A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of castles and fortified houses

List of Masonry Castles in England

These include castles designed from the outset to have masonry defences and timber castles where the fortifications or significant building have been replaced in stone. This includes all the classic castle types such as Shell Keep, Great Tower and bailey, Enclosure, Concentric castles etc. These are the buildings which are what are generally thought of as castles and are well described in many books, web sites etc. Masonry is stonework bounded with mortar or, in a few cases bedded with clay. A few castles have dry-stone walls, these are listed under timber castles, since the dry-stone walling basically requires a similar level of expense and skill as earthwork defences.
N.B. Some buildings, although called 'castle', are not usually accepted as being 'true' castles and these may be listed elsewhere such as under fortified manor house or tower house.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Abberley Castle Abbatsley; Aberle; Abbatisle; Abbotleye; Abbedeleye Worcestershire no visible
Acklam Motte Yorkshire earthwork
Alberbury Castle Abberbury; Fitzwarine Tower Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Alderton Ringwork Castle Mound; The Mount; Alderingtune Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Aldford Blobb Hill Cheshire earthwork
Aldingbourne Tote Copse Castle Sussex earthwork
Allington Castle Alington; Alintona Kent major building
Almondbury Castle Hill Almanberia Yorkshire earthwork
Alnwick Castle Alnewic; Aunewik' Northumberland major building
Alton Castle Alverton; Aulton Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Amberley Castle Aumberle; Amberle; Amburley Sussex major building
Ampthill Castle Amphill; Ampthil; Antehille Bedfordshire no visible
Anstey Castle Anstey Hall; Anestie; Anesty Hertfordshire masonry footings
Appleby Castle Appleby in Westmorland; Ceasers Tower; Appelbi; Apelbi Westmorland major building
Arundel Castle Harundel; Arundelle Sussex major building
Ascott d'Oilly Castle Ascot Doilly; Ascot d'Oilly; Ascott d'Oyley Oxfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Ascott under Wychwood 3 Ascot Doilly; Ascot d'Oilly; Ascott d'Oyley Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ashton Castle Lower Ashton Farm; Lower Ashton Camp Herefordshire earthwork
Askerton Castle Cumberland major building
Astley Castle Estleye; Ashley Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Audley Castle Hill Staffordshire earthwork
Axminster Devonshire no visible
Bamburgh Castle Bamborough; Bambrough; Bebanburgh; Bebbanburgh; Bamborrow; Baanburgo Northumberland major building
Bampton Ham Court Bampton Castle; Bampton in the Bush Oxfordshire major building
Banbury Castle Baneberi Oxfordshire no visible
Bardsey Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Barford St Michael Bereford Oxfordshire no visible
Barnard Castle Barney Castle; Bernard's Castle; Castelli Bernardi Durham major building
Barnstaple Castle Castle Green; Barnestapl' Devonshire earthwork
Barnwell Castle Barnwell St Andrew; Bernewell Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough major building
Bassingbourne, John of Gaunts House Bassingburn Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Baynard Castle, Cottingham Stuteville's Castle; Cotingham; Totingham; Coghingham Yorkshire earthwork
Baynards Castle Bainard; Baignard; Bainardus; Baignardus; turris Bainardi; York House; York Place London and Middlesex no visible
Beaudesert Castle, Henley The Mount; Beldesert; castellum suum de Bellodeserto Warwickshire earthwork
Beaumont Castle, Mixbury Oxfordshire earthwork
Bedford Castle castrum Bedefordie; castello de Bedford Bedfordshire masonry footings
Beeston Castle Castle of the Rock; Castle de Rupe Cheshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bellingham Castle Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Belvoir Castle Belver; Beluaco Leicestershire masonry footings
Benington Castle Bennington; The Lordship; Benyngton; Beningtuna; Turrim de Beninton' Hertfordshire masonry footings
Berkeley Castle Sharpness; Ness; Betthone; Berkelai; Barkley; Berkley Gloucestershire major building
Berkhamsted Castle Berkhampstead; Berkhamstead; Great Berkhamsted; Berchamstede; Berghhamsted Hertfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Berry Pomeroy Castle Devonshire major building
Berwick Castle The White Wall; Constable Tower Northumberland masonry footings
Beverstone Castle Beverston; Beverstane Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Bewcastle Castle Bueth; Belcastell; Beucastle; Boa; Bothe; Bowe; Bowcastle; Booth Caster; Bothecastre; Bothecastell; Beaucastle Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bishop Auckland Castle Akeland; Aukland Durham major building
Bishops Castle Lydbury Castle; Lydbury North; Lydney North; Lindeberinort; Ledebir; Newcastle; Y Trefysgob; Bissopescastle; Castrum Episcopi Shropshire masonry footings
Bishops Waltham Bishops Palace Wautham; Wantham Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Bitterne Bishops Palace Manor House Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Bletchingley Castle Blechingele Surrey masonry footings
Bodiam Castle Bodeham; Bodiham; Bodyham Sussex major building
Bolam Castle Northumberland earthwork
Bolebec Castle, Whitchurch Bolbeck Buckinghamshire earthwork
Bolingbroke Castle Lincolnshire masonry footings
Bolsover Castle Derbyshire masonry footings
Bolton Castle Bolton in Wensleydale Yorkshire major building
Bothal Castle Bothall; Bothale; Bothalle; Bothalla; Bottle; Bottel Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bourne Castle Brune; Brun; Brunne Lincolnshire earthwork
Bowes Castle Bough; Castelli de Bogis; Beoves; Bouys Yorkshire major building
Bramber Castle Brenbre; Brembre; Brambre Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Brampton Bryan Castle Brampton Brian Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Brancepeth Castle Branspeth; castrum suum de Brancepad' Durham major building
Brandon Castle Brandun' Warwickshire earthwork
Bredwardine Oldcastle Bradwardine; Bradwardin; Castle of Gronw; Castel Place Herefordshire earthwork
Breinton Moat Breinton Camp Herefordshire earthwork
Bridge Sollers Knapp Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bridgnorth Castle Bridgenorth; Brug; Bruges; Brugge; Burgh; Bridgemouth Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bridgwater Castle Bridgewater; Brugewaltii Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Brimpsfield Castle Brimsfield; Brymmesfeld; Brimesfeld; Brymesfeld Gloucestershire masonry footings
Bristol Castle Bristowe Gloucestershire masonry footings
Brockhurst Castle, Church Stretton Brocards; Strettondale; Stratton; Stretton-en-le-dale Shropshire earthwork
Brough Castle Burc; Burg; Burgo; Burgh under Staynesmore; Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Brougham Castle Broome; Brouham; Browham; Bruham; Brum; Burgham; Brouham Westmorland major building
Broughton Castlethorpe, Lincolnshire Castle Hill Lincolnshire no visible
Buckingham Castle Church of St Peter and St Paul; Bukingeham Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Buckland Berkshire no visible
Buckton Castle Lancashire earthwork
Bungay Castle Bungeye; castellum de Buneie; Bungehia; Bungeia; Bungeie Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
Burgh Castle Burrough Castle; Cnobersburg Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
Burton in Lonsdale Castle Hill Black Bourton Yorkshire earthwork
Butthouse Motte, Kings Pyon Herefordshire earthwork
Byton Motte Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bywell Castle Baliols; Biwell; Binwell Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Caister Castle Caistor Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Calne Castle House Cerne, Cernei Wiltshire no visible
Cambridge Castle Castle Hill; Grentebrige; Grontebrugae; Grantebregge Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Canterbury Castle Canterburie Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Caple Tump, Kings Caple Capel Tump Herefordshire earthwork
Carisbrooke Castle Alwinestone; Karebroc Hampshire and the Isle of Wight major building
Carlisle Castle Karduil Cumberland major building
Carlton in Coverdale Round Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Cartington Castle Turris Kartyngton; Cartyngton Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Castle Acre Castle Castelli Nostri de Acra Norfolk masonry footings
Castle Bryn Amlwg Amting; Bryn Amlwc; Bettws y Crwyn; Cefn Fron; ?Ruffin; ?Hithoet Shropshire earthwork
Castle Bytham Biham; Bitham Lincolnshire earthwork
Castle Camps Campo Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Castle Cary Lodge Hill; Castra Cari; Carey; castellum Carith Somerset earthwork
Castle Combe Castell of Cumbe Wiltshire earthwork
Castle Donington Donnington; Dunnington; Dunintonam; Duntonam Leicestershire earthwork
Castle Eaton Eton Meysi; Eiton Castelle Wiltshire no visible
Castle Eden Edena Durham no visible
Castle Frome castle Herefordshire earthwork
Castle Heaton Castle Heaton near Coldstream; Heton; Old Heaton Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Castle Horneck Iron Castle; Hornocke Cornwall no visible
Castle Neroche Castle Rache; The Beacon; Staple Fitzpaine; Orchard; Castellum de Rach Somerset earthwork
Castle Orchard Wiltshire earthwork
Castle Rising Castle Risinge Norfolk major building
Castle Roborough, Loxhore Loxore Devonshire earthwork
Caus Castle Cause; Caurs; Chaus; Caws; Caurse; Alretone; Auretone; Averetone Shropshire masonry footings
Caverswall Castle Caverswell; Carswell; Cavereswelle; Careswell Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Cawood Castle Thorpe Lane; Carwood; Cawode Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Chanstone North Tump, Vowchurch Herefordshire earthwork
Charlton Castle Chorlton; Cherleton; Chorleton Castel on Terne; Cherlton Shropshire masonry footings
Chartley Castle Chartley Holme; Chartley by Stowe Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Chester Castle Agricola tower; Cestre Cheshire masonry ruins/remnants
Chichester Castle Cisseceastre; Ciceastre; Cheechester; Cicestriae; Priory Park Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Chilham Castle Chileham Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Chillingham Castle Chevelyngham; Chelynggam; Chauelingham; Chevelingham Northumberland major building
Chippenham Motte King Arthur's Palace Wiltshire no visible
Christchurch Castle Twineham; Twynham; Twynam; Twinamburne; Cristiciria Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Church Norton; The Mound The Mount; Pagham Harbour Sussex earthwork
Clare Castle Clara Suffolk masonry footings
Clavering Castle Essex earthwork
Claxton Castle Claxston Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Cleobury Mortimer Castle Ditches castle of the Mortimers; The Castell Dike; Cleoberi Shropshire earthwork
Cleobury Mortimer Castle Toot Mawleytown Farm; Cleoberei Shropshire earthwork
Clifford Castle Clyfford; Castellaria de Cliford Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Clifford Old Castleton Castellaria de Cliford Herefordshire earthwork
Clitheroe Castle Cliderow; Cliderhow; Cliderhou; Clitherow Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Clun Castle Colunwy; Clone; Clune; Clunne Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Cockermouth Castle Cokermue Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Codnor Castle Codenor; Cotenoure; Courtenoure Derbyshire masonry ruins/remnants
Colchester Castle Essex major building
Conisbrough Castle Conisborough; Conisburgh; Coningsburgh; Conigbroc; Kuningeburh Yorkshire major building
Cooling Castle Cowling, Coulyng; Couling Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Corfe Castle Corfegeat Dorset major building
Corfham Castle Cortham; Corvesham Shropshire earthwork
Cornhill Castle Castleton Nich; Castle Stone Nick; Cornhill Tower; Cornval; Cornouaille; Cornehylle; Cornell Northumberland earthwork
Cotherstone Castle Cotterstone; Cuderston; Cutherston; Codrestune; Hallgarth Yorkshire masonry footings
Coventry Castle Red Ditch Warwickshire no visible
Crayke Castle Crek; Crech; Creche; Creic; Creca; Crec; Crake; Crage Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Crazy Castle, Skelton Skelton Castle; Sceltune Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Croft Castle Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Croft Castle, Crewkerne Castle Hill; Cruca; Craft Somerset earthwork
Crondall Barley Pound Lidelea; Udelea Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Cropton T'Hall Garth Yorkshire earthwork
Cublington Castle Farm, Madley Cubbington; Cubbeston Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Cusop Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Danby Castle Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dartmouth Hawleys Castle Clifton; Stoke Fleming Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Deddington Castle Dedington; castrum de Dadenton'; Dadintune Oxfordshire earthwork
Deptford castle Sayes Court; West Greenwich Kent no visible
Devizes Castle Vyes; Diuisis; Divisis; Divisas Wiltshire masonry footings
Dilwyn Ringwork Herefordshire earthwork
Donnington Castle Donington; Donyngton; Dennington; Dunnington Berkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dorchester Castle Dorkecestre; Dorecestre; Dorcestre Dorset no visible
Dorstone Castle Dorston; Tordestone Herefordshire earthwork
Dover Castle Kent major building
Downhall; The Castles Down Hall Cumberland earthwork
Downton on the Rock; The Tump Castle Mount Herefordshire masonry footings
Dudley Castle Duddeleg; Dudelei Worcestershire major building
Duffield Castle, Derbyshire Dufelda; Castle Orchard Derbyshire masonry footings
Dunstanburgh Castle Dunstanborough; Dunstaburge; Dunstanbrough Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Dunster Castle Torre; Duncaster; Dunestore Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Dunwalloght Castle Thornhill; Thorn Hill Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Durham Castle Dunelm; Dunhelm; Dunholm Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Dursley Castle Durslea; Drisilege Castel; Doursley Gloucestershire no visible
Eardisley Castle Ardelea; Herdeslege; Erdisley; Erdsley; Ordeleya; Erdesleye; Ardelay; Ardelai Herefordshire earthwork
East Chelborough Castle Hill Dorset earthwork
Eaton Tregoz Camp Field, Foy The Camp Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Eccleshall Castle Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Eccleswall Castle, Linton Eccleswall Court Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Edlingham Castle Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Edwyn Ralph Edvin Ralph; Edwin Ralph Herefordshire earthwork
Egremont Castle Egermond Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ellesmere Castle Eselmer; Elesmeres; Mere; Hellesmer; Elsemere Shropshire earthwork
Elmley Castle Almelege; Emly; Elmsley Worcestershire earthwork
Elsdon Mote Hills Elsden Northumberland earthwork
English Bicknor Castle Gloucestershire earthwork
Ennor Castle Evor; Inor; Ynnor; Ivor; Old Town Castle; Sullia Isles of Scilly masonry footings
Etal Castle Echale; Ethalle; Othale; Ethale; Etella; Etall; Etell; Etayle Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ewyas Harold Castle Ewyasharneis; Mapheralt; Pentecosts Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Exeter Rougemont Castle Devonshire major building
Eye Castle Eay; Eie Suffolk masonry footings
Eynsford Castle Eynesford; Ainsford Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Farleigh Hungerford Castle Farle Mountford; Farley Hungerford Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Farnham Castle Feornham; Ffarnum; Fernham Surrey masonry ruins/remnants
Farthingstone Castle Dykes Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Fenny Castle Fenney; Wells 2; North Moor; St Cuthbert Out Somerset earthwork
Fillongley Castle Yard Filungeleye Warwickshire masonry footings
Folkestone Castle Yard castello de Folkestan; The Bayle Kent no visible
Folkingham Castle Folkyngham Lincolnshire earthwork
Ford Castle, Northumberland Fowrde; ffurde; Forde; Foord Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Fotheringhay Castle Fotheringay; Fortheringhay; Foderingeya; Foderingeye; Fotheringeia Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Framlingham Castle Fremingham; Fremingham; Framelingehame Suffolk major building
Freckenham Castle Suffolk earthwork
Frodsham Castle Park Cheshire no visible
Fulbrook Castle Fulbroke; Duke of Bedfords Castle Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Gains Castle, Ashley Church Close; Ashley Gains; Ashley Castle; Esleg'sive Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry footings
Gidleigh Castle Gidley Devonshire major building
Glastonbury Castle Somerset no visible
Gleaston Castle, Aldingham Glaiston; Muchland; Gleason Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Gloucester Castles Gloucestershire no visible
Godards Castle, Thurnham Goddards; Thornham; Godworde; Turnham; Thorneham Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Godshill Castle Hill, Woodgreen Fordingbridge Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Goodrich Castle Castello Godrici; Coderick; Godrie; Godriz Herefordshire major building
Greasley Castle Griseleia; Gryseleye; Griseley Nottinghamshire masonry footings
Great Yarmouth Castle Kingstonhus Norfolk no visible
Greenhalgh Castle Grenhaugh; Grenall Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Greenwich Palace and Castle Grenewych; Estgrenewich; Palace of Placentia Kent no visible
Greystoke Castle Grey Stock; Craystock; Craystok; Greistock Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Grimsby Castle Grimesbi; Grymesby Lincolnshire no visible
Grimsthorpe Castle Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Groby Castle Hill Tourhull; Grobi Leicestershire earthwork
Guildford Castle and Palace Geldeford'; [Goseforde >], Guildeford Surrey major building
Hadleigh Castle Hatheleg; Hadleg Essex masonry ruins/remnants
Haggerston Castle Hagerston; Braggarstone; Turris de Haggarston Northumberland no visible
Halton Castle, Runcorn Haiton Cheshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hanley Castle Henley; Hanleg'; Herleg'; Henleg' Worcestershire earthwork
Harbottle Castle Hirbodel; Herbotelle; Harbotle; Hyrebothle; Hirbotle Northumberland masonry footings
Harescombe Castle Horescombe; Castellum de Havyscombe prope Paynynswicke Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hartlebury Castle Hertlebury Worcestershire masonry footings
Harwich Castle Herewiche Essex no visible
Hastings Castle Haestinga; Haestingaceaster; Hasting; Hestengceastra; Hastinges Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Haughley Castle Haganet; Hawghlee; Hegenoth; Hageneth; Haghenet Suffolk earthwork
Hayes Castle Hay; Hayescastle; Aykerist; Aykhurst; Dykhurst; Dykehirst Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hedingham Castle Hengham; Hedningham; Heningham; Henham; Haingeham; Hingeham Essex major building
Heighley Castle Audley; Healey; Heeley; Heley Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Helmsley Castle Elmesley; Helmsey Blackamoor; Helmislay; Hemmisley Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Helston Castle Cornwall no visible
Hemyock Castle Hemiok Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hereford Castle Hogg's Mount Herefordshire earthwork
Herefordshire Beacon, Colwall The Citadel; British Camp Herefordshire earthwork
Herstmonceux Castle Hurstmonceaux; Hurstmonceux Sussex major building
Hertford Castle Hartford Hertfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hexham Moot Hall and Old Gaol The Tower Towers; Manor Office; Archbishops Precinct; Hexham Castle; Exham Northumberland major building
Higham Ferrers Castle Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Hodnet Castle Hill Odenet Shropshire earthwork
Holdgate Castle Holgate; Helgots; Stanton Holegate; Stanton Long; Castle Holegod; Holgot; Howgate; Castellum Helgod; castrum Helgoti in Scalopescyra Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Holmesfield Castle Hill Derbyshire earthwork
Holt Castle Worcestershire major building
Holwell Castle, Parracombe Devonshire earthwork
Homme Castle, Clifton upon Teme Ham Castle; Home; Castellum de Hamma; Homm; Hommecastel Worcestershire earthwork
Hopton Castle Hopton Corbet; Opetune Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hornby Castle, Lancashire Orneby Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Hornby Castle, Yorkshire Horneby; Halnaby Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Horsford Castle Hill Castle Yards; Horsforth Norfolk earthwork
Horsley Castle Horston; Horeston; Horsford Horsley; Harestan; Harstan; Hareston vel Horsley Derbyshire masonry footings
Huntingdon Castle Huntendonae Huntingdonshire earthwork
Huntington Castle Huntingdon; Huntedon; Huntindon; Huntinton Herefordshire masonry footings
Hylton Castle Hilton Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Ilcester Castle Northover House; Gaiole ad Iuelcestr'; gaiole de Yuelcestr'; prisona regis apud Ivelcestr' Somerset no visible
Irthington; The Nook Cumberland earthwork
Kendal Castle Kirby Kendal Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Kenilworth Castle Killingworth; Kenelworth; Kenelworde; Killingsworth; Chenilleworda Warwickshire major building
Killerby Castle Kilwardby; Kilwardeby; Killarby Yorkshire no visible
Kilpeck Castle Cilpedec; Chipcete Herefordshire masonry footings
Kilton Castle Kylton Yorkshire masonry footings
Kingsbury Hall Bracebridge Hall Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Kingsland Castle Kyngsland Herefordshire earthwork
Kingston Upon Thames Castle Moreford, Kenington, Warwick Castle Surrey no visible
Kinnersley Castle Herefordshire masonry footings
Kirby Knowle Castle Kirkby Knowle; Newbygill; New Building Yorkshire no visible
Kirby Muxloe Castle Kerby Leicestershire major building
Kirkoswald Castle Kierkoswald Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Kirtling Towers Catledge Hall; Catlidg Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely masonry ruins/remnants
Knaresborough Castle Knarsborrow; Cnaresburg; Cnaresburh Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Knepp Castle Cnap; Le Kenape; Cnappe; Kneppe; Knob; Knap; Knep; Knapp' Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Knockin Castle Cnockin; Cnukin; Knockyn; Knoking; Cnucin Shropshire earthwork
Lancaster Castle Lancashire major building
Launceston Castle Terabil; Terrible; Dunheved; Llan Stefan; Landstavetune Cornwall major building
Lavendon Castle Laverdon; Lavendene Buckinghamshire earthwork
Laxton Castle Panpudding Hill Nottinghamshire earthwork
Leafield Barrow Barry Tump; Barry's Hill Tump Oxfordshire earthwork
Leeds Castle Leedes; Ladies Castle; Ledes; Slede Kent major building
Leicester Castle The Newarke Leicestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Lewes Castle Laewe; Laewas; Lewis; Lauus; Lawes; castellum Delaquis Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Leybourne Castle Layborne; Leyborne Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Lidgate Castle Lydgate; Liegate Suffolk masonry footings
Lincoln Castle Nicole Lincolnshire major building
Lincoln Cathedral West Front Remigius' Tower Lincolnshire major building
Lingen Castle The Churchyard Herefordshire earthwork
Little Camp Hill, Lydney Outpost Gloucestershire earthwork
Liverpool Castle Leverepul Lancashire no visible
Llancillo Castle Herefordshire masonry footings
Long Buckby The Mounts Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Longtown Castle Ewyas Lacy; Ewias Lacy; Newcastle; Novum Castrum Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Lowdham Motte Nottinghamshire earthwork
Lower Down Castle, Lydbury North Shropshire earthwork
Ludgershall Castle Lutgershall Wiltshire masonry ruins/remnants
Ludlow Castle Luderaue; Ludelau Shropshire major building
Lulworth Castle Poyning's Castle; Lullewarde; Lullewarden; Lolleworth; Loleworhe; Lulleworda; Est Lilleworth Dorset no visible
Lumley Castle Lomley Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Lydford Castle Lidford Devonshire major building
Lyonshall Castle Lenhaul; Linhales; Lennolx; Leonhauls; Castle of John of Evreux (d'Evreux) Herefordshire masonry footings
Madley Motte Tumpy Field; Castle Farm Herefordshire no visible
Malmesbury Castle Malmesbir'; Malmesbiria Wiltshire masonry footings
Malton Castle The Lodge; castellum de Maltona; Mealtune Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mansell Lacy Moat Court Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Marisco Castle, Lundy Island Lundy Island masonry footings
Marlborough Castle Merleberge; Malmesberiae; Marlbergie; The Mount Wiltshire earthwork
Marshwood Castle Mersshwode Dorset masonry footings
Maryport Castle Hill Canonby; Mote Hill Cumberland earthwork
Maxstoke Castle Maxstok Warwickshire major building
Mere Castle Hill Meer Wiltshire earthwork
Mexborough Castle Hill Mexbrough Yorkshire earthwork
Middleham Castle Midleham; Myllam; Middelham Yorkshire major building
Middleton Stoney Castle Middelton'; Mideltune Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Midhurst Castle St Anns Hill; Tan Hill Sussex earthwork
Mileham Castle Burghwood; Burwood; Hall Yards; Moleham Norfolk earthwork
Mileham village enclosure Norfolk earthwork
Millom Castle Millum Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Miserden Castle La Musardere Gloucestershire earthwork
Mitford Castle Midford; Milford Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Mohun Castle, South Perrott South Parrat Dorset earthwork
Monnington Court, Vowchurch Monnington Straddle; Mannington Straddel Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Montacute Castle St Michaels Hill; Biscopeston; Bishopstone; Montegue; Montem-Acutum; Mons Acutus Somerset earthwork
Montfichet Castle Mountfichet; Montfiquit; Munfichet: Old Bailey; Ludgate Hill London and Middlesex no visible
Moor End Castle, Yardley Godion Moreende; Moresende Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
More Castle Moretoin Shropshire earthwork
Moresk Castle, St Clement Cornwall no visible
Moreton Corbet Castle Moreton Toret; Moreton Turret; Moretoin; Mortuñ Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Morpeth Castle Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Morpeth Haw Hill Ha' Hill Northumberland earthwork
Mortimers Castle, Much Marcle Herefordshire earthwork
Mountsorrel Castle castrum de Monte Sorello; Muntsorel Leicestershire earthwork
Mouse Castle, Cusop Herefordshire earthwork
Mouselow Castle, Glossop Mowslow; Castle Hill Derbyshire earthwork
Much Dewchurch; The Camp Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mulgrave Castle Mowgreue; Meaulx; Mont-Grace; Multgrese
Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Munsley Lower Court Motte Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Myddle Castle Middle; Medle Shropshire masonry footings
Nafferton Castle Lonkin's Hall; Nafertune Northumberland earthwork
Naworth Castle Naward Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Nether Stowey Castle Dowsborough; Staueiam Somerset earthwork
New Buckenham Castle Bukenham; Bukeham Norfolk masonry footings
Newark Castle Niwerc upon the Fosseway; Niwerca; Newercham Nottinghamshire major building
Newcastle under Lyme Castle Novum Castellum de Staffordshira Staffordshire masonry footings
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Castle Castrum de Novo-Castro sup Tynam Northumberland major building
Newhall Tower Cheshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Newington Bagpath Motte, Kingscote Gloucestershire earthwork
Newnham Castle Championcourt; Champion Court Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Newport Castle, Essex Wigingamere Essex no visible
Newton Tump, Clifford Herefordshire earthwork
Norham Castle Northam; Norrham; Ubbanford Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Northampton Castle Norhamtune Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Norwich Bishops Palace Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Norwich Castle castellum Norwici Norfolk major building
Nottingham Castle Nottinghamshire masonry ruins/remnants
Nunney Castle Nonny Somerset major building
Oakham Castle Okeham Rutland major building
Odell Castle Wahull; Odel Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Odiham Castle King Johns Castle; Hodiham Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Ogle Castle Oggle; Ogill Northumberland masonry footings
Okehampton Castle Oakhampton; Castellum Ochenemitonae Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Old Callaly Castle Hill Kaloule Vet Northumberland earthwork
Old Sarum Castle Old Saresbury; Salisbury; Salesberia; Sarisberiensem; castellum Saresberiense Wiltshire masonry footings
Old Wardour Castle Werdour Wiltshire major building
Ongar Castle Angra; Angre Essex earthwork
Orcop Castle Moat Farm Herefordshire earthwork
Orford Castle Oreforde Suffolk major building
Oswestry Castle Album Monasterium; Blancminster; Blankmouster; Blancmustier; Croes Oswald; L'Oeuvre; L'uvre; Castle Loure; Luure; Luvre; Lvvre: Castle Philip; Oswaldestre; Meresberie Shropshire masonry footings
Oxford Castle St Georges Tower; Oxeneforde Oxfordshire major building
Painswick Castle Hale Castle Halle Gloucestershire uncertain
Pembridge Castle Newland; Penebrug Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Pendragon Castle Mallerstrang; Mallustang Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Penrith Castle Stricklands Pele Tower Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Penyard Castle Peniard; Penzard Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Pevensey Castle Pefenesea; Pevensye; Pebesellum; Peneuesellum; Eunesheye; Anderida; Anderitum; Haestingaceaster Sussex major building
Peveril Castle Peak; Pechefers; Pechesers; Peak's Arse; Peverel's; Castleton; Castle of the Peke Derbyshire major building
Pickering Castle castello de Pikeringa; Pichering; Pikeringe Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Piel Castle Fouldry; The Peel of Fouldry; The Pile of Fotheray; Fowdray; Peele Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Pleshey Castle The Mount; Plaisy; Plessy; Pleasing; Tumblestoun; Castel de Placeto; Pleisiz Essex earthwork
Plymouth Castle Quadrate The Barbican Devonshire masonry footings
Plympton Castle Plympton Earl; St Maurice; Plinton' Devonshire masonry footings
Podington Motte Puddington Manor Farm Bedfordshire earthwork
Pontefract Castle Pomfret; Pumfreit; Ilberts; Castelli Ilberti; Tanshelf; Snorre Yorkshire masonry footings
Pontesbury Castle Castle Pavement Shropshire earthwork
Portchester Castle Porchester; castro de Porecestre; Porcestre Hampshire and the Isle of Wight major building
Powerstock Castle Poorstock; Porstock; Porestok; Athelstan's Castle Dorset earthwork
Prudhoe Castle Prodhom; Prodhou; Prudhow Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Queenborough Castle Sheppey; Quynborow; Quinborough Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Raby Castle Durham major building
Radcot; The Garrison Ratrotam Oxfordshire earthwork
Ratley Motte Warwickshire earthwork
Ravensworth Castle, County Durham Rawyneshelme; Ravenshelme; Ravensholme; Raveneswath Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Ravensworth Castle, Yorkshire Ravenswathe; Kirkby Ravensworth; Ravenswath Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Rayleigh Mount Rayleigh Castle Essex earthwork
Redcastle Red Castle; Rubree; Radeclif; Redcliffe; Redde; Castle Rous; Hawkstone Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Reigate Castle Holmesdale Surrey earthwork
Restormel Castle Restormil; Raistormel; Tywardreath; Lestmel Cornwall major building
Richards Castle Auretone; Averetone; Avretone; Overton; Ricardi Herefordshire earthwork
Richmond Castle Richmond in Swaledale; Richemont; Richemunt Yorkshire major building
Richmont Castle, East Harptree Estharpetre; Harpestre; Arpetream; Harpetreu Somerset masonry footings
Rochester Castle Roff'; Roffensi Kent major building
Rockingham Castle Rokingeham Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry ruins/remnants
Rose Castle La Rose; La Roos Cumberland major building
Rothbury Haa Hill The Moot; Hall Hill Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Rotherfield Greys Court Oxfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Rothwell Castle Yorkshire masonry footings
Rowlands Castle Rolokecastel Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry footings
Ruan Lanihorne Castle Larihorn; Lanyhorn; Shepestall Cornwall no visible
Rufus Castle Bow & Arrow; Rufus's; Portlaund Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Ruyten XI Towns Castle Ruyton-Eleven-Towns; Ruten; Ruton; Ruyten of the Eleven Towns; Routon Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Saffron Walden Castle Bury Hill; Waldena Essex masonry ruins/remnants
Saltwood Castle Saltuud'a; Saltwuda; turris Saltwode Kent major building
Sandal Castle Sandall Yorkshire masonry footings
Sandwich Castle Castle Mead; Sandwiche Kent no visible
Sapcote Castle Toot Hill Leicestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Sauvey Castle Salvata; Salvee; Sanvey; Trencheland Leicestershire masonry footings
Scaleby Castle Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Scarborough Castle Castle Rock; Scardeburgh; Scartheburth; Scartheburc; Scarburthe; Scarburgh; Scardeburh Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Scotney Castle Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Sedgwick Castle Sedgewick; Seggewik Sussex uncertain
Shaftesbury Castle Hill Boltbury Dorset earthwork
Sheffield Castle Shefeld; Sheafield; castellum de Sedfeld Yorkshire masonry footings
Sherborne Old Castle Shireburn; Chirburne; Sireburne Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Sheriff Hutton Castle Shirehuton; Shirhuton; Shirifwottes; Shirefhoton; Sherry-Hutton; Castle Ile Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Shipbrook Castle Hill Cheshire no visible
Shirburn Castle Sherborne Oxfordshire major building
Shoreham Castle Lullingstone; Shorham: Le Castell Kent masonry footings
Shotwick Castle Shotewyke Cheshire earthwork
Shrawardine Castle Castle Isabel; Schiewardin; Schrewardin; Shewurthyn; Shrawardic; Shraydon; Slawurthin; Sretwrthin; Srewrhin; Srwardin; Strawurdi; Scrawardin; Screwardin Shropshire masonry footings
Shrewsbury Castle Pengwern Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Shurland Castle Sheppey; Eastchurch; Shurland House Kent major building
Sibdon Castle Sibdon Carwood; Shepeton Corbet; Shepton Corbett Shropshire no visible
Sigston Castle Kirby Sigston; Kirkby Sigston; Berford; Beresend; Beresende Yorkshire masonry footings
Skipsea Castle Hill Albermarle Hill and the Baile Welts; Skypse Yorkshire earthwork
Skipton Castle Skipton in Craven; Scipton Yorkshire major building
Sleaford Castle Lafford; Sleford; Eslaford; Esleford; Sliforde Lincolnshire earthwork
Snape Castle Yorkshire major building
Snodhill Castle, Peterchurch Strate; Castle of Staddle Herefordshire masonry footings
Somerton Castle, Lincolnshire Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Somerton Castle, Oxfordshire Oxfordshire no visible
Somerton Castle, Somerset Somerset no visible
South Kyme Tower Lincolnshire major building
Southampton Castle munitionem Hamptoniae; Hamtune Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
St Briavels Castle Breulis; Lydney Gloucestershire major building
St Leonards Tower, West Malling Kent major building
St Michaels Mount Castle Cornwall masonry footings
Stafford Castle, Castlechurch Barons Castle, Monetvile Staffordshire masonry footings
Stamford Castle Stanford; Stamforde Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Stanhope Castle Castle Heugh; Castle Hill; Castri de Stanhopp Durham no visible
Stansted Mountfitchet Castle Stansted Mount Fitchet Essex earthwork
Stapleford Castle Wiltshire earthwork
Stapleton Castle Herefordshire masonry footings
Starborough Castle Sterborough; Sterborrow; Prinkham; Pringham; Prynkeham in Lyngfeld Surrey masonry footings
Staunton on Arrow Motte Herefordshire earthwork
Stevington Castle Seeds; Sedes Bedfordshire no visible
Stockport Castle Stoppord; Stokeporta Cheshire masonry footings
Stockton Castle Durham no visible
Stogursey Castle Stoke Courcy; castrum de Stoke' Curcy' Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Streatlam Castle Stainton; Stretlam; Newcastle Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Sudeley Castle Sudley; Sudleagh; Sudleie Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Sulgrave Castle Hill Salgrave Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Sutton Valence Castle Sutton Castle Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Tamworth Castle castellum de Tameword Staffordshire major building
Tattershall Castle Tateshal Lincolnshire major building
Taunton Castle Tantona; Tantune Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Tempeston; The Moat Beguildy The Moat; Tempseter Shropshire earthwork
Thornbury Castle Thournebury Gloucestershire major building
Thorne Peel Hill Thurn Yorkshire earthwork
Thruxton Court Thruxton Tump Herefordshire earthwork
Thurland Castle Thusland; Thorslond; Fyrrelande Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Tickhill Castle Tikehilla; Tikehille; Tikehull'; Tikehelle Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tintagel Castle Tindage; Tindagel Cornwall masonry ruins/remnants
Tiverton Castle Devonshire major building
Tonbridge Castle Tunbridge; Tunebrycgia Kent major building
Tong Castle Tonge; Tongue; Thong Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Torrington Castle, Great Torrington Torryton; Chepyngtoryton Devonshire earthwork
Totnes Castle Totness; Totenes; Totenesio; Totenesse Devonshire major building
Tower of London White Tower; magnae turris Londoniae; Turris Lundoniae London and Middlesex major building
Tregate Castle, Llanrothal Herefordshire earthwork
Tregoney Castle Tregony Cornwall no visible
Trematon Castle Tremetone; Tremetune Cornwall major building
Triermain Castle Trevermane; Trivermain; Tradermayne; Tridermaine; Treuermane; Tryermain; Tryvermaine; Tradermeane Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Trowbridge Castle Wiltshire uncertain
Truro Castle Hill Truer Cornwall no visible
Turret Castle, Huntington Hell Wood Herefordshire earthwork
Tutbury Castle Toteberie; Tetbery; castrum Stutesburiae Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tweedmouth Castle Tweedmouth Tower; Tiefort Northumberland no visible
Tynemouth Castle Tynemouth Priory; Tiefort; Tynemuth Northumberland major building
Tyrley Castle Tirley Staffordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ullerswood Ullersford; Ullenwood; Uttersford; Ullerwood; Ullerwada; Ullerwda; Castlewood; Bollin; Oversleyford Cheshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Upper Buckton Farm Mound, Buckton Herefordshire earthwork
Upper Pedwardine, Brampton Bryan Upper Penwardine Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Upsall Castle Upfall Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wacton; The Court Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Walford Motte Herefordshire earthwork
Walkern Bury Bassus Green Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wallingford Castle castellum Walingafordense; Walingef'; Walingeforde Berkshire masonry footings
Walterstone Motte Walterston Herefordshire earthwork
Walton Castle Waletune Suffolk no visible
Warcop Castle Hill Wardcop; Warcoppe Westmorland no visible
Wareham Castle Warham Dorset earthwork
Wark on Tweed Castle Carham; Carrum; Werke Sup Twedam; Castelli de Werc Northumberland earthwork
Warkworth Castle Warcorthe; Werkeurda; Wercwrth; Werkewrda Northumberland major building
Warwick Castle Mota de Warewich Warwickshire major building
Wattlesborough Hall Wattlesborough Tower; Wattlesborough Castle Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Waynefletes Tower, Esher Waynfletes Tower; Wolseys Tower; Esher Palace; Esher Place; Esher Episcopi Surrey masonry ruins/remnants
Waytemore Castle, Bishops Stortford Weytemore; Storteford; Estorteford Hertfordshire masonry footings
Welbourn Castle Hill Welbourne Lincolnshire earthwork
Wem Castle Alleys Hill; Haly; Walls; Wemme Shropshire earthwork
Weobley Castle Wibelay; Weobly Herefordshire earthwork
Westenhanger Castle Ostenhanger; Westyngehangre; Kiriel Castle; le Hangre Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Wetherby Castle Yorkshire masonry footings
Whitchurch Castle Hill Album Monasterium; Blancminster; Blanc Mouster; Blancmustier; Weston Shropshire no visible
Whitney Castle Herefordshire no visible
Whittington Castle Castle of Roger de Powis; White Tower; Witinton Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Whitwick Castle, Coalville Whitewyk; Witewich Leicestershire earthwork
Whorlton Castle Potto; Hwernelton; Wernelton; Wherlton; Cerveltune; Ferneltun Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wigmore Castle Wigemore; Wygemore Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wilcott Castle Mound Shropshire earthwork
Wilton Castle, Bridstow Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Winchester Castle Wintoniae Hampshire and the Isle of Wight major building
Windsor Castle Windesores; Wildesore; Windlesores Berkshire major building
Wingfield Castle Suffolk major building
Wisbech Castle Wisbeach; Wisbich Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely no visible
Witney Bishop of Winchesters Palace Mount House; Whittney Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Witton Castle, Witton-le-Wear Witton le Wear; Whitton Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Wollaston Beacon Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Wolvesey Castle Wolvesey Palace Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Woodhead Castle, Great Casterton Woodhead Moat; Wodeheved; Wodheved Rutland masonry footings
Worcester Castle Wigorn'; Wygornia; Wirecestre Worcestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Worksop Castle Hill Wyrkesoppe Nottinghamshire earthwork
Wressle Castle Wressill; Wreshil; Wresill Yorkshire major building
Yielden Castle Yelden; Yeldon; Giuelden; Yielding Bedfordshire earthwork
York Baile Hill The Old Baile; Baille Hill Yorkshire earthwork
York Castle Cliffords Tower; Turris de Euerwich'; Eboraci Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Aldburgh Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Arlington Castle The Rookery; Milton; Burghlow; Burlough; Middleton Sussex earthwork
Aslackby Castle Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Aylesford Church St Peter's Church Kent uncertain
Barnack Castle Bomb castle close Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Barton Castle, Wield Barton Copse Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Beckington Castle Ravenscroft School Somerset major building
Bedale Castle Yorkshire no visible
Beetham Castle Hill Dallam Park; Dee Park; Haverbrack Westmorland earthwork
Beighton Castle Castlesteads Yorkshire no visible
Beoley Holt End Worcestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bickleigh Castle Old Court Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bideford Castle Park Enclosure Devonshire no visible
Birtley Castle Bertley; Birteley Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bolsterstone Castle Bolderstone Yorkshire masonry footings
Bossal Hall Yorkshire earthwork
Bradfield Castle Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Braybrooke Castle Braybrok; Braibrok Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Bredwardine; The Knapp Herefordshire masonry footings
Brimpsfield; The Rookery Gloucestershire earthwork
Bruce Castle, Tottenham Manor of Bruses; Brus Castle; Lordship House London and Middlesex no visible
Burlough Castle Burghlow; Middleton; Milton; Burlow Sussex earthwork
Burrow Mump, Burrowbridge Othery Burrow Mump, Barrow Mump, Toteyate, Myghellborough Somerset earthwork
Caernarvon Castle, Beckermet Coneygarth Cop; Ivy Hill Cumberland earthwork
Callow Castle Callow Hill; Hogstow Shropshire earthwork
Castle Ashby; The Castle Asheby David; Asscheby Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Castle Cary, Aberford Yorkshire no visible
Castle Hewin Castle Hewen; Castle Luen; Castellewyn; Castlehewings; Castle Lewen Cumberland no visible
Castle Hill, Hindlip Smite Hill; Oldbury; Auld-berry; Coldharbour Farm Worcestershire uncertain
Church Preen Castleyard Shropshire uncertain
Cirencester Castle Gloucestershire no visible
Coberley Castle Cubberly; Cow Berkeley Gloucestershire no visible
Cogges Oxfordshire earthwork
Collyweston House Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Culverhay Castle, Englishcombe English Combe Somerset earthwork
Eaton Camp, Eaton Bishop Herefordshire earthwork
Edvin Loach Ringwork Herefordshire earthwork
Gannocks Castle, Tempsford Bedfordshire earthwork
Gillingham Kings Court Palace Gilling Dorset earthwork
Godolphin House Godolphin Hall; Cairdine Castle; Godolgan Cornwall masonry ruins/remnants
Grafton Court Farm Motte Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Grange Castle Castlehow; Diddersley Grange; Didderston Grange Yorkshire earthwork
Grantham Castle Lincolnshire no visible
Great Somerford; The Mound The Mount Wiltshire earthwork
Hanwell Castle Oxfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hapton Castle Lancashire masonry footings
Hartland Castle Hertiland' Devonshire no visible
Healaugh Hall Garth Hele Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hermitage Hill, Conishead Priory Lancashire uncertain
Hewelsfield Motte Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Hockwold Cum Wilton Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
John of Gaunts Castle, Daventry Daventry Wood Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Langford Vine House Bedfordshire no visible
Lathom House Latun; Lathun; Latheham Lancashire no visible
Lemore Martins Castle, Eardisley La More; Lenmore; Walelege Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lichfield Cathedral Close and Bishop Palace Staffordshire masonry footings
Longner Hall
Shropshire no visible
Lower Hyde Moat Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lower Pedwardine, Brampton Bryan Lower Penwardine; Pedewrde Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lyonshall Quarrywood Motte Lewis Wych; Lewis Witch Herefordshire no visible
Mamhead 'castle' The Brewery Devonshire no visible
Manchester Castle Mamecestre; Mainecestr'; Chetham College Lancashire no visible
Melton Mowbray; The Mount The Mound Leicestershire earthwork
Membury Chapel Meadow Wiltshire no visible
Methwold Old Hall Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Morley Castle, Swanton Morley The Island Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Moulton Kings Hall Kings Hall Park; Quapelode; Whaplode; Muleton' Lincolnshire earthwork
Mynyddbrydd Tump 1, Dorstone Mynydd-brith; Ruuenore; Fagemeneda; Fowmynd; Vowmynd; Vowmine Herefordshire masonry footings
Nant y bar, Dorstone Mynyddbrydd Tump 2 Herefordshire earthwork
Netherseal Old Hall Derbyshire no visible
Newbury Castle castrum Neubiriae Berkshire no visible
Newcourt Tump, Bacton Newcourt Farm Herefordshire masonry footings
Newington Kent uncertain
North Deighton Howe Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Papcastle Pabcastre; Papscastle; Pipards; Pipers; Palme Cumberland no visible
Park Parkwalls; Pokewallys Cornwall no visible
Pennington Castle Hill Lancashire earthwork
Preston Castle, Hertfordshire Castle Farm Hertfordshire no visible
Rest Park, Sherburn in Elmet Reste; Manor Garth; Sherburn Palace Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Rowton Castle Rouse; Routhsea; Routon Shropshire no visible
Runcorn Castle Rock Cheshire no visible
Sandgate Castle Sandegate; Folston Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Scrivelsby Court Scrivelsby Hall Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Sissinghurst Castle Saxenhurst Kent major building
Spalding Castle Talbois Castle; Coney Garth Lincolnshire no visible
Spelsbury Court Close Castle Ditches Oxfordshire no visible
Stainborough Castle Stainborough Low; Stainborough Lowe; Staynbroughe Lowe Yorkshire earthwork
Staward Peel Staward Pele; Staward-le-Pele; Staward le' Peel; Staward Castle; Stawarth; Staworth; Staword Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Stone Barton Ringwork Devonshire earthwork
Sudeley Castle, Nuneaton Griff; Griffe Warwickshire no visible
Sutton Walls Sutton Castle; Offa's Castle Herefordshire earthwork
Tadcaster Castle Yorkshire earthwork
Thorngate, Lincoln Tornegat Lincolnshire no visible
Thrapston Chancery Lane Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Toddington Conger Hill Gayer's Hill Bedfordshire earthwork
Torpel Manor House Lawn Wood Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry footings
Totternhoe Castle Totternhoe Knolls Bedfordshire earthwork
Tower near Biddeford Devonshire no visible
Tower near Lyme Dorset no visible
Tunstal Durham uncertain
Turnastone Motte, Turnastone Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Turret Tump, Huntington Little Hengoed Herefordshire earthwork
Ulpha Castle How Harter Fell Cumberland masonry footings
Walls Castle, Ravenglass Ravenglass Roman Baths; Glannoventa Cumberland masonry footings
Walsall Castle Staffordshire no visible
Walton Castlesteads Castle Steed Cumberland earthwork
Walwick Wallwick Northumberland uncertain
Weston Park, Saintbury Gloucestershire earthwork
Whelp Castle, Kirkby Thore Castellum Welp; Wheallep; Wellop; Whellop Westmorland no visible
Whichford Castle Warwickshire earthwork
Whitby Castle Little Angel Public House Yorkshire uncertain
Willey Lodge Herefordshire masonry footings
Wilmington; The Mount Shropshire earthwork
Wilton Abbey Wiltshire no visible
Winchcombe Castle Winchcomb; Ivy Castle; Winchelcomam Gloucestershire no visible
Winchelsea Castle Sussex no visible
Wroxeter Castle Arundel Castle; Hall Orchard Shropshire no visible
Yelford Oxfordshire no visible

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