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List of medieval linear defences or dykes in England

Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


There were a number of dykes of medieval date existing in the North of England which may represent a defence against Scottish raids and/or mark out boundaries. As with all fortification such defences can only be of military effectiveness if garrisoned with a force capable of responding to attackers, when they can have a role in delaying an attacking force, particularly one loaded down with booty and livestock. Otherwise such boundary markers must function mainly symbolically.
There were a number of trench lines along the East and South coasts forming late medieval coastal defences.
Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Barons Dyke Bishops Dyke; Bar Dyke; White Moss Cumberland earthwork
Basco Dyke, Ainstable Cumberland no visible
Bishops Dyke, Dalston Barrs Cumberland earthwork
Borrowdale Dyke Westmorland no visible
Clennell Street Cross Dyke 1 Copper Snout Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Clennell Street Cross Dyke 2 Wholehope Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Clennell Street Cross Dyke 3 Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Clennell Street Cross Dyke 4 Uplaw Knowe Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Clennell Street Cross Dyke 6 South East of Hoseden Linn Northumberland earthwork
Minsmere Tudor entrenchments Suffolk no visible
Plymouth Blockhouse, Millbay and Firestone Bay wall Hoe Blockhouse Devonshire no visible
Salkeld Dyke Cumberland no visible
Scots Dike Scots Dyke Cumberland earthwork
Sheringham and Cromer Cliff defences Norfolk no visible
Southwold Gun Hill Suffolk no visible
The Downs Beach Fortifications Great Turf Bulwark; Little Turf Bulwark; Great White Bulwark of Clay; Black or Walmer Bulwark Kent no visible
War Dike Steindic Yorkshire earthwork
Weybourne Hope Beach Defence Wabourne; Wauburne-hope Norfolk no visible
Abingdon, Serpenhills Shippon; Northcourt Berkshire no visible
Armada Bank, Gwinear Gwithian Godrevy Towans Cornwall earthwork
Black Dyke Northumberland earthwork
Crosby Ravensworth Dyke Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Great Wolford Village Ditch Warwickshire earthwork
Green Dike Yorkshire earthwork
Harrington's Dyke Roeburndale Lancashire uncertain
Nico Ditch Mickle Ditch; Nikker; Mykelldiche Lancashire earthwork

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