthwork
Littywood Moat Littywood House; Litty Wood Staffordshire earthwork
Llancillo Castle Herefordshire masonry footings
Locking Castle, Carberry Hill Locking Head Farm Somerset earthwork
Lockington Coney Hill Hall Garth; Moat Hill; Garthum Yorkshire earthwork
Loddiswell Blackdown Rings The Rings; Blackdown Camp Devonshire earthwork
Lodsworth Castle Lodsbridge Mill; Selham Sussex earthwork
Loftus Castle Cliff Lofthouse Yorkshire no visible
Loggerheads Auctioneers Mound Staffordshire earthwork
Long Buckby The Mounts Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Long Crendon Motte Buckinghamshire no visible
Long Sutton; The Battery Well Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Longtown Castle Ewyas Lacy; Ewias Lacy; Newcastle; Novum Castrum Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Lowdham Motte Nottinghamshire earthwork
Lower Down Castle, Lydbury North Shropshire earthwork
Lower Pedwardine, Brampton Bryan Lower Penwardine; Pedewrde Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lowick Motte Low Steads Northumberland earthwork
Lowther Castle Stead Castlesteads; Castellum de Lauudre Westmorland masonry footings
Ludgershall Castle Lutgershall Wiltshire masonry ruins/remnants
Ludlow Castle Luderaue; Ludelau Shropshire major building
Lulworth Castle Poyning's Castle; Lullewarde; Lullewarden; Lolleworth; Loleworhe; Lulleworda; Est Lilleworth Dorset no visible
Luton Court House Falkes de Breautes castle; Lutune Bedfordshire no visible
Luton Holly Lodge Robert de Waudari's castle Bedfordshire no visible
Lyde Castle Pipe and Lyde Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lydford Norman Ringwork The Fort; Lideforde Devonshire earthwork
Lydham Castle Shropshire earthwork
Lyonshall Castle Lenhaul; Linhales; Lennolx; Leonhauls; Castle of John of Evreux (d'Evreux) Herefordshire masonry footings
Macclesfield Castle Field Cheshire no visible
Madley Motte Tumpy Field; Castle Farm Herefordshire no visible
Malmesbury Castle Malmesbir'; Malmesbiria Wiltshire masonry footings
Malpas Castle Hill Cheshire earthwork
Malton Castle The Lodge; castellum de Maltona; Mealtune Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Manchester Castle Mamecestre; Mainecestr'; Chetham College Lancashire no visible
Mansell Lacy Moat Court Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Marche Hall Brerelawe; Berelawe; Westbury Station Shropshire earthwork
Marlborough Castle Merleberge; Malmesberiae; Marlbergie; The Mount Wiltshire earthwork
Marshwood Castle Mersshwode Dorset masonry footings
Marton; The Mount Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Maryport Castle Hill Canonby; Mote Hill Cumberland earthwork
Matefelun Shropshire uncertain
Maurholme Manor Wharton; Morhull; Mirhull; Mourholme; Merhull; Halstead; Halsteads; Dock Acres Farm Lancashire no visible
Medelintune Milton Oxfordshire no visible
Melling with Wrayton Castle Mount Melling Motte Lancashire earthwork
Meppershall; The Hills Meppenhall; Maperteshalam Bedfordshire earthwork
Merbach; The Tump Herefordshire no visible
Merdon Castle, Hursley Merden; Merdona Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Mexborough Castle Hill Mexbrough Yorkshire earthwork
Middleham Williams Hill Sunskew Park Yorkshire earthwork
Middlehope Shropshire earthwork
Middleton Motte Middleton Mount Norfolk earthwork
Middleton mottes Middleton Higford Shropshire earthwork
Middleton St George Tower Hill Durham earthwork
Middleton Stoney Castle Middelton'; Mideltune Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Midhurst Castle St Anns Hill; Tan Hill Sussex earthwork
Milden Castle Foxburrow Hill Suffolk earthwork
Mileham Castle Burghwood; Burwood; Hall Yards; Moleham Norfolk earthwork
Millsome Castle, Coldridge Milson Devonshire earthwork
Minton Castle Mound Little Stretton Shropshire earthwork
Mirfield Castle Hall Hill Merhall Yorkshire earthwork
Miserden Castle La Musardere Gloucestershire earthwork
Mitford Castle Midford; Milford Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Moccas Castle Mockes Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Monnington Court, Vowchurch Monnington Straddle; Mannington Straddel Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Montacute Castle St Michaels Hill; Biscopeston; Bishopstone; Montegue; Montem-Acutum; Mons Acutus Somerset earthwork
Montfichet Castle Mountfichet; Montfiquit; Munfichet: Old Bailey; Ludgate Hill London and Middlesex no visible
More Castle Moretoin Shropshire earthwork
Moresk Castle, St Clement Cornwall no visible
Moretoin Shropshire uncertain
Moreton Corbet Castle Moreton Toret; Moreton Turret; Moretoin; Mortuñ Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Morley Church mound Derbyshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Morley Moor Mound Morley House Farm; The Mound; Toot Hill Derbyshire earthwork
Morpeth Haw Hill Ha' Hill Northumberland earthwork
Mortimers Castle, Much Marcle Herefordshire earthwork
Morton Bagot Castle Moreton Bagot; Lodge House Warwickshire earthwork
Motleys Castle, Idsworth Motleys Copse; Blendworth Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Moulton Castle Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Moulton Kings Hall Kings Hall Park; Quapelode; Whaplode; Muleton' Lincolnshire earthwork
Mount Alstoe, Burley Rutland earthwork
Mount Bures Essex earthwork
Mount Ferrant Castle Burythorpe; Mountferaunt Yorkshire earthwork
Mount Holles Sullia; Mout Hughes Battery Isles of Scilly no visible
Mount Thorold, Peterborough Toot Hill; Tout Hill; Touthill; Mont-Turold; Mount Torold Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Mountsorrel Castle castrum de Monte Sorello; Muntsorel Leicestershire earthwork
Mouse Castle, Cusop Herefordshire earthwork
Mouselow Castle, Glossop Mowslow; Castle Hill Derbyshire earthwork
Mowbray Castle, Kirkby Malzeard Malesart; Malessart; Malzead; Malesharth; Malessard Yorkshire earthwork
Much Dewchurch; The Camp Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mulgrave Castle Mowgreue; Meaulx; Mont-Grace; Multgrese
Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Munsley Lower Court Motte Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mynyddbrydd Tump 1, Dorstone Mynydd-brith; Ruuenore; Fagemeneda; Fowmynd; Vowmynd; Vowmine Herefordshire masonry footings
Nafferton Castle Lonkin's Hall; Nafertune Northumberland earthwork
Nant y bar, Dorstone Mynyddbrydd Tump 2 Herefordshire earthwork
Nantwich Castle Castrum Wici Malbani Cheshire no visible
Navestock Side, Bentley Essex no visible
Nayland Court Knoll Leyland; le castel de Leiland Suffolk earthwork
Nether Stowey Castle Dowsborough; Staueiam Somerset earthwork
New Buckenham Castle Bukenham; Bukeham Norfolk masonry footings
Newark Castle Niwerc upon the Fosseway; Niwerca; Newercham Nottinghamshire major building
Newcastle under Lyme Castle Novum Castellum de Staffordshira Staffordshire masonry footings
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Castle Castrum de Novo-Castro sup Tynam Northumberland major building
Newcastle; The Crugyn Shropshire earthwork
Newcourt Tump, Bacton Newcourt Farm Herefordshire masonry footings
Newhall Tower Cheshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Newhouse Castle Newsham; Goxhill Lincolnshire uncertain
Newington Bagpath Motte, Kingscote Gloucestershire earthwork
Newnham Castle Championcourt; Champion Court Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Newnham on Severn Castle House Gloucestershire earthwork
Newport Castle, Essex Wigingamere Essex no visible
Newport Pagnell Castle; The Battery Someries Castle; Castle Mead Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Newton le Willows Castle Hill Newton in Makerfield; Golborne Gates Lancashire earthwork
Newton Tump, Clifford Herefordshire earthwork
Norham Castle Northam; Norrham; Ubbanford Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
North Deighton Howe Hill Yorkshire earthwork
North Tawton Castle Court Devonshire earthwork
Northallerton Castle Hills The Old Palace; Alverton; The Howe Yorkshire earthwork
Northampton Castle Norhamtune Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Norwich Bishops Palace Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Norwich Castle castellum Norwici Norfolk major building
Norwood Castle, Oaksey Wiltshire earthwork
Nottingham Castle Nottinghamshire masonry ruins/remnants
Oakham Castle Okeham Rutland major building
Oakmere Harthhill Bank Hart Hill, Ocmere Cheshire earthwork
Odell Castle Wahull; Odel Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Offton Castle Suffolk uncertain
Okehampton Castle Oakhampton; Castellum Ochenemitonae Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Old Buckenham Castle Buckenham Priory; Bukenham; castellum diuendum Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Old Callaly Castle Hill Kaloule Vet Northumberland earthwork
Old Erringham Ringwork, Shoreham By Sea Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Old Sarum Castle Old Saresbury; Salisbury; Salesberia; Sarisberiensem; castellum Saresberiense Wiltshire masonry footings
Old Warden Quince Hill Quints Hill Bedfordshire earthwork
Oldcastle Castle Hill Old Castle Cheshire earthwork
Olivers Mount, Shrawley Shrawle Worcestershire earthwork
Ongar Castle Angra; Angre Essex earthwork
Orcop Castle Moat Farm Herefordshire earthwork
Ormside Ringwork Great Ormside Westmorland uncertain
Orsett, Bishop Bonners Palace Essex earthwork
Orwell Toot Hill The Lordship Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely no visible
Oswestry Castle Album Monasterium; Blancminster; Blankmouster; Blancmustier; Croes Oswald; L'Oeuvre; L'uvre; Castle Loure; Luure; Luvre; Lvvre: Castle Philip; Oswaldestre; Meresberie Shropshire masonry footings
Otley; The Mount Otley Barrow Suffolk earthwork
Over Stowey Mound Staweie Somerset earthwork
Oxford Castle St Georges Tower; Oxeneforde Oxfordshire major building
Oxted Barrow Green The Mount; Barogrene; The Bergh Surrey earthwork
Painswick Castle Hale Castle Halle Gloucestershire uncertain
Pan Castle Shropshire earthwork
Panpudding Hill Pampudding Hill; Oldbury Shropshire earthwork
Partney Castle Parthenai Lincolnshire uncertain
Pembridge Court House Farm Moat Herefordshire earthwork
Pendragon Castle Mallerstrang; Mallustang Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Penhallam Manor, Jacobstow Burycourt; Berry Court Cornwall masonry footings
Pennerley; The Knapp The Napp Shropshire earthwork
Pennington Castle Hill Lancashire earthwork
Penstowe Castle, Kilkhampton Cornwall earthwork
Penwortham Castle Hill Peneworth; Peneverdant Lancashire earthwork
Periwinkle Hill, Barkway Periwinkle Hall; Reed Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Petton Castle Mound Shropshire earthwork
Pevensey Castle Pefenesea; Pevensye; Pebesellum; Peneuesellum; Eunesheye; Anderida; Anderitum; Haestingaceaster Sussex major building
Pickering Beacon Hill Penny Howe Yorkshire earthwork
Pickering Castle castello de Pikeringa; Pichering; Pikeringe Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Pickhill Money Hill Picks Hill; Picts' Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Pickthorne Castle Pickthorn; The Castle; Baskerville Hall Shropshire earthwork
Pilsbury Castle Hills Pillesbury Derbyshire earthwork
Pinsley Motte, Southwick and Widley Portsdown; Port Down Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Pipe Aston Tump 1 Aston Tump 1 Herefordshire earthwork
Pipe Aston Tump 2 Aston Tump 2 Herefordshire earthwork
Pirton Toot Hill Hertfordshire earthwork
Place Wood Motte, Southwick and Widley Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Pleshey Castle The Mount; Plaisy; Plessy; Pleasing; Tumblestoun; Castel de Placeto; Pleisiz Essex earthwork
Plowden Mill Ringwork Shropshire earthwork
Plumberow Mount, Hockley Essex earthwork
Plympton Castle Plympton Earl; St Maurice; Plinton' Devonshire masonry footings
Podington Motte Puddington Manor Farm Bedfordshire earthwork
Pontefract Castle Pomfret; Pumfreit; Ilberts; Castelli Ilberti; Tanshelf; Snorre Yorkshire masonry footings
Pontesbury Castle Castle Pavement Shropshire earthwork
Pontfadog Domen; Pontfadoc; Pont Fadoc Shropshire earthwork
Ponthendre, Longtown Ewyas Lacy; Pont-hendre; Pont Hendre; Castelli de Ewais Herefordshire earthwork
Poundstock Castle Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Powderham Castle, Crondall Powder Castle Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Powerstock Castle Poorstock; Porstock; Porestok; Athelstan's Castle Dorset earthwork
Preston Capes Castle Prestone Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Preston Castle, Lancashire Tulketh Lancashire no visible
Prudhoe Castle Prodhom; Prodhou; Prudhow Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Pulborough Park Mount Puleberg; Puleburge Sussex earthwork
Pulford Castle Poulefourd; Pulsford Cheshire earthwork
Purleigh Mount Essex earthwork
Purton Burtuna Wiltshire no visible
Putley Castle Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Quatford Castle oppidum de Quatford Shropshire earthwork
Queen Eleanors Bower, Haughmond Shropshire earthwork
Quidenham Vikings Mound The Bubberies Norfolk earthwork
Rabbit Berries Oval Mount Shropshire earthwork
Radcliffe on Trent Nottinghamshire no visible
Radcot; The Garrison Ratrotam Oxfordshire earthwork
Rampton Giants Hill Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Ramsey Booths Hill Huntingdonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rastrick Castle Hill Castlefields Yorkshire no visible
Ratley Motte Warwickshire earthwork
Raveningham Mill Mount Norfolk earthwork
Ravenstone Castle Leicestershire no visible
Rayleigh Mount Rayleigh Castle Essex earthwork
Reading Castle Hill Berkshire no visible
Reading Forbury Hill Berkshire earthwork
Redbourne Castle Hills Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Reigate Castle Holmesdale Surrey earthwork
Renhold Ring Water End Farm; Hill Farm; Howbury; Adinggreves Bedfordshire earthwork
Repton Motte Rapendune Derbyshire no visible
Restormel Castle Restormil; Raistormel; Tywardreath; Lestmel Cornwall major building
Richards Castle Auretone; Averetone; Avretone; Overton; Ricardi Herefordshire earthwork
Richmont Castle, East Harptree Estharpetre; Harpestre; Arpetream; Harpetreu Somerset masonry footings
Rickling Hall Motte Essex earthwork
Ridgmont; The Round House Rugemont Castle; Rugemunt; Brogborough Park Farm; Brogboro; Segenhoe Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ringmer; The Mount Clay Hill Sussex earthwork
Risinghoe Castle Goldington Bedfordshire earthwork
Ritton Castle Ritton in Wentnor Shropshire earthwork
Rochdale Castle Hill Castleton; castelli de Racheham Lancashire no visible
Rochester Castle Roff'; Roffensi Kent major building
Rochford Motte Worcestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rockingham Castle Rokingeham Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry ruins/remnants
Rorrington, Chirbury The Mount Shropshire earthwork
Rothbury Haa Hill The Moot; Hall Hill Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Rothersthorpe, The Berry Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Rothwell Castle Yorkshire masonry footings
Rougemont Castle near Weeton Harewood 2; Ridgman Scar Yorkshire earthwork
Rowlands Castle Rolokecastel Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry footings
Rowlstone Motte Rowlestone Herefordshire earthwork
Rowton Castle Rouse; Routhsea; Routon Shropshire no visible
Ruckley Long Field Shropshire no visible
Ruislip Manor Farm Bury Street London and Middlesex cropmark/slight earthwork
Runcorn Castle Rock Cheshire no visible
Rushbury Castle Mound Bury Field Shropshire earthwork
Ruyten XI Towns Castle Ruyton-Eleven-Towns; Ruten; Ruton; Ruyten of the Eleven Towns; Routon Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Ryton Castle Hillfield Ryton near Shifnal Shropshire earthwork
Ryton, County Durham Durham earthwork
Sadberge Castle St Andrew's Church; Satbergia; Sacberge; Sedbergh Durham no visible
Saltwood Castle Saltuud'a; Saltwuda; turris Saltwode Kent major building
Sandal Castle Sandall Yorkshire masonry footings
Sandford Castle Mound Shropshire earthwork
Sandye Place Sandy Place Bedfordshire uncertain
Sapcote Castle Toot Hill Leicestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Sauvey Castle Salvata; Salvee; Sanvey; Trencheland Leicestershire masonry footings
Saxton Motte Yorkshire earthwork
Scarborough Castle Castle Rock; Scardeburgh; Scartheburth; Scartheburc; Scarburthe; Scarburgh; Scardeburh Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Seckington Motte Sekindon Warwickshire earthwork
Sedbergh Castle Haugh Tower Castlehaw Yorkshire earthwork
Sedgwick Castle Sedgewick; Seggewik Sussex uncertain
Selby Castle Yorkshire no visible
Shackerstone Motte Leicestershire earthwork
Shaftesbury Castle Hill Boltbury Dorset earthwork
Shawell, Catthorpe Leicestershire earthwork
Sheering Hall Ringwork Essex earthwork
Sheffield Castle Shefeld; Sheafield; castellum de Sedfeld Yorkshire masonry footings
Shelford Nottinghamshire earthwork
Shenley Church End; The Toot Schenlea Buckinghamshire earthwork
Sheriff Hutton Ringwork Hoton; Castle Hill; Castle Isle Yorkshire earthwork
Sherrington Motte Wiltshire earthwork
Shipbrook Castle Hill Cheshire no visible
Shobdon Court Castle Shobdon Church Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Shocklach Shocklatch; Shockleach; Shoclach; Castletown Bridge Cheshire earthwork
Shocklach Oldcastle Shocklatch; Shockleach; Shockleach; Castletown Bridge Cheshire earthwork
Shortwood motte, Standon Staffordshire earthwork
Shotwick Castle Shotewyke Cheshire earthwork
Shrawardine Castle Castle Isabel; Schiewardin; Schrewardin; Shewurthyn; Shrawardic; Shraydon; Slawurthin; Sretwrthin; Srewrhin; Srwardin; Strawurdi; Scrawardin; Screwardin Shropshire masonry footings
Shrewsbury Castle Pengwern Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Shustoke Church End Warwickshire earthwork
Sibbertoft Castle Yard Fox Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Silchester Amphitheatre Castellum de Silva; Castle of the Wood Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Simonburn Castle and Tower House Turris de Simondburn; Symondburne Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Skellow, Cromwells Batteries Yorkshire earthwork
Skipsea Castle Hill Albermarle Hill and the Baile Welts; Skypse Yorkshire earthwork
Skipton Castle Skipton in Craven; Scipton Yorkshire major building
Skirpenbeck Motte Yorkshire earthwork
Sleaford Castle Lafford; Sleford; Eslaford; Esleford; Sliforde Lincolnshire earthwork
Smardale Hall Motte Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Smethcott Castle Field Shropshire earthwork
Snodhill Castle, Peterchurch Strate; Castle of Staddle Herefordshire masonry footings
Sollers Hope Court Farm Motte Herefordshire earthwork
Somerton Castle, Oxfordshire Oxfordshire no visible
Soulton Hall Moat Shropshire earthwork
South Cerney Castle Cerne; Cernei Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
South Cove; The Mound Frostenden Suffolk earthwork
South Mimms Castle South Mymms; castle on the Lea; Super Lviam London and Middlesex earthwork
South Moreton Castle Berkshire earthwork
Southampton Castle munitionem Hamptoniae; Hamtune Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Southoe Boughton Huntingdonshire uncertain
Southoe Manor Farm Southhoe Huntingdonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Sowerby Castle Hill Hell Croft Yorkshire earthwork
Sowerby Castle How Sourebi Cumberland earthwork
Spalding Castle Talbois Castle; Coney Garth Lincolnshire no visible
St Briavels Castle Breulis; Lydney Gloucestershire major building
St Briavels Stow Green Castle Tump; Stowe Camp; Old Castle of Dene Gloucestershire earthwork
St Martins, Oaklands Mount Chirk Bank Shropshire earthwork
St Michaels Mount Castle Cornwall masonry footings
St Weonards Tump Herefordshire earthwork
Stafford Castle–Kings Castle Broadeye; Estafort Staffordshire no visible
Stafford Castle, Castlechurch Barons Castle, Monetvile Staffordshire masonry footings
Stainborough Castle Stainborough Low; Stainborough Lowe; Staynbroughe Lowe Yorkshire earthwork
Stainby Tower Hill Lincolnshire earthwork
Stamford Castle Stanford; Stamforde Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Stanborough Ringwork and Motte Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stanhope Castle Castle Heugh; Castle Hill; Castri de Stanhopp Durham no visible
Stansted Mountfitchet Castle Stansted Mount Fitchet Essex earthwork
Stapleford Castle Wiltshire earthwork
Stapleton Castle Herefordshire masonry footings
Stapleton Motte Stapeleton-in-Legharness Shropshire earthwork
Staunton on Arrow Motte Herefordshire earthwork
Stebbing; The Mount Essex earthwork
Stockbury Castle Stokinburie Kent earthwork
Stockport Castle Stoppord; Stokeporta Cheshire masonry footings
Stogursey Castle Stoke Courcy; castrum de Stoke' Curcy' Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Stoke Cross Motte, Stoke Lacy Herefordshire earthwork
Stokesley Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Stoney Middleton Castle Hill Derbyshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stourton Castle Stewpony; Sturseley; Kinver Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Stowting Castle Kent earthwork
Stretford Bridge Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Studley Old Castle Warwickshire earthwork
Sturminster Newton Castle Piddlewood; Stourminster Newton Castle; The Bridge Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Styford Motte, Bywell Tiefort Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Sudeley Castle Sudley; Sudleagh; Sudleie Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Sulgrave Castle Hill Salgrave Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Swaffham Bullbeck Four Mile Stable Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Swan Bank, Caverswall Dead Mans Hill Staffordshire earthwork
Swavesey Castle Hill Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Swerford Castle Oxfordshire earthwork
Sweyns Camp Swanscombe Svinescamp Kent no visible
Swine Castle Hill Bransholm; Brancholme; Bransholme; le Hermitage in Braunceholm Yorkshire earthwork
Swineshead; The Manwarings Baythorpe; Manwar Ings; the Danish encampment; Suineshevede Lincolnshire earthwork
Tadcaster Castle Yorkshire earthwork
Tamworth Castle castellum de Tameword Staffordshire major building
Tapton Motte, Chesterfield Topton Castle; Toptan cast; Castell Hyll Derbyshire earthwork
Tarset Castle Tarsett; Tyrsete; Tersetthaull Northumberland masonry footings
Taunton Castle Tantona; Tantune Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Taynton Castle Wood Huntley Castle Gloucestershire earthwork
Taynton Parva Taynton Old Church; Swan Tump Gloucestershire earthwork
Tebay Castle Howe Castle How Westmorland earthwork
Tempeston; The Moat Beguildy The Moat; Tempseter Shropshire earthwork
Tenbury Wells Castle Tump Burford Castle Shropshire earthwork
Tetbury Castle Tetbury Camp; Swinnerdown-Castle Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tewkesbury Holme Castle Holm Hill; Holmes; The Vineyards Gloucestershire no visible
Tewkesbury; The Mythe Tute Royal Hill Gloucestershire earthwork
Therfield Castle Tuthill Hertfordshire earthwork
Thetford Castle Hill Thedford'; Theford Norfolk earthwork
Thetford Red Castle Redcastle Furze Norfolk earthwork
Thirsk Castle Castle Garth; Castle Yard; Tresk; Threske; Thruske; Treske Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Thonock Castle Hills Gainsborough; Geinesburgo; Thonal Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Thorganby Giants Hill Giant Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Thorne Peel Hill Thurn Yorkshire earthwork
Thorngate, Lincoln Tornegat Lincolnshire no visible
Thornlaw, Thornley Thornton, castellum de Thornauum Durham no visible
Thorpe Arnold Hall Close Leicestershire earthwork
Thrapston Chancery Lane Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Thruxton Court Thruxton Tump Herefordshire earthwork
Thunderfield Castle, Horley Horne; Thunderford; Herewoldeslea; Haroldslea Surrey earthwork
Thurleigh Bury Hills Thornleigh; Bury Hill Camp Bedfordshire earthwork
Tickhill Castle Tikehilla; Tikehille; Tikehull'; Tikehelle Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tilsworth Warren Knoll Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tissington Ringwork Derbyshire earthwork
Titley Shawl Field Titley Court Herefordshire earthwork
Titlington Castle Northumberland earthwork
Tiverton Castle Devonshire major building
Toddington Conger Hill Gayer's Hill Bedfordshire earthwork
Tonbridge Castle Tunbridge; Tunebrycgia Kent major building
Tong Castle Tonge; Tongue; Thong Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tong Castle Hill Tonge; Tongue; Tong Norton Shropshire earthwork
Tonge Castle Tong; Tongue; Thwang Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Topcliffe Maidens Bower Tadenclif; Topclive; Topclyve; Topclyffe; Topclyf; Tapcliff; Toppeclivia; Topeclive; Toppecliua; Toppecliffe; Toppeclyve; Toppeclyf; Thopclive; Topp' Yorkshire earthwork
Torksey Motte Windmill Hill; Torkesey Wynde Mille Hille Lincolnshire no visible
Torpel Castle Ringwork Helpston; Thorpell; Torpel Manor Field Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Torrington Castle, Great Torrington Torryton; Chepyngtoryton Devonshire earthwork
Tothill Toot Hill Lincolnshire earthwork
Totnes Castle Totness; Totenes; Totenesio; Totenesse Devonshire major building
Totternhoe Castle Totternhoe Knolls Bedfordshire earthwork
Towcester Bury Mount Towcester Mote, Certhill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Tower Tye Tortie Cumberland earthwork
Tregate Castle, Llanrothal Herefordshire earthwork
Tregoney Castle Tregony Cornwall no visible
Trematon Castle Tremetone; Tremetune Cornwall major building
Trentham Castle Field Castellum de Trentham; Mount Field Staffordshire no visible
Trowbridge Castle Wiltshire uncertain
Truro Castle Hill Truer Cornwall no visible
Turnastone Motte, Turnastone Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Turret Castle, Huntington Hell Wood Herefordshire earthwork
Turret Tump, Huntington Little Hengoed Herefordshire earthwork
Tutbury Castle Toteberie; Tetbery; castrum Stutesburiae Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tynemouth Castle Tynemouth Priory; Tiefort; Tynemuth Northumberland major building
Tyrley Castle Tirley Staffordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ullerswood Ullersford; Ullenwood; Uttersford; Ullerwood; Ullerwada; Ullerwda; Castlewood; Bollin; Oversleyford Cheshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Upper Buckton Farm Mound, Buckton Herefordshire earthwork
Upper Gwarthlow Motte Brompton and Rhiston Shropshire earthwork
Upper Lye Camp Wood Mound Herefordshire earthwork
Upper Pedwardine, Brampton Bryan Upper Penwardine Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Upper Slaughter Castle Home Farm Gloucestershire earthwork
Uppingham Castle Hill Rutland earthwork
Upton Castle, Lewannick Cornwall masonry ruins/remnants
Upton Court Ringwork, Upton Bishop Castle Tump; Blackwall Field Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Upton upon Severn Castle Worcestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Urishay Castle, Peterchurch Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Vowchurch Poston Mill Motte Lower Park Wood Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wacton; The Court Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wadenhoe Castle Close Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Wakefield Lowe Hill Clarence Park; Law Hill; Low Hill; Lawe Hill; Thornes Yorkshire earthwork
Waldron Middle Wood Moat Sussex earthwork
Walelege Herefordshire uncertain
Walford Motte Herefordshire earthwork
Walkern Bury Bassus Green Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wallingford Castle castellum Walingafordense; Walingef'; Walingeforde Berkshire masonry footings
Walterstone Motte Walterston Herefordshire earthwork
Walton on the Hill, Leatherhead Court Ditch Surrey earthwork
Warden Castle Northumberland earthwork
Wareham Castle Warham Dorset earthwork
Warfield Bank Hopton Motte Shropshire earthwork
Wark on Tweed Castle Carham; Carrum; Werke Sup Twedam; Castelli de Werc Northumberland earthwork
Wark on Tyne Castle Moat Hill; Mote Hill Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Warkworth Castle Warcorthe; Werkeurda; Wercwrth; Werkewrda Northumberland major building
Warrington Mote Hill Moat Hill; The Mount Lancashire no visible
Warwick Castle Mota de Warewich Warwickshire major building
Washingley Hall Farm Huntingdonshire earthwork
Waytemore Castle, Bishops Stortford Weytemore; Storteford; Estorteford Hertfordshire masonry footings
Weedon Lois Castle Mound Lois Weedon; Wedone; Weedon Pinkney; Weedon St Loys; Loys Weedon Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Week St Mary Castle Hill St Mary-Week; Kinnick Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Welbourn Castle Hill Welbourne Lincolnshire earthwork
Well and Chapel Woods, Watton Danesfield Hertfordshire earthwork
Welton le Marsh Castle Hill Hanby Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wem Castle Alleys Hill; Haly; Walls; Wemme Shropshire earthwork
Weobley Castle Wibelay; Weobly Herefordshire earthwork
West Dean Wiltshire earthwork
West Derby Castle Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
West Felton Motte Shropshire earthwork
West Hall Motte, Kingwater Tin Castle Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
West Woodhay Motte Woodhay Oseville Berkshire earthwork
Weston Jones Motte Staffordshire earthwork
Weston Park, Saintbury Gloucestershire earthwork
Weston Turville; The Mount West Turville; Weston Molyns; Manor House Buckinghamshire earthwork
Weston under Redcastle; The Mount Weston and Wixhill under Redcastle; Killyards Shropshire earthwork
Weston Underwood moated site Weston by Laundene Buckinghamshire earthwork
Whattal; The Castle Crose Mere; Stocgete; Stockett; Kenwick Park Shropshire earthwork
Wheldrake Coldric; Queldric; Qweldric; Queldrike; Queldrik Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Whitchurch Castle Hill Album Monasterium; Blancminster; Blanc Mouster; Blancmustier; Weston Shropshire no visible
Whitehouse Camp, Michaelchurch Escley Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Whitney Castle Herefordshire no visible
Whitsburn Hill Shropshire earthwork
Whittington Castle Castle of Roger de Powis; White Tower; Witinton Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Whittington Motte Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
Whitwick Castle, Coalville Whitewyk; Witewich Leicestershire earthwork
Whitwood Ferry Hill Fairy Mount; Fairies Hill; Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Whorlton Castle Potto; Hwernelton; Wernelton; Wherlton; Cerveltune; Ferneltun Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Widford Barrow Hill Hertfordshire earthwork
Widworthy Castle Hill Devonshire earthwork
Wigmore Castle Wigemore; Wygemore Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wigmore Green Hill Herefordshire earthwork
Wilcott Castle Mound Shropshire earthwork
Wilderley Hall Farm Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Willaston Castle Mound Wooliston Shropshire earthwork
Wilmington; The Mount Shropshire earthwork
Wilton Castle, Bridstow Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wimborne Mound The Leaze; Barrow Pool Shallow Dorset cropmark/slight earthwork
Winchcombe Castle Winchcomb; Ivy Castle; Winchelcomam Gloucestershire no visible
Winchester Castle Wintoniae Hampshire and the Isle of Wight major building
Windsor Castle Windesores; Wildesore; Windlesores Berkshire major building
Wing Castle Hill Buckinghamshire earthwork
Winkleigh Court Castle Devonshire earthwork
Winkleigh Croft Castle Devonshire earthwork
Winsbury Castle Mound Shropshire no visible
Wisbech Castle Wisbeach; Wisbich Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely no visible
Witham Blunts Hall Essex earthwork
Withern Castle Hill Lincolnshire earthwork
Wollaston Beacon Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Wollaston Ceasers Camp The Moat; Little Woolaston; Willaveston Parva Shropshire earthwork
Wollaston Mount Woolaston Shropshire earthwork
Wolverton Old Wolverton Church; Wulverington Buckinghamshire earthwork
Wood Walton Castle Hill Woodwalton Huntingdonshire earthwork
Woodbrook, Kington Woodville Herefordshire masonry footings
Woodford Wood Motte, Milton Damerel Milton Damerell; Milton Damarel Devonshire earthwork
Woodgarston, Wootton St Lawrence Woodcastle; Monk Sherborne; Castle of the Wood; Castellum de Silva Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Woodhead Castle, Great Casterton Woodhead Moat; Wodeheved; Wodheved Rutland masonry footings
Woodstock Palaces Everswell; Wudestok Wodestok Oxfordshire no visible
Wooler Castle Northumberland earthwork
Woolstaston Castle Bank Shropshire earthwork
Woonton Castle, Almeley Cockshute Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wootton Wawen Warwickshire earthwork
Worcester Castle Wigorn'; Wygornia; Wirecestre Worcestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Worksop Castle Hill Wyrkesoppe Nottinghamshire earthwork
Wormegay Castle Wormgay Norfolk earthwork
Worsley Castle Hill All Stretton Shropshire earthwork
Wotherton Castle Mound Shropshire earthwork
Wrangle Kings Hill Lincolnshire earthwork
Wroxeter Castle Arundel Castle; Hall Orchard Shropshire no visible
Wymondham Moot Hill Moot Hill in Gristlewood Norfolk earthwork
Wymondley Castle Great Wymondley Hertfordshire earthwork
Yafforth Howe Hill Jaford; Iaford Yorkshire earthwork
Yielden Castle Yelden; Yeldon; Giuelden; Yielding Bedfordshire earthwork
Yockleton; The Mount Shropshire earthwork
York Baile Hill The Old Baile; Baille Hill Yorkshire earthwork
York Castle Cliffords Tower; Turris de Euerwich'; Eboraci Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Yoxall Town Hill Staffordshire earthwork
Abbey Flatts Flatts Cop Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Abbot's Hall mound, Aylsham Norfolk earthwork
Abcott earthwork Shropshire earthwork
Abingdon, Serpenhills Shippon; Northcourt Berkshire no visible
Adforton Motte Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Akenham Whitton; The Island; Rise Hall Suffolk earthwork
Alchester; The Castle Auldchester Oxfordshire uncertain
Aldbrough 'castle' Aldeburgo Yorkshire no visible
Aldburgh Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Alderton Dixton Hill Gloucestershire earthwork
Alderton Motte Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Altrincham Mound Cheshire earthwork
Alvanley Cheshire no visible
Ampthill Park motte Bedfordshire no visible
Amsbury Wood Enclosure, Coxheath Hunton Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Anchor Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Anstey Hales Farm Hales Hill Hertfordshire earthwork
Appledore Castle Apledore Kent no visible
Ardeley Bury moated site Hertfordshire earthwork
Arthur's Castle King Arthur's Round Table Westmorland earthwork
Ashley Castle Hill Staffordshire earthwork
Ashleys Copse, Nether Wallop Buckholt; Popple Light Copse Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Aslackby Castle Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Aspatria Castle Castlemont; Castlesteads; Hall Banks Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Aston Ingham Newhouse Farm Herefordshire earthwork
Aston Rogers Pond House Pound House Shropshire earthwork
Ayleford Cern Hill Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Badbury Bradbury Wiltshire uncertain
Badbury, Wimborne Badbury Rings Dorset earthwork
Badger Slade Earthwork Staffordshire uncertain
Badminston Plantation Mound Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Balbecs Castle, Medmenham Bolebecs Castle; Bolbeck; Bullbank's; Bulbek; Bulbank Buckinghamshire no visible
Bampton; The Mount Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bank Farm Mound Newbold Shropshire uncertain
Bannister Green Quakers Mount Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Barforth Chapel Garth Old Richmond; Barford Durham earthwork
Barkhale Camp Barkshale Wood Sussex no visible
Barling Magna Brimstone Hill Essex earthwork
Barnby Howe Lythe Beacon Yorkshire earthwork
Barnwell earthwork Barnwell St Andrew Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Barrow Hill, Chaddesley Corbett Worcestershire earthwork
Barrowfield, Great Amwell Gallows Plain Hertfordshire earthwork
Barton Castle, Wield Barton Copse Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Bawdon Castle Leicestershire no visible
Bayford Castle castle ruffe; bavord; Goodmanston; Goodneston; Godewynston Kent no visible
Bayford Court Kent earthwork
Bedstone Castle Ditches Shropshire earthwork
Beighton Castle Castlesteads Yorkshire no visible
Belford Chapel of St Mary Chapel Crag Northumberland masonry footings
Belford Westhall Motte Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Belsars Hill, Willingham Belassise; Alrehede Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Benson Bensington Oxfordshire no visible
Bentham Moor Motte Faccon Farm; Fackon House Yorkshire earthwork
Berrowhill Farm mound, Feckenham Redditch Worcestershire no visible
Berry Ring, Billington Bury Ring Staffordshire earthwork
Bessingham Moat Yard The Castle; Moatyards; Basingham Norfolk earthwork
Betw Hawkswood Mouse Castle 2 Herefordshire earthwork
Bevois Mount Bevois Hill; Sir Bevoys Hill; Padwell Hill Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Bewick Tup Hill Aldeburgo Yorkshire earthwork
Bicton; The Isle Rossal Castle; Little Rosshall Shropshire earthwork
Bideford Castle Park Enclosure Devonshire no visible
Birtle Castle Hill Lancashire no visible
Birtley Earthworks, Lingen Newton Herefordshire earthwork
Bishopstrow House Wiltshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Black Bourton Burtuna Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Blackawton; The Mount The Beacon; Oldstone Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Blacknor Castle Dorset no visible
Blakeney Mariners Hill Wellburgh Norfolk earthwork
Blaxton Pond o' the Hill Yorkshire no visible
Bloxham Upper Grove Mill Oxfordshire no visible
Blyth Blythe, Blithe, Blida Nottinghamshire no visible
Bocking Mill Hill Essex earthwork
Bollingham mound Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bolton Percy moot hill Nun Appleton Mote Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Borwick Motte Lancashire uncertain
Boulsdon Manor, Newent Boulesdon Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Braham Brame; Aldehede Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Brampton Stone Low Derbyshire earthwork
Braystones Brough Hill Braystanes; Feulow; Diamond Jubilee Tower Cumberland earthwork
Bredwardine Old Court Old Court Mound Herefordshire earthwork
Brent Pelham, Cole Green Hertfordshire earthwork
Bridlington Castleburn Castilburne Yorkshire no visible
Brierley Hallsteads Hall Steads; Grimethorpe; Willow Garth; Brereley Yorkshire earthwork
Brimmy Castle Broomy Castle Durham no visible
Brimpsfield 'Castle Hill' Nettleton Gloucestershire no visible
Brimpsfield Caudle Green Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Broadward Hall No. 2 Shropshire no visible
Brockhampton enclosure(s) Herefordshire no visible
Broughton Manby Wood mound, Lincolnshire Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Broughton, Hampshire Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Brownsover Warwickshire no visible
Buckerell Knap, Buckerell Devonshire uncertain
Buckton Castle Lancashire earthwork
Buckton Park Farm Mounds, Buckton Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Burcomb Wood, North Poorton Burcombe Dorset earthwork
Burf Castle Shropshire earthwork
Burgh Banks, Old Somerby Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Burgh by Sands Castle Burgh Castle; Speergarth Holes Cumberland no visible
Burgh Castle Field Suffolk earthwork
Burgh next Aylsham Hall Farm; Round Hill; Burgh Hill Norfolk earthwork
Burlough Castle Burghlow; Middleton; Milton; Burlow Sussex earthwork
Burlton Pic Hill Pickhill Shropshire no visible
Burton Bradstock Burton Castle Dorset no visible
Burton Court, Eardisland Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Burton Grove Farm Burtuna Wiltshire uncertain
Burton Upon Trent Castle Burt Staffordshire no visible
Bury Bank, Stone Bury Bank; Berry Bank; Darlaston; King Woulhers castel; Wulferecester Staffordshire earthwork
Bushy Knap, Buckerell Toot Hill Devonshire uncertain
Butlers Marston Round Hill Merston-Boteler Warwickshire earthwork
Callaly Old Hag Northumberland earthwork
Callow Castle Callow Hill; Hogstow Shropshire earthwork
Camberley mound The Knoll; Olddean Common Surrey no visible
Cans Shropshire uncertain
Castle Ashby; The Castle Asheby David; Asscheby Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Castle Bottoms, Hartington Upper Quarter Derbyshire no visible
Castle Carrock Hallsteads Cumberland earthwork
Castle Carrock Jacobs Hill Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Crags Bampton Castle Crag; Mardale Westmorland uncertain
Castle Croft, Ninfield Rats Castle Sussex earthwork
Castle Floor, Markwell Lane East Waters Wood Cornwall earthwork
Castle Godwyn, Painswick Paradise Farm Gloucestershire earthwork
Castle Hill, Hindlip Smite Hill; Oldbury; Auld-berry; Coldharbour Farm Worcestershire uncertain
Castle of Croydone Castle of Croydon Gloucestershire no visible
Castle Rising Keepers Wood Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Rough Shropshire earthwork
Castle Rough, Sittingbourne Milton Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Castleber Warcop Westmorland no visible
Castleford Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Castrum Dheriam Sussex uncertain
Caswell Moat, Leominster Castle Moat Herefordshire no visible
Catthorpe Leicestershire uncertain
Cavendish Colt's Hall Suffolk uncertain
Cayl Castle Kayle Castle; Castle Cayle; Castellum Treclysten Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Caynham Camp Caynham Castle; Kainsham; Kensham; Kaynham; Caiholme Shropshire earthwork
Cerne Cernei Dorset uncertain
Chaddleworth, Woolley Farm Mitchell Copse, Wooley Farm; Woolley Castle Berkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Chalgrave 2 Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Chesterton Mound Huntingdonshire earthwork
Chesterton under Lyme Staffordshire no visible
Chesterton Walls Shropshire earthwork
Cheswardine Castle Ditches Castle Ditches Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Chickward Mound 1 Chirkward 1 Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Chickward Mound 2 Chirkward 2 Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Chippenham; The Rookery Rookery Bowl Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Churchill; The Mount Oxfordshire earthwork
Clanfield Earthwork Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Claydon Hall Suffolk earthwork
Clements Farm Mound, Miserden Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Cliffe mound Betty Watson's Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Clifton Motte Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Clothall Castle Hertfordshire earthwork
Coates Castle Sussex uncertain
Cockyard Tump, Abbey Dore Herefordshire earthwork
Coddington Mud Hill Cheshire earthwork
Cole's Tump Condie Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Coleshill Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Colmworth Manor and 'Motte' Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Colstey Castle Field Shropshire no visible
Combs, Jacks Grove Suffolk earthwork
Coneyside Cop Cop Spur Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Corsham Hartham Park; Biddlestone Wiltshire earthwork
Coughton Danes Bank Cappa Hill; Clappers Hill Warwickshire earthwork
Coupland Bridge 2 Copeland Westmorland earthwork
Cowdray Park, Easebourne Loves Farm mound Sussex earthwork
Cradley Rough Hill Wood Mound Rough Hill Wood Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Creeting Hall moat Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Cregou Malpas Cornwall earthwork
Cricklade 'castle' Wiltshire no visible
Crosby on Eden 'motte' Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Crowdecote Dove Mount Crowdycote; Crowdicote; Castle Field Derbyshire no visible
Croxall Staffordshire earthwork
Crundles Farm, Kidderminster Foreign Lightmarsh Farm Worcestershire earthwork
Culcheth Culchet; Chulch Lancashire no visible
Curry Mallet Manor Mallet Castle Somerset no visible
Danesbury, Hertford Warren Field; Port Hill Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Darlaston Staffordshire no visible
Dartington Ringwork Staverton Ford Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Daventry Burnt Walls Les Brendewalles Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Denton Hall Denton Tower; Turris de Denton juxta Hawtwisill Cumberland major building
Desford Castle Leicestershire no visible
Diggets Wood Mound Herefordshire no visible
Dilwyn Little Stocking Herefordshire no visible
Dilwyn South of Windsor Cottages Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Dinmore Preceptory Dynmore Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ditchley Park Round Clump Oxfordshire earthwork
Doddington Shropshire uncertain
Dogsthorpe Honey Hill Bluebell Hill; The Nab Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Dothill moat Shropshire no visible
Down Castle Puddington Bottom Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Drakestone Point, Stinchcombe Dursley; Durslea Gloucestershire earthwork
Draughton Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Dundon Beacon, Compton Dundon Somerset earthwork
Eardisley; The Camp Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Earthwork east of St Helen's Well Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
East Farndon Moot Hill Hall Close Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Eastbach Court Castle Hill Gloucestershire no visible
Easthampstead Wooden Hill Woodenhill Berkshire no visible
Eaton Camp, Eaton Bishop Herefordshire earthwork
Eden Hall Tower, Peterlee Little Eden; Chapel Hill; Chappel Hill; Turris de Parva Eden Durham no visible
Edgton Castle Ring Shropshire earthwork
Egglescliffe Castleholmes Castle Holm; Castelholme Durham no visible
Egglescliffe; The Devils Hill Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Ellenthorpe Castle Banks Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ellington Thorpe Lodge Sibthorpe Huntingdonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ellisfield Castle Ellisfield Camp Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Elmton Castle Camp Hill; Deincourt castle Derbyshire no visible
Elsewick, Durham Northumberland no visible
Elvastone, Harewood Everstone; Elverstone; Petite Haute; Petty Hought Herefordshire no visible
Embleton Hall Bank Motte Rudd Beck Cumberland no visible
Emmas Grove, Coberley Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Enton's Coppice Ewekene's Copse Surrey earthwork
Exmouth 'Danish' Fort Exanmouth Devonshire earthwork
Fairseat Hall Wood Kent earthwork
Farewell Mill Farm Staffordshire earthwork
Farley Hill Place mound Berkshire earthwork
Fenham Tower and Castle Fenham Mill Northumberland earthwork
Finningham Cromwells Plantation Stoland Abbey Suffolk earthwork
Finstock mound Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Flamborough Beacon Farm Flamboro' Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Fowberry Castle Hill, Chatton Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Foxes Knoll Northumberland earthwork
Fozy Moss moated site Northumberland earthwork
Freeborough Hill Freebrough; Freebro; Freeburg Yorkshire earthwork
Frizington motte Cumberland no visible
Froxton Wood Castle Froxston Castle Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Ganarew Little Doward Camp; Genoreu; Goronw Herefordshire uncertain
Gannocks Castle, Tempsford Bedfordshire earthwork
Garnstone Motte Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Garthorpe Motte Leicestershire uncertain
Garway Hill Common Enclosure Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Gentlemans Folley, West Lavington Littleton Pannell Wiltshire earthwork
Giles Farm mound, Belbroughton Worcestershire no visible
Gipping Hill Farm Suffolk no visible
Gisborough Castle and Priors House Giseburghe; Guisborough; Wars Field; Fair Field Yorkshire no visible
Givendale Manor House Gindene Yorkshire earthwork
Glastonbury; The Mound Beckery Mound Somerset no visible
Glazeley Shropshire earthwork
Gleaston, Yorkshire Yorkshire uncertain
Godsborough near Abbotsham Goodborough Castle; Godborough Castle; Kenwith Castle; Kenwic Castle Devonshire earthwork
Godstone Castle Hill Surrey earthwork
Golden Camp Cornwall earthwork
Golden Parsonage, Great Gaddesden Hertfordshire earthwork
Goodrich Elliots Wood Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Grantham Castle Lincolnshire no visible
Gravel Castle Kent no visible
Great Barford; The Creakers Renhold 2 Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Great Bedwyn Great Bedwin Wiltshire no visible
Great Cornard Abbas Hall Wood Suffolk earthwork
Great Finborough Devils Hill Suffolk earthwork
Great Hunthouse Mound, Longtown Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Great Ilford Lavender Mount Uphall Camp Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Great Kimble Dial Hill Buckinghamshire earthwork
Great Moreton Hall Cheshire no visible
Great Munden Roughground Wood; Levens Green Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Green Castle, Dun Fell Greencastle, Dunfell Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Greeny Castle, Dean Green Castle; Glebe Field Cumberland earthwork
Gringley on the Hill; Beacon Hill Beach Hill Nottinghamshire earthwork
Grosmont Castle, Kentchurch Herefordshire earthwork
Grove Castle Hill Nottinghamshire no visible
Habberley Lawn Farm Ringwork Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hagley, Chirbury Shropshire uncertain
Halesowen 'motte' Hasbury Worcestershire no visible
Hallbankgate Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Hambledon; The Tolt The Tote, Hydon Hill Surrey uncertain
Hampden Grims Ditch mounds Oaken Grove Buckinghamshire earthwork
Hampton Lovett mound Worcestershire no visible
Hamstead Marshall 2 Berkshire earthwork
Harescombe Castle Horescombe; Castellum de Havyscombe prope Paynynswicke Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Harlow Mill Latton; Stanegrove Hill Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Harris Tump, Walford Herefordshire earthwork
Harthill Moor Castle Ring Derbyshire earthwork
Hartlebury enclosure Worcestershire earthwork
Hartley 'settlement' Westmorland uncertain
Hatch Court, Hatch Beauchamp Hach Beauchamp; Hache Somerset no visible
Haughmond Hill Camp Haughmond Castle Shropshire earthwork
Haughton Rectory Staffordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hawes Bridge Bodelford; Bothelford Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Hawkers Hall Norfolk earthwork
Hawkstone Park Farm Mound Shropshire earthwork
Haxey Axey; Axel; Axholme Lincolnshire no visible
Hayton How Hill The How Cumberland no visible
Headswood Newton Walton Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Healaugh Hall Garth Hele Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Healy, near Eccleshall Staffordshire uncertain
Heath and Reach, Craddocks Field Craddocks Camp Bedfordshire no visible
Hedon Twyers Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Hem Ring Rea Shropshire earthwork
Hewelsfield Castle A Buff Gloucestershire no visible
High Brunton Mound Northumberland no visible
High Cross Westmorland uncertain
High Haume, Dalton in Furness High Haulme; Hougun Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
High Mains Denton Mains Cumberland no visible
High Woolaston Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Higham Gobion, Fishery The Camp Bedfordshire earthwork
Highland Wapley Hill Camp Herefordshire earthwork
Highmoat; The Mote ffergus grame, High Moat; Liddale; Liddel Moat; ye mote Cumberland no visible
Hilborough Motte Hilburgh Norfolk no visible
Hillersdon Devonshire earthwork
Hindley Castle Hill Lancashire no visible
Hockliffe Manor Bedfordshire earthwork
Hockwold Cum Wilton Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Hoddesdon Bury Cock Lane mound Broxbornebury Park; Hoddesdonbury Hertfordshire earthwork
Holme Cultram Abbey Hulm Cumberland earthwork
Holme Lacy earthworks manerio de Hamme; Home Lacy Herefordshire earthwork
Holtye Mote Field Sussex no visible
Holywell Castle Dyke Aunby Lincolnshire earthwork
Horningtoft Danish Camp Norfolk earthwork
Houghton Ice Hill Norfolk earthwork
How Gill Earthwork Howgill Cumberland no visible
Howe Tallon How Tallon Yorkshire earthwork
Huntingfield Ringwork Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Huntington Mound Lower Hengoed Herefordshire earthwork
Hurst Castle, Bradley Wood Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Huttons Ambo Huttons Colswain Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ickenham Manor Farm London and Middlesex earthwork
Ickford mound Buckinghamshire earthwork
Idbury Camp Oxfordshire earthwork
Ightham Court The Wilderness Kent earthwork
Ingarsby Monks Grave Leicestershire earthwork
Ipswich Castle Hill Suffolk no visible
Irthington Mill Newton nr Brampton; Newtown near Brampton Cumberland earthwork
Ivington Camp Herefordshire earthwork
Jay Bridge Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kemijack Kenidjack; Karnjek Cornwall earthwork
Kenardington Kennardington Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Kenchester Court Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kendal Castle Green Park mound Westmorland masonry footings
Kendal High Gravestone Field Round Hill; Birds Park Farm; Sedbergh Road Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kendal Round Hill Hall Garth Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kendal Vicarage Drive mound Kirkbarrow Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kenninghall East Hall Castle Yards; Candle Yards Norfolk earthwork
Kenwith Castle, Northam Kenwiths; Cynuit; Cynwit; Henny; Henney; Henniborough; Hennaborough; Henni-Castle Devonshire earthwork
Kershope Castle Kirshope; Gresshope; Gresshoppa; Carrshope Northumberland masonry footings
Kidbrooke Park, Forest Row Sussex earthwork
Killerby Castle Kilwardby; Kilwardeby; Killarby Yorkshire no visible
Kinderton Hall Cheshire cropmark/slight earthwork
King Stephen's Castle, Ospringe Judd Hill Kent no visible
Kings Sutton Rainsborough Camp; Charlton Camp Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Kingstone Castle Meadow Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kinsham; The Cott Herefordshire earthwork
Kinsham; The Hommes Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kinton Mound, Leintwardine Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kirk Smeaton Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Kirkwhelpington; The Fawns Castle Sawnes; Pele of Sawns; Fawnes Northumberland earthwork
Knarsdale Hall Northumberland no visible
Knaves Castle Staffordshire no visible
Knightlow Warwickshire uncertain
Lambley Round Hill Nottinghamshire earthwork
Lamplugh Motte Cumberland no visible
Langton Castle Yorkshire earthwork
Langton Motte Yorkshire earthwork
Launde Motte Leicestershire earthwork
Lavendon; The Bury Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lazencastle Wood Lasen Castle; Lazon; Glasson Leyson; Laysin Cumberland no visible
Lea Castle End Herefordshire no visible
Ledbury Wall Hill Camps; Ledebir Herefordshire earthwork
Leebotwood Castle Hill Woolstaston; Lebotwood Shropshire earthwork
Legsby; The Mount Bleasby Lincolnshire earthwork
Leigh Drummers; The Castle Drummers Castle Dorset earthwork
Lemore Martins Castle, Eardisley La More; Lenmore; Walelege Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Letton Mound Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lew mound Berkshire earthwork
Lewes; The Mount The Calvary Sussex earthwork
Lichfield Castle Castrum Lichesfeldenfe Staffordshire no visible
Lime Copse, Froxfield Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Lindridge Castle Meadow Worcestershire uncertain
Lingen Oldcastle Wood Herefordshire no visible
Linglands Castle, Cloughton Linglands Farm; Castlebeck Yorkshire no visible
Linley Mound, More Shropshire earthwork
Little Camp Hill, Lydney Outpost Gloucestershire earthwork
Little Hadham, North of Hadham Hall Hertfordshire earthwork
Little Sampford Moat Essex earthwork
Littlehempston motte and bailey Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Liversedge Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Longnor mound Shropshire earthwork
Low Dinsdale Howe Hill Yorkshire no visible
Lower Castleton Moat, Ocle Pychard Castleton Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lower Hyde Moat Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lower Oddington motte Gloucestershire no visible
Ludstone Hall Moated site Shropshire earthwork
Lydbury North; The Firs Shropshire earthwork
Lyneham Clack Mount Bradenstone Wiltshire earthwork
Lyneham Hillock Wood Wiltshire no visible
Lyonshall Quarrywood Motte Lewis Wych; Lewis Witch Herefordshire no visible
Mackworth Castle Markeaton Derbyshire masonry ruins/remnants
Magdalen Laver mound Essex earthwork
Maiden Castle Motte, Old Durham Durham no visible
Maiden Hill Castle Cumberland no visible
Maldon Mountfield mound Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Mappercombe Manor, Nettlecombe Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Marchamley Moat Bank Shropshire earthwork
Markington Yorkshire earthwork
Marshalls House mound, Romford Essex no visible
Martley Castle Hill Worcestershire uncertain
Marton Peel Tower Hall stede Lancashire no visible
Mary le Bone Hill, Sandwich Manwood Road; Marrowbone Hill Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Meadowtown Shropshire earthwork
Melbourne Castle 'earthworks' Derbyshire earthwork
Melton Mowbray 'castle' Leicestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Melton Mowbray; The Mount The Mound Leicestershire earthwork
Merton Park enclosure Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Mickle Howe, Ebberston Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Middleton Castle Farm Youlgreave; Fulwood's Castle Derbyshire no visible
Middleton Hall Castle Hill Northumberland earthwork
Milby Yorkshire no visible
Millend Farm Enclosure, Castle Frome Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Milton Castle Hill Place Name Cheshire no visible
Milton House Mound, Shobdon Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Montem Mound, Upton-cum-Chalvey Salt Hill; Salts Hill; Sol's Hill Buckinghamshire earthwork
Moreswood mound Shropshire earthwork
Motslow Hill, Stoneleigh Matslow Hill Warwickshire earthwork
Mound North of Clifford Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mound South West of Walterstone Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mount Caburn Camp, Glynde Sussex earthwork
Munslow Motte Shropshire no visible
Mursley Mount Pleasant Field Buckinghamshire earthwork
Nant y Glasdr, Cusop Nant y glas dwr Farm Herefordshire no visible
Nass Point Gloucestershire no visible
Navestock Slades Essex earthwork
Ness, Hinton Gloucestershire no visible
Nether Broughton Leicestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Nether Whitacre Windmill Hill Warwickshire earthwork
Neves Castle Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Nevington Mount Ephraim Kent earthwork
New Bield, Heslerton Yorkshire earthwork
New Inn, Stoborough, Arne Dorset cropmark/slight earthwork
Newbold on Avon Warwickshire no visible
Newburgh Priory, The Mount Yorkshire earthwork
Newbury Castle castrum Neubiriae Berkshire no visible
Newington Kent uncertain
Newsholme, Wressle Warp Farm Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Newton Longville Hangmans Hill Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Normanby Yorkshire uncertain
North Charlton Castle Close Northumberland no visible
Northwich Castle Hill Cheshire no visible
Norton, Little Haugh Hill Suffolk earthwork
Nuthampstead; The Warren Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Oakhill Castle Ring Oak Hill Shropshire earthwork
Oare Common, Hermitage Chieveley, Chievely Berkshire uncertain
Ockley Surrey cropmark/slight earthwork
Ogbourne St Andrew Wiltshire earthwork
Old Buckenham Ice Hill Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Old Hunstanton Old Church Mound Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Oldbury Camp, Hartshill Warwickshire earthwork
Oldfields Mound Shropshire earthwork
Oswestry; The Mount Ringwork Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Oswinthorpe Osmondthorpe Yorkshire no visible
Overbury Farm, Woolhope Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Owls, Rusper The Castle; Owlscastle Farm; Hawkesbourne Farm; Kingsfold; Kyngesfold Sussex earthwork
Oxton Moorfield Mount Nottinghamshire uncertain
Pamphill, Abbott Street Wood Dorset cropmark/slight earthwork
Papcastle Pabcastre; Papscastle; Pipards; Pipers; Palme Cumberland no visible
Parwich; The Castle Derbyshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Patterdale Old Castle Grassthwaite Howe; Grassthwaitehow Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Paull Holme Motte Paulholme Yorkshire uncertain
Peel Hall Motte Cheshire no visible
Pelynt Bake Rings Pellynt Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Pembridge Church of St Mary Belfry Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Penley Copse, Isnage Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Pennington Eller Barrow Coninger Wood; Ella-barrow Lancashire earthwork
Peterchurch, mound east of River Dore Herefordshire masonry footings
Piercebridge Carlbury Durham earthwork
Pilsdon Pillesden; Pillesdon Dorset earthwork
Pilton Mound Morcott Spinney Rutland earthwork
Plastre Tump Herefordshire no visible
Portbury Mound Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Portingbury Hills Beggarshall Coppice Essex earthwork
Poulton Lancelyn Poulton Hall Cheshire no visible
Prittlewell Camp Pritwell; Fossets Mounds, Smithers Farm; The Look Out Essex earthwork
Quedgeley Manor Gloucestershire earthwork
Radford Semele Warwickshire uncertain
Radmore Red Moor; Redmoor; Redmoore; Rademore; Ann's Well in Court Bank's Covert; Courtbanks Covert Staffordshire earthwork
Radstock Round Hill The Roundhill Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Ratcliffe Culey Leicestershire earthwork
Ratlinghope Castle Ring Shropshire earthwork
Ravenstone Moat Westmorland no visible
Raylees Castle Hill Northumberland earthwork
Redisham Mill Mount Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Reigate Priory Park mound, Surrey cropmark/slight earthwork
Rennesley Garden Wood, Hertfordshire Rennesley Gardenwood; Wadesmill; Standon Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Repton; The Buries Derbyshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ridgmont Castle Hill Rugemont Castle Bedfordshire no visible
Ripon Ailey Hill and All-hallows Hill Ailcy Hill; Hilshow; Ilshow; Helsey Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Rise Mote Hill Moat Hill; Blackhall Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Robin Hood's Butt, Clapham Yorkshire earthwork
Rochester Boley Hill Bullie Hill; Bully; Bulley Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Rockhill Shropshire earthwork
Romsley Castle Hill Great Castle Hill Worcestershire no visible
Rorrington Castle Ring Gorsty Bank Shropshire earthwork
Rose Castle La Rose; La Roos Cumberland major building
Rothbury Hurley Knowles Northumberland earthwork
Rotherfield Castle Hill Sussex no visible
Rotherfield Greys mound Oxfordshire earthwork
Rougham mound Suffolk earthwork
Roundbury Linkinhorne Cornwall earthwork
Rowley Hill, Sturmer Essex earthwork
Roxton Palaceyard Wood Plash Yard Wood Bedfordshire earthwork
Roxton Round Hill Bedfordshire earthwork
Ruardean Castle Ruardyn Gloucestershire masonry footings
Rugby Hall Place Rokeby; Hawle Place; Sir Henry Rokebye's castle Warwickshire no visible
Rugby; The Island Warwickshire earthwork
Rushton Gaultney; Galclint; Galchlin Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough uncertain
Rydal Mound The Mount Westmorland earthwork
Sandon; The Mount Hertfordshire earthwork
Saunderton St Mary Manor, Bledlow Cum Saunderton Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Saxon's Low, Tittensor Common Hangman's Low; Saxons' Lowe Staffordshire earthwork
Scottow Castle Norfolk no visible
Scoulton Moat Common Hill; Cobbled Meadow Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Scoulton Motte Norfolk no visible
Scraptoft; The Mount Leicestershire earthwork
Seagrave Manor Leicestershire earthwork
Selling Perry Wood Perrywood; Pulpit Kent earthwork
Severn Stoke mound Worcestershire earthwork
Seymour's Mount, Steppingley Seymour's Clump Bedfordshire earthwork
Sharnbrook Castle Close Gibbards Wood; Tricket Bury Bedfordshire earthwork
Sharp Howe Sheep Howe; Sharpe Howe Yorkshire earthwork
Shelswell Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Sherburn in Elmet Castle Hill Sherborne Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Shifnal Castle Farm Castell Blythbury; Eveleyghe Castell; Castell Evelith Shropshire no visible
Shifnal Castle Hills Shifnall Shropshire earthwork
Shifnal Moat Shifnall; Idsall Shropshire no visible
Shobdon 2 Easthampton Herefordshire uncertain
Shobdon Court Mound, Shobdon Park Herefordshire no visible
Shoreham Sussex no visible
Sibbertoft Moot Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Silbury Hill Selburie Wiltshire earthwork
Skelbrook Castle Hill Skelbrooke Yorkshire no visible
Skelwith Pull Beck Redding Coppice Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
Skew Hill mote-hill Skew Bank; Grinsdale Camp Cumberland no visible
Soudley Camp East Dean Gloucestershire earthwork
South Middleton Moor Middleton Dean Northumberland earthwork
Southoe Town Orchard Southhoe Huntingdonshire earthwork
Sowerby Pudding Pie Hill Yorkshire earthwork
St Erth Carhangives; Carnhangibes; Carnabeggas Cornwall no visible
St Margarets Mound Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
St Mary Cray Hockenden Birch Wood Kent uncertain
St Mary Cray; The Mount Kent no visible
Stang Howe, near Hinderwell Yorkshire earthwork
Staplehurst Castle Bank (Frittenden, Knox Bridge in error); Knocks Bridge Castle; Nocks Bridge Castle Kent earthwork
Steeple Essex no visible
Stocksfield Round Hill Mote Hill Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Stockton on the Forest Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Stoke Court cropmark, Stoke Prior Worcestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stoke Prior, Humber In Castle Croft Herefordshire no visible
Stone Barton Ringwork Devonshire earthwork
Stoney Littleton Wellow Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Stoneyhurst mounds Stonyhurst; Whalley Lancashire earthwork
Storwood Wheldrake; Thornton; Storthwaite; Hall Hills Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stourpaine Parsonage Farm Dorset cropmark/slight earthwork
Stourton Park Hill Wiltshire earthwork
Stowe Shropshire earthwork
Stowey Castle, Stowey Sutton Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Strelley mound Nottinghamshire earthwork
Suncastre Pandal Wood; Pandole Wood; Surecastre Essex earthwork
Sutton upon Derwent Giants Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Sutton Walls Sutton Castle; Offa's Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Sutton, Bussock Woods Suffolk earthwork
Swarth Howe Swarthoue; Penny Howe Yorkshire earthwork
Swine Giants Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Tanfield, Magdalen Field L'ermitage Yorkshire masonry footings
Tanworth The Mount, Cheswick Green; Shirley Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tebay Greenholme Castle Howe, Lower Greenholme Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Tewkesbury Queen Margarets Camp Gloucestershire earthwork
The Devil's Spittle Fall Devil's Spittleful; Devil's Spadeful Worcestershire earthwork
The Roundabouts Shropshire earthwork
The Yoder Yoden; Quarry Hills Durham earthwork
Thimbleby Rough Haw Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Thirstly Belt Rendlesham Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Thorp Arch Castle Hill Thorpe Arch; Castle of De Arches Yorkshire no visible
Thorpe Heslay Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Throston mound Durham no visible
Thurgarton Castle Hill Nottinghamshire no visible
Thurlaston Mound Blue Boar Farm Mound Warwickshire earthwork
Tich Barrow Tichbarrow; Tites-Burchdon Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Tickenham Court enclosure Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Topclyve Lincolnshire uncertain
Torside Castle, Charlesworth Harrop Moss; Glossop Derbyshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tottingworth Enclosure Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Town Kelloe Castle Hill Kellaw Durham uncertain
Towneley Castle Hill Lancashire uncertain
Tracey Castle, Bow Hilldown; Blue Violet Farm Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tredine Treryn Dinas; Treen Dinas; Giant's Castle Cornwall earthwork
Trevase, Tretire with Michaelchurch Herefordshire no visible
Troston Mount, Honington Suffolk earthwork
Tunstal Durham uncertain
Turtle Hill, Harpham Moor Kelk Yorkshire no visible
Tushingham Bell o' th' Hill Cheshire no visible
Uffington Dragon Hill Berkshire earthwork
Undley Ringwork Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Up Sydling Croft's Down Dorset no visible
Upper Arley castle field Bank Farm Worcestershire uncertain
Upper Brompton Farm mound Shropshire uncertain
Upper Broughton Castle Hill Crugyn; Criggion Bank Shropshire no visible
Upper Denton Moat Over Denton Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Veryan Ringarounds Gwendra, Veryan Castle Cornwall earthwork
Violet Grange mound Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wainfleet Castle Hill Lincolnshire no visible
Waldron Selwyns Wood Greenvale Farm Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Walpole St Peter Norfolk no visible
Wambrook Castle Somerset no visible
Wantisden Cumberlands Mount Staverton Park; Comwells Mount; Caesar's Camp Suffolk earthwork
Warningcamp siege castle Batworth Park Sussex earthwork
Watch Hill mote-hill Cumberland no visible
Wavendon Buckinghamshire earthwork
Weardale House Mound, St John's Chapel Snap; Ireshopeburn Durham earthwork
Week Orchard Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Weeting Castle Weting Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Welcombe Castle Hill, Stratford Upon Avon Temple Hill Warwickshire earthwork
Welshampton mound Welch Hampton Shropshire earthwork
Welshwood Farm, Brilley Walelege Herefordshire no visible
Wendover Castle Ditches Buckinghamshire no visible
Werglodd Tump, SE of Llancillo Court Herefordshire no visible
West Tanfield, Binsoe Hill Yorkshire earthwork
West Tisted Manor Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
West Wycombe Ringwork Buckinghamshire earthwork
Westnewton Castle Newton Castle Cumberland earthwork
Whaddon mound Buckinghamshire no visible
Wheathampstead Castle Meadows; Creswell Farm Hertfordshire no visible
Whichford Castle Warwickshire earthwork
Whitehall Moat, Allhallows Cockbridge Cumberland earthwork
Whitewell Hall Hill Radun Park Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wightwick Motte Tilbury Camp; Campo de Tettenhall Staffordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wigmore Lodge Wood Mound Herefordshire earthwork
Wigmore Rolls Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wilderley Hill Picklescott Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Willey Castle Hill placename Shropshire no visible
Willingale Doe Willingdale; Torrells Hall Essex earthwork
Wilting Manor, Lower Norman Fort Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Wilting Manor, Upper Norman Fort Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Wimble Toot, Babcary Somerset earthwork
Wimpole mound Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Wincobank Yorkshire earthwork
Winslow Castle Winseslai Buckinghamshire no visible
Wissington Grange Wood Wiston Grange Suffolk earthwork
Wistanstow, The Grove enclosure Shropshire earthwork
Wodowbank Cop Caernarvon; Wotobank; Wodobank; Wodabank Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Woodchester Castle of the Wood; Castellum de Silva Gloucestershire no visible
Woodcott Danesgrove Enclosure Woodcote Ringwork Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Woodnesborough; The Mount Woodnesbeorb; Firtree Hill Kent no visible
Woodstock 'adulterine' castle Oxfordshire no visible
Woolston Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Wootton Berry Lane Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Worton Motte Over Worton Oxfordshire earthwork
Wouldham Shoulder of Mutton Wood Kent earthwork
Wragby Rout Yard Lincolnshire earthwork
Wyberts Castle, Wyberton Wells Slade Lincolnshire earthwork
Wynns Castle Pinxton Castle; Castle Wood; Wynn Castle Derbyshire earthwork
Yarlsber, Ingleton Yorkshire earthwork

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