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List of Seige Works in England

Temporary earthwork and timber fortifications built as a secure base and possibly temporary lordly base during the besieging of a castle or town. Siege works are often called siege castles, because of the similarity to earthwork castles, but their residential function was minimal. The distinct tendency to over emphasis military history means where there has been a recorded historical siege or battle earthworks of various sorts may be incorrectly attributed as siege works and particular caution is required when attributing a classification as a siege work.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Arundel siege castles Sussex uncertain
Bamburgh Siege Castle Malvoisin; Malveisin; Malueisin; novum castellum apud Bebbanburg Northumberland no visible
Berkhamsted Seigeworks Hertfordshire earthwork
Betw Hawkswood Mouse Castle 2 Herefordshire earthwork
Brightwell Bretewell Berkshire no visible
Bundington Siege Camp Bondington Northumberland no visible
Castle Cary Siege Work Somerset no visible
Corfe; The Rings Cromwell's Battery Dorset earthwork
Coventry siege castle Warwickshire no visible
Desborough Castle, High Wycombe Disborough; West Wycombe; The Roundabout; Wicumbe Buckinghamshire earthwork
Dunster Seige Work Somerset no visible
Durham City Church of St Giles Durham masonry footings
Exeter Danes Castle New Castle Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Godshill Castle Hill, Woodgreen Fordingbridge Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Great Somerford; The Mound The Mount Wiltshire earthwork
Hereford Cathedral Close, siege castle Herefordshire no visible
Holt Pond Motte, Blendworth Motley's Copse Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Huntingdon Mill Common Noui Cast' de Hunted' Huntingdonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Jews Mount and Mount Pelham Jewes mount Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lincoln siege-works Lincolnshire no visible
Lower Slaughter Church of St Mary Gloucestershire no visible
Ludlow Siege Works Shropshire no visible
Malmesbury Cams Hill Wiltshire earthwork
Malmesbury siege castles Malmesbiriae Wiltshire uncertain
Marchamley Moat Bank Shropshire earthwork
Panpudding Hill Pampudding Hill; Oldbury Shropshire earthwork
Pickering Beacon Hill Penny Howe Yorkshire earthwork
Pipe Aston Tump 2 Aston Tump 2 Herefordshire earthwork
Powderham Castle, Crondall Powder Castle Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Rochester Boley Hill Bullie Hill; Bully; Bulley Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Rochester siege castles Kent no visible
South Moreton Castle Berkshire earthwork
Southwell Minster siege work Nottinghamshire no visible
Steers Copse Mound, Bentley Bentley Castle Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Stephens Mount, Crowmarsh Crowmarsh Gifford; Stephens Castle Oxfordshire no visible
Wallingford east end of bridge Oxfordshire no visible
Wallingford siege castles Oxfordshire uncertain
Warningcamp siege castle Batworth Park Sussex earthwork
Winkleigh Croft Castle Devonshire earthwork
Worcester siege castle, Diglis Digley Worcestershire no visible
Worcester siege castle, Green Hill Worcestershire no visible
Worcester siege castle, West Bank Henwick's Hill; King Stephen's Mount Worcestershire no visible
Alderton Motte Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Bats Castle Croyden Hill Somerset uncertain
Bradfield Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Burpham; enclosure near The Burgh Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Rising Keepers Wood Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Cholsey Grange Cholsey Castle Berkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Cockhill, Patching Cock Hill Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Downton Castle Meadow Wiltshire no visible
Eardisland Monks Court Mound Herefordshire earthwork
East Chelborough Stake Farm Dorset cropmark/slight earthwork
Ford Castle, Sussex Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Hamstead Marshall 1–'siege' castle Berkshire earthwork
Ipswich Castle Hill Suffolk no visible
Lewisham Castle, Aldbourne Chase Wiltshire earthwork
Lilbourne Roundhill Hill Ground; Lilborune Gorse Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Lyminster seige castle Warningcamp; Pynham Sussex uncertain
Marston 'siegework' The Bank Warwickshire earthwork
Mound west of Wigmore Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Norwich Seigework Norfolk no visible
Plympton siege work Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rackham Bank Rackham Banks Sussex earthwork
Sandy seigework Bedfordshire uncertain
Shobdon Court Mound, Shobdon Park Herefordshire no visible
South Moreton 'siege work' Berkshire earthwork
St Osyth Seigework Essex uncertain
Wallingford St Peter's Church mound Berkshire uncertain
Wanborough seige castle Wiltshire uncertain
Westleton Heath earthworks Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Wigmore Green Hill Herefordshire earthwork
Wigmore Lodge Wood Mound Herefordshire earthwork
Wollaston Ceasers Camp The Moat; Little Woolaston; Willaveston Parva Shropshire earthwork
Worcester siege castle, Red Hill Digley Worcestershire cropmark/slight earthwork

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