A comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales and the Islands.
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Distribution map of castles and fortified houses

List of Medieval Fortified Manor Houses in England

High status fortified residences not capable of withstanding an army but able to resist an armed band. They are generally moated and may have a gatehouse with loops and crenellations. The difference between a small castle and a fortified manor house is a subjective one and may well be an artificial division in that for contemporary medieval citizens it may not have existed. David King did not use this term and preferred the term Strong House, since not all fortified high status houses were manorial, but use of his term Strong House has not been widely adopted possible because it is widely used as a synonym for bastle.
Such buildings did not require a licence to crenellate, despite some suggestions otherwise, and having a licence to crenellate does not mean a building was certainly fortified. However, all buildings issued a licence to crenellate are recorded under this group since they clearly were at least intended to be [re]constructed in a fortified style. It is clear that a good number of the houses granted licences to crenellate had only very slight defences such as a moat and maybe a thin walled stone gatehouse but otherwise were mainly timber buildings.
Also recorded under this label are a number of later medieval houses which are not generally considered 'defensive' but which used architectural styles that derived from military function. These houses are sometimes called 'castles of chivalry', they were almost purely residential with the administrative function of the manor often done elsewhere.
Questionable or Doubtful
Confidence is a statement of the site as a medieval fortification


Name Alternative Name(s) County Remains
Acton Burnell Castle Shropshire major building
Acton Court Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Addington Castle Hill Surrey no visible
Affeton Castle, East Worlington Affeton Barton; Aston; Afferton; Afton Devonshire major building
Aldbrough St John Aldborough; Albruch Yorkshire no visible
Aldingham Grange Moat Farm Lancashire earthwork
Aldworth, De La Beche Berkshire no visible
Alkborough Countess Close Lincolnshire earthwork
Almondsbury Court Farm Almondesbury Gloucestershire masonry footings
Alston Hall Hill Hallhill Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Althorp Olthorp Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Alvechurch Moat Bishops Palace; The Moat House Worcestershire earthwork
Amerston Hall, Embleton Durham no visible
Andersey Island Castle of the Rhae; Abingdon; Isula Andresia Berkshire no visible
Anlaby Moat Hill Yorkshire no visible
Annesley Hall Anelegh Nottinghamshire masonry ruins/remnants
Apechilde Abchilde; parc de Abchildeswode; Absol Park; Absolpark; Udecheshale; Chignal Smealy Essex earthwork
Apley Castle Appeleye Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Archdeacon Newton Manor Durham masonry footings
Arkleby Hall Cumberland no visible
Arwenack Manor Arwennack Cornwall masonry ruins/remnants
Ash Manor Henley on the Heath; Henley by Guildford; South Henley Surrey earthwork
Ashford Castle; Ashford In The Water Derbyshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ashley Green Grove Farm Cheynes Buckinghamshire earthwork
Ashperton Castle Asperton Herefordshire earthwork
Ashton Castle Lower Ashton Farm; Lower Ashton Camp Herefordshire earthwork
Askerton Castle Cumberland major building
Astley Castle Estleye; Ashley Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Aston Eyre Manor Shropshire major building
Aston Mullins Aston Bernard Buckinghamshire earthwork
Astwell Castle Astwell House Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry ruins/remnants
Athelhampton Hall Adlampston Dorset major building
Audley's Moat, Endon Hall Bank; Henedon; Enedon Staffordshire earthwork
Aughton Ruddings Ruddings Grange; Ellerton Grange Yorkshire earthwork
Aydon Castle Eydon; Ayden; Aidon Northumberland major building
Baconsthorpe Castle Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Baddesley Clinton Hall Warwickshire major building
Baginton Castle Bagot's Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bagworth Moats Baggeworth; Thorneton Leicestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Balbecs Castle, Medmenham Bolebecs Castle; Bolbeck; Bullbank's; Bulbek; Bulbank Buckinghamshire no visible
Bamburgh Friary Friary Farm Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Bampton Ham Court Bampton Castle; Bampton in the Bush Oxfordshire major building
Bampton; The Mote Baumton; Bachentun; Baketun; Baentona Devonshire earthwork
Barford St John Oxfordshire earthwork
Barlborough Hall Barlborough House Derbyshire major building
Barlborough Old Hall Derbyshire no visible
Barrow Hall Suffolk earthwork
Barrs Court Barrescourte Gloucestershire earthwork
Barton Blount Hall Barton Hall Derbyshire masonry ruins/remnants
Barton Kirk Barton Church Farm Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Barton Seagrave Castle Barton Hanred Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Basing House Old Basing House; Basyng Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry footings
Bassingbourne, John of Gaunts House Bassingburn Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Battersea Manor of Bishop of Durham Bridgecourt; York House; York Place Surrey no visible
Beauchamp Castle, Stoke Sub Hamdon Stoke under Ham; Stoke under Hampden; Gournay Castle Somerset no visible
Beauchamps Court, Alcester Alcestre Warwickshire earthwork
Beaudesert Hall Beudesert; Boudezworth Staffordshire uncertain
Beaulieu Palace, Boreham New Hall; Convent and School of the Cannonesses of the Holy Sepulchre; Walkfares Essex masonry ruins/remnants
Beaumys Castle Beaumyss; Beams; Beaumeys Berkshire earthwork
Beaupre Hall Norfolk no visible
Bebside Old Hall Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Beckingham Hall Mauger Essex major building
Beckley Lower Park Oxfordshire no visible
Bedale Castle Yorkshire no visible
Beddington Place Carew Manor Surrey masonry ruins/remnants
Beetham Hall Betham; Bytham; Bitham Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Beggars Fort Beggers Fort Cornwall no visible
Beighton Castle Castlesteads Yorkshire no visible
Belasis Hall Bellasis Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Belleau Manor Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bellister Castle Bellester; Bellecester Northumberland major building
Belstead Hall Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
Benhall Moat Suffolk earthwork
Bentley Moat Hills Arksey Yorkshire earthwork
Beoley; The Mount Worcestershire earthwork
Berdewell Hall East Thorp Manor Norfolk earthwork
Bere Barton, Bere Ferrers Byr; Beer Ferres; Beer Ferris Devonshire major building
Bere Regis Palace Court Green; Court Farm Dorset no visible
Bergh Castle Cornborough House; Cornborough Manor; Cornbrough Yorkshire earthwork
Berry Hall Norfolk masonry footings
Berwick House, Swyre Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Bescot Hall Berkmondescote; Berkmendescote Staffordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Betchworth Castle Bechesworth; Bettisworth; Bletchworth Surrey masonry ruins/remnants
Bewley Castle Buley Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Bexhill Manor of Bishop of Chichester Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Bickleigh Castle Old Court Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Bicton; The Isle Rossal Castle; Little Rosshall Shropshire earthwork
Bilborough moat Nottinghamshire no visible
Billing; The Priory Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Bilston, Pype Hall Staffordshire no visible
Binbury Castle, Thurnham Thornham; Bonbury; Stocking Wood Kent earthwork
Binhamy Binamy; Binnany; Binnoway; Binomy; Biname; Biename; Bynnamy: Stratton Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Binweston Bynweston; Bing Weston Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Birds Nest Lodge, Leicester New Parks Leicestershire earthwork
Birmingham Manor House Bermingham Warwickshire no visible
Birtsmorton Court Birtmorton Worcestershire major building
Bishop Middleham Castle Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Bishops Cannings Manor House Cannyngg; Canynge Wiltshire no visible
Black Hawes Castle, Westcott Balchins Lane Surrey uncertain
Blackborough End Castle-Hall manor Norfolk earthwork
Blackford Hall Blakworth; Blakeworth; Blackworth; Blackforth Norfolk uncertain
Blakemere Moat Blakemere Castle; Black Mere; Blackmere; Black Park; Whitchurch; Whitecherche Shropshire earthwork
Blencow Old Hall Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Bletsoe Castle Bletnesho Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Blickling manor of Bishop of Norwich Norfolk no visible
Blithewood Moat, Checkley Staffordshire earthwork
Blithfield Hall Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Blofield manor of Bishop of Norwich Norfolk no visible
Boarstall Tower Borstall, juxta Brehull; Welstreme Buckinghamshire major building
Boarzell House, Ticehurst Sussex earthwork
Bolsterstone Castle Bolderstone Yorkshire masonry footings
Bolton by Bowland Bolton by Holland; Bolton by Bolland; Bolton by Sawley; Bolton by Salleye; Bolton Hall Yorkshire no visible
Bossal Hall Yorkshire earthwork
Botyngton Bodington; Boddington Gloucestershire no visible
Boughton Court, Boughton Aluph Bottone Alulphi juxta Wye Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Boughton House Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry ruins/remnants
Boulton Bolton Percy Yorkshire no visible
Bradden Manor Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Bradlegh Old Hall Bradley Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Bradley Hall Yorkshire no visible
Bradley Hall, Wolsingham Braydley Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Braiseworth Hall, Tannington Braisworth Hall Suffolk major building
Braybrooke Castle Braybrok; Braibrok Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Breckenbrough Castle Kirby Wiske Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bredwardine Castle Coppice Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Brereton Hall Cheshire major building
Bretby Castle Breteby Derbyshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Brier Dene Brierdean; Brierdene; Bryerden Northumberland no visible
Brierley Hallsteads Hall Steads; Grimethorpe; Willow Garth; Brereley Yorkshire earthwork
Brightwell Bretewell Berkshire no visible
Brinsop Court Herefordshire major building
Brizlincote Hall Brysingote; Brassincot Derbyshire no visible
Brocket Brockle Kent no visible
Brompton Castle Hill Pickering Lythe Yorkshire earthwork
Broncroft Castle Braincroft; Bramcroft; Bromcroft; Brancroft Shropshire major building
Bronsil Castle Bronsill; Bransill; Bransil; Estenore Herefordshire masonry footings
Brougham Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Broughton Castle Broghton Oxfordshire major building
Broughton in Amounderness Broughton in Preston Lancashire cropmark/slight earthwork
Broughton Old Manor Farm Broughton Staveley; Hollands Manor Buckinghamshire earthwork
Broyle Manor of Bishop of Chichester Bruyll Sussex no visible
Brymshoo New Hall Purleigh Essex earthwork
Buckden Palace Buckden Towers; Bugden; Bikden Huntingdonshire major building
Buckland Berkshire no visible
Buckland moat Hertfordshire earthwork
Buknahams Bokenhams; Talmache's; Hawstead Place; Hawstead House Suffolk earthwork
Bulls Paradise, Lundy Island Lundy Island cropmark/slight earthwork
Burford House Shropshire masonry footings
Burgh by Sands Castle Burgh Castle; Speergarth Holes Cumberland no visible
Burgh Manor House, Burrough Green Park Wood Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely no visible
Burghley House Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough major building
Burrow Walls near Seaton Cumberland masonry footings
Burstwick Hall Garth Burstwick Castle Yorkshire earthwork
Burton Agnes Manor House Yorkshire major building
Burton Court, Eardisland Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Burton Hall, Warcop Westmorland no visible
Burton Pedwardine Lincolnshire earthwork
Bury Castle, Lancashire Lancashire masonry footings
Bushwood Hall Lapworth Warwickshire uncertain
Buttercrambe Castle Bossall; Aldby; Buttertram Yorkshire earthwork
Bygrave House Hertfordshire earthwork
Caer Caradoc Caradoc Court; Caircradoke Herefordshire no visible
Caernarvon Castle, Beckermet Coneygarth Cop; Ivy Hill Cumberland earthwork
Caldwall Castle, Kidderminster Caldwell Hall; Candalewel Worcestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Caldwell Hall Garth Cawdwell Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Caludon Castle Calvedon; Caloughdon; Caledon Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Calverley Old Hall Yorkshire major building
Camoys Court Chiselhampton; Chislehampton; Camoise Court Oxfordshire major building
Cannock Castle Ring Beaudesert Staffordshire earthwork
Carminow Carminowe Cornwall no visible
Cartington Castle Turris Kartyngton; Cartyngton Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Casewick Hall, Uffington Lincolnshire masonry footings
Cassington Manor House Kersington Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Ashby; The Castle Asheby David; Asscheby Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Castle Carrock Castle Cumberland earthwork
Castle Eaton Eton Meysi; Eiton Castelle Wiltshire no visible
Castle Newton, Newton under Roseberry Yorkshire no visible
Castle Rough, Sittingbourne Milton Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Castle Steads, Rowley Farm, Esh Winning Castlesteads; Lanchester; Hamsteels; Rowley Gillet Durham earthwork
Castle Thorpe, Castlethorpe Thorpe; Hanslope; Hamslape; Hameslepe Buckinghamshire earthwork
Castlerigg, Derwentwater Kastelrigg Cumberland no visible
Catterlen Hall, Newton Reigny Cumberland major building
Caversham Castle Kaversham; Kaveresham Oxfordshire no visible
Caverswall Castle Caverswell; Carswell; Cavereswelle; Careswell Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Caxton Moats The Moats Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Caythorpe Manor Cathorp; Cadorpe Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Cesterover Cesters Over; Thester Waver; Wara Warwickshire uncertain
Chaddleworth, Woolley Farm Mitchell Copse, Wooley Farm; Woolley Castle Berkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Chamberhouse Chambirehous Berkshire no visible
Chanstone South Tump, Vowchurch Herefordshire earthwork
Chapel Haddlesey Hall Garths Chapel Garth Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Chardstock Court Cherdestok; Chirdestoke Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Charlton Castle Chorlton; Cherleton; Chorleton Castel on Terne; Cherlton Shropshire masonry footings
Chatsworth House Derbyshire no visible
Chebsey Chebeseye Staffordshire no visible
Cheddar Manor of Ralph Bakepuz Ceddre Somerset no visible
Cheney Longville Castle Cheyney Longville; Longefeld Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Cheriton Kent no visible
Cheswardine Castle Shropshire masonry footings
Cheveley Castle Chevele; The Moats Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely masonry footings
Chevington Hall Suffolk earthwork
Chickward Mound 1 Chirkward 1 Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Chideock Castle Chidiok; Ruins Field Dorset earthwork
Chipping Warden Chipping Wardon; Castle Yard Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Chudleigh Bishops Palace Chudele Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Chulmleigh Castle Chymley Devonshire no visible
Claydon Hall Suffolk earthwork
Clevedon Court Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Clipstone Peel Clipeston; Clypston; Beeston Lodge Nottinghamshire masonry ruins/remnants
Clipstone, King John's Palace Clipeston; Clypston; Clippestone; Clippeston Nottinghamshire masonry ruins/remnants
Clitheroe; The Alleys Lancashire uncertain
Clothall Castle Hertfordshire earthwork
Coatflatt Hall Coatflat Hall Westmorland no visible
Coberley Castle Cubberly; Cow Berkeley Gloucestershire no visible
Cocklaw Tower, Wall Northumberland major building
Cogges Oxfordshire earthwork
Colcombe Castle Devonshire masonry footings
Coldbridge Castle Colbridge; Colebridge; Colwebrigge; Boghton Malherbe Kent earthwork
Coleshill Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Colewe Heys Colway; Coleheoh Dorset no visible
Collinfield Collin Field Westmorland major building
Collyweston House Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Colmworth Manor and 'Motte' Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Columbine Hall Columbyne Hall Suffolk major building
Combe Florey Manor House Somerset major building
Compton Castle Devonshire major building
Compton Wynyates Compton Wyngates; Compton Wyniates; Compton Winyate; Compton in the Hole; Compton House Warwickshire major building
Conington Castle Connington; Cunyngton Huntingdonshire no visible
Coniston Hall Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Constable Burton Hall Burton Conestable Yorkshire no visible
Coppenhall Gorse Hyde Manor; Hyde Lea Staffordshire earthwork
Corfham Castle Cortham; Corvesham Shropshire earthwork
Cotehele House Cornwall major building
Cothay Manor Cothay Barton Somerset major building
Coughton Court Warwickshire major building
Court-up-streate, Lympne Court at Street; Courtopstreet; Streete; Strete; Billerica; Bellirica; Bellocastrum Kent no visible
Cowdray House Codray; La Coudreye Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Cowick Kings Manor Manor Hill, Snaith and Cowick Yorkshire earthwork
Cowley Manor, Ecclesfield Colley Yorkshire no visible
Cranborne Manor Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Crawley Tower Crawelawe; Krawlawe Northumberland masonry footings
Crewgarth Ouseby; Sooty Hill; Castle Slack; Castelslack; Cruegarth Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Cromhall Crumhale Gloucestershire no visible
Crosby Ravensworth Hall Crosby Hall Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Crosland Hall Yorkshire no visible
Croston Lancashire no visible
Crummock Water Manor House Loweswater Pele Cumberland masonry footings
Cudworth Moat Somerset earthwork
Culverden Culverton; Willington Court Gloucestershire no visible
Cunswick Hall Camswik; Coneswic; Coningeswyk Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Curry Mallet Manor Mallet Castle Somerset no visible
Dalden Tower, Seaham Dalton; Dawdon; Daldun; Dawden Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Dalton Hall Yorkshire masonry footings
Danish Tower, Flamborough Flamborough Castle; Flaynburgh; Constable's Tower Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dartington Ringwork Staverton Ford Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Daventry Burnt Walls Les Brendewalles Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Dawley Castle Dalileye; Delaley Shropshire no visible
Deanery Tower, Hadleigh Suffolk major building
Dedisham Manor Dachesam; Dachesham; Daddesham; Dodesham; Deadsome; Detsum Place; Detsom; Mansfield Park Sussex earthwork
Deighton Moat Yorkshire earthwork
Denaby Old Hall Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Dent de Lion, Margate Garlinge; Daundelyon Court; Dandelion Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Denton Hall Denton Tower; Turris de Denton juxta Hawtwisill Cumberland major building
Depeden Depden; Debden Essex no visible
Dilham Hall Dilham Castle Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Ditton Park, Datchet Buckinghamshire no visible
Doddington Tower Delves Hall; Dodynton; Dodyngton Cheshire major building
Donington le Heath Manor Leicestershire major building
Donyatt Park Farm Moat Doneyate Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Dormston Manor Dormeston; Bag End Farm Worcestershire earthwork
Downhall; The Castles Down Hall Cumberland earthwork
Dratton Drayton; Draiton Oxfordshire no visible
Drayton House Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry ruins/remnants
Drungewick Manor, Loxwood Drungewyk Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Dunton Bassett manor Leicestershire earthwork
Eagle Preceptory Aycle Lincolnshire earthwork
Eardisland Monks Court Mound Herefordshire earthwork
Earnley Ernles; Ernley Sussex uncertain
Easedike Estdik; Easdike Yorkshire uncertain
East Barsham Manor Wolterton Manor House Norfolk major building
East Folifoot Moat House; Follithwaite Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
East Looe Cornwall no visible
Eastham Court Estham Worcestershire no visible
Eastington Manor House Gloucestershire no visible
Eastnor Castle Ditch Herefordshire no visible
Easton Neston House Estneston; Estone Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Eastwell Manor Estwell Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Eaton Bray Manor Eitone; Eyton Bedfordshire earthwork
Eaton Tregoz Big Field, Foy Eaton in Fy; Hole in the Wall; Eton Herefordshire no visible
Eccleshall Castle Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Edgefield Hall Eggefeld Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Egton Hall Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Ellingham Castle, Much Marcle Quarry Wood; Hellens; Hellings Herefordshire uncertain
Elmley Lovett Worcestershire earthwork
Elphaborough Hall Elphborough; Elfletburgh Yorkshire no visible
Elsing Hall Norfolk masonry footings
Elslack Hall Estlake in Craven Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Eltham Palace London and Middlesex major building
Elton Hall Huntingdonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Elvetham Hall, Hartley Wintney Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Embleton Moat Hallgarth Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Empingham Hall Close Rutland earthwork
Enfield Manor House Enefeld London and Middlesex no visible
Englissh in the town of Newenham Newnham Murren; English Farm Oxfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Enmore Castle Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Epworth manor house Vinegarth Lincolnshire no visible
Erdington Hall Warwickshire no visible
Eresby Manor Eresby Hall; Heresby Lincolnshire masonry footings
Erpingham Old Hall Norfolk masonry footings
Eshott Castle Eshot; Escott; castrum de Eshete; Essetete Northumberland masonry footings
Etchingham Manor Sussex no visible
Etonbury, Arlesey Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Etton Temple Garth Temple Manor Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Evenley Old Town Evenly; Astwick Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Everton Story Moats Storey Moats Huntingdonshire earthwork
Evington Piggys Hollow Leicestershire earthwork
Ewhurst Manor, Shermanbury Ewherst; Schyrmanbury Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Exminster Exminstre Devonshire masonry footings
Eythorne Court Egethorne Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Fairfield House Somerset masonry footings
Fairseat Hall Wood Kent earthwork
Fallardeston Faulston House; Fallersdowne; Falston Wiltshire earthwork
Falstoff's Moat Falstoff's Wood; Kimberley Hall Norfolk earthwork
Farleton Castle Camp house Lancashire earthwork
Farnhill Hall Farnhill House Yorkshire major building
Farningham Castle Kent no visible
Faulkbourne Hall Falkbourne; Falkeburn Essex major building
Faxfleet Hall Garths, Blacktoft Faxflete Yorkshire earthwork
Fenwick Tower, Matfen Fenwyk; ffenwicke Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Ferring Manor of Bishop of Chichester Ferrying Sussex no visible
Fincham Hall Norfolk major building
Flamborough Beacon Farm Flamboro' Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Ford Castle, Sussex Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Frampton Castle Framton'; Multon Hall Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Frampton Castle, St Ervan Trevyan Castle Cornwall no visible
Freshwater Manor Fresshewater Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Friskney Hall Friskeneye Lincolnshire earthwork
Fulbrook Castle Fulbroke; Duke of Bedfords Castle Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Gainsborough Old Hall Gainsburgh Lincolnshire major building
Gale Bay moat, Barton Trostetmont; Trostermosit; Triestmont; Tristermont; Hodgson's Hill Westmorland earthwork
Gannocks Castle, Tempsford Bedfordshire earthwork
Gannow Green moat Cannow Green; Frankley Worcestershire earthwork
Gawthorpe, near Harewood Gaukethorpe Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Gayles Hall Yorkshire major building
Gaywood Hall, Kings Lynn Gaywode Norfolk no visible
Gedding Hall Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
Giants Moat, Mileham Burghwood; Burwood Norfolk earthwork
Gidea Hall Gydihall by Ramford Essex no visible
Gidleigh Castle Gidley Devonshire major building
Giffords Hall Giffard's Hall Suffolk major building
Gillow Manor, Hentland Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Gisborough Castle and Priors House Giseburghe; Guisborough; Wars Field; Fair Field Yorkshire no visible
Gisleham Manor House Suffolk earthwork
Givendale Manor House Gindene Yorkshire earthwork
Glottenham Castle, Mountfield Castle Shaw Sussex earthwork
Godlingston Manor Dorset major building
Godolphin House Godolphin Hall; Cairdine Castle; Godolgan Cornwall masonry ruins/remnants
Gommerock Gomerock; Godmerock; Dertemuth Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Graveney Greveney; Graveneycourt Kent uncertain
Grayrigg Hall Westmorland no visible
Great Barford; The Creakers Renhold 2 Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Great Chalfield Manor Wiltshire masonry footings
Great Dixter Dixthern; Dicksterve Sussex major building
Great Holcombe Upholcombe Oxfordshire uncertain
Great Moreton Hall Cheshire no visible
Great Stambridge South Church Hall Essex earthwork
Gresham Castle Norfolk masonry footings
Groombridge Place Kent earthwork
Haddon Hall Heddon Derbyshire major building
Hadham Hall Hertfordshire major building
Haisthorpe Moat, Carnaby Yorkshire earthwork
Halden Place Lambyns Court Kent earthwork
Hales Hall, Loddon Norfolk masonry footings
Halnaker House, Boxgrove Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Halsham Manor Mass Garth Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Halstead Hall Lincolnshire major building
Hampton Court, Hope under Dinmore Hampton Richard Herefordshire major building
Hamstead Marshall Palace Berkshire no visible
Hanwell Castle Oxfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hapton Castle Lancashire masonry footings
Harden Hall Arden Hall Cheshire uncertain
Hardwick New Hall Derbyshire major building
Harkstead Netherhall Herkestede; Netherhall; Buckler's Bond Suffolk no visible
Harpham Manor Yorkshire earthwork
Harringworth Manor Manor Cottages; Haringworth; Haryngworth Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry ruins/remnants
Harswell, Everingham Herssewell in Spaldingmor. Yorkshire no visible
Harting Moat Rogate; Haben Bridge; Hertinge Sussex no visible
Hartland Castle Hertiland' Devonshire no visible
Hartley Castle Harcla; Hardcla; Hardeley; Martley Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Hartshill Castle Hardreshull Warwickshire masonry footings
Harvington Hall Worcestershire major building
Hatch Arundell Manor House, Loddiswell Haicche Arundell Devonshire no visible
Hatch Court, Hatch Beauchamp Hach Beauchamp; Hache Somerset no visible
Hautbois Castle Great Hautboys; Hautbois Magna; Magna Hautboys; Castle Yard Norfolk masonry footings
Haverhill Castle Newt Pond Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Haversham Manor Haveresham Buckinghamshire earthwork
Hawkshead Old Hall Lancashire major building
Hawstead Hall Hansted; Hausted; Hausteede; Hawsted; Jew's Yard Suffolk earthwork
Hayton Castle, Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire earthwork
Hazlewood Castle, Aberford Hazelwood; Heselwode Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Healaugh Hall Garth Hele Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Heath Old Hall Yorkshire no visible
Heaton, Alan De Jesmonds House King Johns Palace; Adam of Jesmonds Camera Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Hedon Twyers Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Helmdon Manor House Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Helmingham Hall Suffolk major building
Helston Castle Cornwall no visible
Hengrave Hall Hemegrave Suffolk major building
Henham Hall Suffolk masonry footings
Hertrigge Hawridge; Hartridge Kent no visible
Hever Castle Hevre Kent major building
High Ercall Hall Shropshire masonry footings
High Harrington Hall Green Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
High Head Castle Highhead; Heyheved; Hehed; Heighheved; Heghaved; Hyghett; Highened; Highed; Highyate; Hegatcastle; Highgate Cumberland no visible
Higham Iham; Hiham Sussex no visible
Himley Hall Staffordshire no visible
Hinton House, Hinton St George Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Hinton Manor House Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Hipswell Hall Yorkshire major building
Hobs Moat, Solihull Hobb's Moat; Hogg's Moat; Odingsell's Moat Warwickshire earthwork
Hockliffe Manor Bedfordshire earthwork
Hodsock Priory Nottinghamshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hoghton Tower Houghton Lancashire no visible
Holditch Court, Thorncombe Holdich Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Hollingworth Hall Hollingworth House; Holyngworthe Cheshire no visible
Holmside Hall Holmside Old Hall; Lanchester Durham major building
Hood Castle La Hode; Hod Yorkshire earthwork
Hooke Court Hoke; St Francis School Dorset earthwork
Hooton Hall Hoton Cheshire no visible
Hooton Pagnell Hall Hooton Paynel Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Horden Hall Durham masonry footings
Horncastle Castle Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Horsbury Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Horsmonden Share Farm Horsemonden Kent earthwork
Horton Castle, Blyth Low Horton; Horton next the Sea; Horton juxta mare Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Horton Castle, Chatton Horton in Glendale; West Horton Northumberland uncertain
Horton Kirby Court Lodge Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Houghall Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Hougham Manor Lincolnshire no visible
Howley Hall Yorkshire major building
Hoxne manor of the bishop of Norwich Suffolk earthwork
Hunsdon House Honesdon; Hunsdon Tower; Turris manerij de Howndesdon Hertfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Hunsingore Hall Hall Orchard Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Hunstanton Hall Norfolk major building
Huntingfield Old Hall Huntyngfeld Suffolk no visible
Hutton John moated site Cumberland major building
Huttons Ambo Huttons Colswain Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Icomb Place Iccomb Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Iden Moat La Mote; The Moat Sussex earthwork
Ightham Mote The Moat Kent major building
Ilton Castle, Malborough Hilton; Yedilton Devonshire earthwork
Ince Grange Ince Manor; Ins; Jus Cheshire major building
Ingarsby Old Hall Leicestershire earthwork
Ingatestone Hall Ingat Stone alias Ging ad Petram; Inge Petre Hall Essex major building
Ingleby Manor Ingleby Greenhow Manor Yorkshire major building
Isel Hall Ishall; Yshale; Isehale Cumberland major building
John of Gaunts Castle, Daventry Daventry Wood Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
John of Gaunts Castle, Haverah Park Haywra; Heywra; Haywrocastell; Skargill; Skirgill; Scargill Yorkshire masonry footings
Jordan Castle, Wellow Grimestone; Grimston; Grymeston Nottinghamshire earthwork
Kempsford Manor Lady Maud's walk Gloucestershire no visible
Kengham Kingham Oxfordshire earthwork
Kenninghall East Hall Castle Yards; Candle Yards Norfolk earthwork
Kentchurch Court Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Kentchurch Twyn y Corras Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kentisbury Barton Kentysbery Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Kettlethorpe Hall Lincolnshire earthwork
Kettlewell Ketelwell in Craven; Scale Park; le Scaleparke; Skale Park Yorkshire no visible
Kexby Old Hall Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Keynedon Barton Kennedon Farm Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Kibblestone Cublesdon Staffordshire no visible
Killegrews, Margaretting Shenfields Essex masonry ruins/remnants
Killerby Castle Kilwardby; Kilwardeby; Killarby Yorkshire no visible
Kimbolton Castle Kinnibantum Huntingdonshire no visible
King Johns Palace, Writtle Writele Essex earthwork
Kingsbury Hall Bracebridge Hall Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Kingshurst Hall The Knobbe; Kyngeshurste Warwickshire earthwork
Kingsnorth Manor House Kyngesnoth; Kings North Kent earthwork
Kirby Bellars Hall Kirby Hall Leicestershire earthwork
Kirby Bellars Priory Leicestershire earthwork
Kirkby Fleetham Castle Fletham; Hall Garth Yorkshire earthwork
Kirkby in Ashfield Castle Hill Camp Nottinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kirkby Moats Kirkby Mallory Leicestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kirkbymoorside, Neville Castle Kirkby Moorside; Manor Garth; Castle Wall Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Kirkbymoorside, Stutevilles Castle Kirkby Moorside; Vivars Hill; Viviers Hill; Vivers Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Kirknewton Tower East Newton; Newton in Glendale Northumberland no visible
Kirkoswald moated site Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kirkwhelpington; The Fawns Castle Sawnes; Pele of Sawns; Fawnes Northumberland earthwork
Kirtling Towers Catledge Hall; Catlidg Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely masonry ruins/remnants
Knepp Castle Cnap; Le Kenape; Cnappe; Kneppe; Knob; Knap; Knep; Knapp' Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Knole House Knolle Kent major building
Kyme Castle Newton Kyme Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Kyre Park Worcestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Lagham Manor Langham; Lageham in Walkested Surrey earthwork
Langar Langham Nottinghamshire no visible
Langley Langele Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Langley Hall Langley Place Shropshire masonry footings
Langley Old Hall Lanchester Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Langton Herring manor Langeton Heryng Dorset cropmark/slight earthwork
Lanherne Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Lathom House Latun; Lathun; Latheham Lancashire no visible
Laughton Place Laughton Court Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Layer Marney Tower Essex major building
Leconfield Manor Leconfield Castle; Lekyngfeld; Lekinfield; Leckenfield; Leckonfield; Lekenfeld; Lekingefelde; Legenfeld; Legenfeud Yorkshire earthwork
Lee Barton Northleigh Cornwall cropmark/slight earthwork
Leeds Castle Hill Castell Hyll Yorkshire no visible
Leigh Barton Grange, Churchstow Leigh Priory Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Leigh Hall moat Legh-juxta-Caus Shropshire earthwork
Lemore Martins Castle, Eardisley La More; Lenmore; Walelege Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Leppington Yorkshire earthwork
Letheringham Hall Old Hall Suffolk earthwork
Liskeard Castle Cornwall no visible
Little Compton Parva Cumpton Gloucestershire no visible
Little Gaddesden Church Meadow earthworks Hertfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Hereford Manor Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Little Wenham Hall Wenham Castle; Wenham Parva Suffolk major building
Littywood Moat Littywood House; Litty Wood Staffordshire earthwork
Longford Castle Wiltshire major building
Longner Hall
Shropshire no visible
Lophams Hall, Carlton Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Lordship Lane, Cottenham Crowlands Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely earthwork
Low Butterby Manor House, Croxdale Beautrove Durham masonry footings
Low Catton Manor House Yorkshire no visible
Low Dinsdale Manor House Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Lower Hyde Moat Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lower Noverton Moat Prestbury Court Gloucestershire no visible
Lullingstone Castle a castle 'towards Craye water'; Lolingstone Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Luton Court House Falkes de Breautes castle; Lutune Bedfordshire no visible
Lyddington Bede House Liddington; Lydyngton; Luddington Rutland masonry ruins/remnants
Lyde Castle Pipe and Lyde Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lympne Castle Stutfall; Studfall; Lym; Lymne; Lyme; Lymehille; Belleanow; Hythe, Hethe Kent major building
Lyng Hall, Wood Norton Norfolk earthwork
Mablethorpe Malberthorpe Lincolnshire earthwork
Mackworth Castle Markeaton Derbyshire masonry ruins/remnants
Madresfield Court Worcestershire masonry footings
Maer La mere Cornwall no visible
Maidstone Mote House Maydenstan; Shoford Maideston Kent no visible
Manchester Castle Mamecestre; Mainecestr'; Chetham College Lancashire no visible
Manhale Manhall, Emanuel Wood, Emmanuel Wood, Paddocks Wood Essex uncertain
Mansell Lacy Moat Court Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Mansfield Royal Palace and Pleasley 'Bishops' Palace Plesele Nottinghamshire earthwork
Marham Castle Hills and Holes Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Markenfield Hall Markingfield Hall; Merkyngfeld Yorkshire major building
Marmion Tower Tanfield Castle; Marmions Tower; Westcanfield; West Tanfield Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Marsh Court, Wincanton Marsch; la Mersch by Wyncaulton Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Marston Moat, Trudoxhill Marston-Bigot Somerset earthwork
Maurholme Manor Wharton; Morhull; Mirhull; Mourholme; Merhull; Halstead; Halsteads; Dock Acres Farm Lancashire no visible
Mavesyn Ridware Old Hall Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Maxey Castle Makeseye Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Mekil Hall Laund Hall; Lound Hall; Saxthorpe Castle Norfolk masonry footings
Melbourne Castle Meleburn Derbyshire masonry ruins/remnants
Melford Hall, Long Melford Suffolk major building
Melton Mowbray 'castle' Leicestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Membury Chapel Meadow Wiltshire no visible
Mereworth Castle Kent no visible
Merryfield House Merrifield; Murefeld; Merefeld; Muryfield; Merifield; Wadham's Castle Somerset cropmark/slight earthwork
Merthen Manor House, Constantine Moreden Cornwall masonry ruins/remnants
Methley Hall Mickletown; Medley; Woodhall Manor Yorkshire no visible
Mettingham Castle Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
Middleton Hall Westmorland major building
Middleton Towers Scales Hall Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Milcote Manor Mylcote; Mountgrevell Warwickshire no visible
Minster Lovell Manor Oxfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Moccas Castle Mockes Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Modbury Castle Medebury Devonshire no visible
Mohun Castle, South Perrott South Parrat Dorset earthwork
Moigne Court, Owermoigne Ogre Dorset major building
Moor End Castle, Yardley Godion Moreende; Moresende Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Moor Monkton Rede House Ughtred Manor; Monkton on the Moor; Red House; Monketon super moram Yorkshire earthwork
Moreton Valence Moat Gloucestershire earthwork
Morley Castle, Swanton Morley The Island Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Mortham Tower, Greta Bridge Rokeby Castle Yorkshire major building
Mottram Old Hall Cheshire masonry ruins/remnants
Moulton Castle Hill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Moulton Kings Hall Kings Hall Park; Quapelode; Whaplode; Muleton' Lincolnshire earthwork
Moulton Stonehall Manor Melton; White Hall Suffolk no visible
Mount Edgcumbe Fortified House Cornwall no visible
Musgrave Hallgarth Calf Garth Westmorland cropmark/slight earthwork
Myddle Castle Middle; Medle Shropshire masonry footings
Naish Priory La Aisshe; L’Aisshe; Naysshe; Naysshe Ferme; Nayssh; Nayshe; Nasshe; Naysh; Naysh Manor; Nash Somerset major building
Nappa Hall, Askrigg Asygarth; No Castle; Knappey Yorkshire major building
Necton Old Hall, Great Barton Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Nether Levens Hall Westmorland no visible
Netherhall Park Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Netherhall, Roydon Nether Hall Essex masonry ruins/remnants
Nettleham Bishops Manor Langworth; Netelham Lincolnshire earthwork
Newark Park, Ozleworth Gloucestershire major building
Newton in Makerfield Neuton in Makerfeld Lancashire no visible
Newton Reigny Manor Cumberland earthwork
Newton St Loe St Loes Castle Somerset major building
Norbury Hall Staffordshire masonry footings
North Duffield Castle, Yorkshire Hall Farm; Skipwith Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
North Elmham Bishops Castle North Elman Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Northborough Manor House Northborough Castle Farmhouse Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough major building
Nurstead Court, Meopham Nutstead; Nurstead Manor; Nursestead; Nutsted Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Nutwell Court, Woodbury Nuteville; Notewella; Nutewella Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Oaksey Manor Wrockeseye Wiltshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Offton Castle Suffolk uncertain
Ogle Castle Oggle; Ogill Northumberland masonry footings
Old Hollinside Hollinside Hall, Old Hollingside Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Old Madeley Manor Madlee Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Old Soar Manor Old Sore Kent major building
Old Stourton House Stourton Castle Wiltshire earthwork
Old Walmer Court Walmer Old Castle; Walmer Hall Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Olivers Mount, Shrawley Shrawle Worcestershire earthwork
Olveston Court Olstone Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Onehouse Hall Onhowshalle Suffolk earthwork
Orkesdene Orkesden; Arkesden; Austin Lodge; Aston Lodge; Ashton Lodge Kent uncertain
Orleton Hall Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Otford Palace Otford Castle Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Overwater Moat Whitefield Hall Cumberland earthwork
Owston Grange Oliver Cromwell's Castle Leicestershire earthwork
Oxburgh Hall, Oxborough Oxborough Hall Norfolk major building
Pachenesham Magna, Leatherhead The Mounts Surrey earthwork
Parham House Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Parham Moat Hall Suffolk earthwork
Park Parkwalls; Pokewallys Cornwall no visible
Parke, Bovey Tracey Devonshire no visible
Pebmarsh Manor House Essex no visible
Pembridge Court House Farm Moat Herefordshire earthwork
Pengersick Castle Pengersyck; Pengersech; Pengewick; Pengerswick; Pengersic Cornwall major building
Penhallam Manor, Jacobstow Burycourt; Berry Court Cornwall masonry footings
Penshurst Place Penhurst Palace Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Perching Manor House Portingeres; Perting; Perthyng; Perchyng; Percinges Sussex earthwork
Petworth House Peteorde; Peteswurda; Putteworth; Petteworth Sussex masonry footings
Pickthorne Castle Pickthorn; The Castle; Baskerville Hall Shropshire earthwork
Pilkington in Wakefield Pylkyngton Hall; Snapethorpe Old Hall Yorkshire no visible
Pillaton Old Hall Pillenhaul; Pilatehala Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Plaish Hall Castelle of Plashe Shropshire masonry footings
Plessey Hall Northumberland masonry footings
Plompton Plumpton; Pluntone Yorkshire no visible
Polton Manor Poltmans; Poulton Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Pond Hall Le Ponde; Plessis Suffolk no visible
Pooley Hall Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Portington Moat, Eastrington Yorkshire earthwork
Portsmouth Kings House King's Hall Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Potterne manor of the bishop of Salisbury Poterne; Courthill; Great Orchard Wiltshire no visible
Powderham Castle Pouderham Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Prawls Farm moated site Abdale, Apdale Kent earthwork
Preston Hawe Surrey earthwork
Preston Manor of Bishop of Chichester Sussex no visible
Preston Patrick Hall Westmorland major building
Princes Risborough; The Mount Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Quarmby Hall Quarnby Yorkshire no visible
Quedgeley Manor Gloucestershire earthwork
Radcliffe Moat Hangthwaite Yorkshire earthwork
Radcliffe Tower Radclif; Fair Helen's Tower Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Ragley Hall Ragele Warwickshire no visible
Ramsbury Manor Remmesbury Wiltshire no visible
Rest Park, Sherburn in Elmet Reste; Manor Garth; Sherburn Palace Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Riccall Manor Rikhall; Escrick Yorkshire major building
Rickmansworth; The More Manor of the More; Rykmersworth; Moor Park Hertfordshire no visible
Ripley Castle Rippley Yorkshire major building
Rodbaston Old Hall Rembaudeston; Cannock Chase; Cannock Forest; Mott Place; Roundabout; Grimbaudeston Staffordshire earthwork
Rodmarton Place Gloucestershire no visible
Roos Castle Yorkshire earthwork
Roscarrock House Cornwall major building
Ross Bishops Manor House Royal Hotel Herefordshire no visible
Rossington Draw Dykes Draw Dikes Yorkshire earthwork
Rotherfield Greys Court Oxfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Rothersthorpe, The Berry Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough earthwork
Rothwell Castle Yorkshire masonry footings
Rougemont Castle near Weeton Harewood 2; Ridgman Scar Yorkshire earthwork
Rowton Castle Rouse; Routhsea; Routon Shropshire no visible
Roxby Hall Rousby Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Roxton Palaceyard Wood Plash Yard Wood Bedfordshire earthwork
Roydon Hall Ridon; The Rey Norfolk earthwork
Ruardean Castle Ruardyn Gloucestershire masonry footings
Rugby Hall Place Rokeby; Hawle Place; Sir Henry Rokebye's castle Warwickshire no visible
Rugh Combe Rughcombe; Roughcombe; Ruscombe Wiltshire no visible
Rushall Hall Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Rycote House Ricott Oxfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Rye House, Stanstead Abbots Hertfordshire major building
Ryther Castle Hall Garth Yorkshire earthwork
Sadberge Castle St Andrew's Church; Satbergia; Sacberge; Sedbergh Durham no visible
Saighton Grange Salghton; Abbey Gate College Cheshire masonry ruins/remnants
Sampford Peverell Sampford Peverel; Stamford Barton; Sanford Castelle; Sanforda Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Sandholme, Gilberdyke Yorkshire earthwork
Saunderton St Mary Manor, Bledlow Cum Saunderton Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Saxton Motte Yorkshire earthwork
Scales Hall, Skelton le Scales Cumberland major building
Scargill Castle, Barningham Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Scorborough Hall, Leconfield Yorkshire earthwork
Scoulton Moat Common Hill; Cobbled Meadow Norfolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Scrivelsby Court Scrivelsby Hall Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Scrooby Palace Manor Farm Nottinghamshire earthwork
Sculcoates Sculcotes; Scowscotes Yorkshire no visible
Seagrave Manor Leicestershire earthwork
Sedbergh Hallgarth Hall Garths Yorkshire no visible
Seend Manor Sende Wiltshire no visible
Selsey Manor of Bishop of Chichester Sellsey Sussex no visible
Setterah Park Saterhou; Settorow Park Westmorland earthwork
Sharnbrook Castle Close Gibbards Wood; Tricket Bury Bedfordshire earthwork
Sheffield Manor Lodge and Turret House Manor Castle Yorkshire major building
Sherborne New Castle Sherborne Lodge Dorset major building
Sheriffhales Manor House Shirrenhales Shropshire no visible
Sheviock Barton Shevyok Cornwall no visible
Shifnal Castle Farm Castell Blythbury; Eveleyghe Castell; Castell Evelith Shropshire no visible
Shifnal Moat Shifnall; Idsall Shropshire no visible
Shillington Church Panel Bedfordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Shocklach Shocklatch; Shockleach; Shoclach; Castletown Bridge Cheshire earthwork
Shoreham Castle Lullingstone; Shorham: Le Castell Kent masonry footings
Shortflatt Tower Shortflat; Shortflate Northumberland major building
Shotwick Castle Shotewyke Cheshire earthwork
Shute Barton Old Shute House; Shoute Devonshire major building
Sibdon Castle Sibdon Carwood; Shepeton Corbet; Shepton Corbett Shropshire no visible
Simpsons Moat, Bromley Simpsons Place; Bromle Kent no visible
Sizergh Castle Siserge; Siser Westmorland major building
Skirpenbeck Manor House Yorkshire earthwork
Slingsby Castle Slyngesby Yorkshire masonry footings
Slough Court, Stoke St Gregory Slough Farm Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Smallbridge Hall Smallbrigg; Seinte Marie Bures Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Smisby Manor House Derbyshire earthwork
Smithills Hall Smithells Hall Lancashire major building
Snittlegarth Moat Torpenhow Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Snotterton Hall, Staindrop Raby Grange Durham masonry footings
Sockburn Castle Durham cropmark/slight earthwork
Someries Castle Summeries; Somerys Bedfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Sonning Bishops Palace Sonnyng; Sunnyng Berkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
South Elmham Hall Bishops Palace Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
South Kyme Tower Lincolnshire major building
South Witham Templars Preceptory Lincolnshire no visible
Southcote House Southcote Manor Berkshire no visible
Southwold Castle Suthwaude Suffolk no visible
Spalding Castle Talbois Castle; Coney Garth Lincolnshire no visible
Spaunton Hall Spaunton Manor, New Inn Yorkshire no visible
Spelsbury Court Close Castle Ditches Oxfordshire no visible
Spofforth Castle Spofford Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
St Julians Castle, Egton Julian Park Yorkshire masonry footings
St Lois St Loys; Sutton; le maners Yorkshire earthwork
Stainsby Manor, Ault Hucknall Steynesby Hall Derbyshire earthwork
Standon Lordship The Lordship Hertfordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Stanfordbury Farm Bedfordshire earthwork
Stanley Pontlarge; The Cottage Stanley Poundelarge; The Court House; The Priest's House Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Stanstead Hall, Halstead Stanstede; Stansted Essex no visible
Stansted, Sussex Sussex no visible
Stanton Wyard Staunton Harecourt; Stanton Herle Oxfordshire no visible
Stapleton Castlegathe Croft; Garth Field; Hall Garth Yorkshire no visible
Stapleton Moat Farm Shropshire earthwork
Staunton Coleford Castle Field The Castle Meadow; Castle ditch Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Staynor Hall Stainer Hall Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Steeton Hall, South Milford Stiveton Hall Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Sternfield Sternefeld Suffolk no visible
Stiffkey Old Hall Norfolk major building
Stockton Castle Durham no visible
Stoke Mandeville Stokes Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stoke upon Tern Stoke Manor Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stokes Poges Manor House Stoke Pogeys; Stoke Pugeys Buckinghamshire no visible
Stokesay Castle Stoke; Stok Say Shropshire major building
Stokesley Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Storwood Wheldrake; Thornton; Storthwaite; Hall Hills Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stourpaine Parsonage Farm Dorset cropmark/slight earthwork
Stourton Castle Stewpony; Sturseley; Kinver Staffordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Stourton Caundle Manor Court Barton Dorset earthwork
Stratton Audley Court Close Oxfordshire earthwork
Strelley Hall Strellegh Nottinghamshire masonry footings
Strensham Castle Strengesham; Moat Farm Worcestershire earthwork
Studland Castle and battery Handfast Point; Castell Leyes; castellum de Studlande Dorset no visible
Sturminster Newton Castle Piddlewood; Stourminster Newton Castle; The Bridge Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Summerhouse Moat The Castle Garth Durham earthwork
Sutton Court Southetoun; Stowey Court Somerset masonry ruins/remnants
Sutton Hall Macclesfield Cheshire no visible
Swine Castle Hill Bransholm; Brancholme; Bransholme; le Hermitage in Braunceholm Yorkshire earthwork
Swynnerton Hall Swinnerton Staffordshire no visible
Tamerton Foliot Tamerton Foliatt; Tamer Devonshire no visible
Tanfield, Magdalen Field L'ermitage Yorkshire masonry footings
Tehidy Tuthidy; Enthidy; Treheddy; Tehedy Cornwall no visible
Temple Manor, Temple Hirst Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Temple Newsam House Temple Newsam Yorkshire major building
Tenterden PIttlesden; Pitlesden; Pittelesden Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Tetbury Castle Tetbury Camp; Swinnerdown-Castle Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tewkesbury Holme Castle Holm Hill; Holmes; The Vineyards Gloucestershire no visible
Thorndon Old Hall, West Horndon West Thorndon; West Horndon Essex cropmark/slight earthwork
Thornhill Hall, Dewsbury Yorkshire earthwork
Thorpe Arnold Hall Close Leicestershire earthwork
Thorpe Hall, Thorpe Salvin Thorpe Salvin Hall Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Thorpe Waterville Castle Castle Barn; Thorp Watervill Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough major building
Thruxton Manor Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Thunderfield Castle, Horley Horne; Thunderford; Herewoldeslea; Haroldslea Surrey earthwork
Timberlake, Bayton Tymberlake; Tyndelak; Timberlac Worcestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Titchfield Abbey Tychefeld; Place House, Palace House Hampshire and the Isle of Wight major building
Titchmarsh Castle Tichmarsh; Tichemersh; Tychemersh Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough no visible
Tixall, The Gatehouse Tixall Hall Staffordshire major building
Tollsworth Farm Tolworth Farm, Chaldon Surrey earthwork
Tonford Manor, Thanington Without Tuniford; Toniford; Tunford Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Tong Castle Tonge; Tongue; Thong Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Tonge Castle Tong; Tongue; Thwang Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Topcliffe Manor Hills Cocklodge; Cock Lodge Yorkshire earthwork
Torksey Castle Torkesey Lincolnshire masonry ruins/remnants
Torpel Manor House Lawn Wood Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry footings
Torweston Manor, Sampford Brett Torneston Somerset no visible
Towneley Hall Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Tracey Castle, Bow Hilldown; Blue Violet Farm Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Treago Castle Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Trehampton Manor, Lea Hermit Dam Wood; la Lee Lincolnshire earthwork
Trenethick Barton Trevenetheke Cornwall major building
Tretire Manor Tretire Castle Herefordshire no visible
Trippenkennett Bridge Motte, Llangarron Llangarren; Wallingstones; Tre-essey; Waldyston; Waldyngston; Snaps Castle Herefordshire no visible
Truthwall Truthall; Tregewell; Tregewel; Triuall; Trithwell; Treyuthall Devonshire no visible
Turnastone Motte, Turnastone Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Turnham Hall Thurnham Hall; Turneham Hall Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Tursdale Castle Hill Trillesden; Standalone; Sedgebitlee; Quarrington Durham no visible
Turzes Manor of Bishop of Chichester Tyryscherch; Tyerdesherse Sussex no visible
Ubley Manor Obbeleigh; Hubley; Waterloo House Somerset uncertain
Udimore Court Lodge Udymer; Udymere Sussex earthwork
Up Holland Upholland; Holland; Holand Lancashire no visible
Upavon Uphavene, Uphaven Wiltshire no visible
Upton Castle, Lewannick Cornwall masonry ruins/remnants
Upton Cressett Hall Shropshire major building
Urishay Castle, Peterchurch Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Vastern Manor Vasterne; Fasterne; Fetstern; The Gatehouse Wiltshire masonry ruins/remnants
Verdley Castle, Fernhurst Fordley Castle Sussex cropmark/slight earthwork
Vowchurch Poston Mill Motte Lower Park Wood Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Wadgell's Farm, Great Thurlow Suffolk cropmark/slight earthwork
Walburn Hall Downholme Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wall, Herefordshire Walle Herefordshire no visible
Wallop Castle Lower Wallop; Moat Field Shropshire no visible
Walsall Moat Staffordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Walton Hall Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Walworth Castle Walworth Hall; High Walworth Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Wanswell Court Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Warandashale Rhiews; Warrenhall; Moat Planting Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Warblington Castle, Havant St Faiths Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Wardley Hall Wardley Manor House; Wredelaw; Weredelaw Durham earthwork
Warmingham Manor House Warmincham Cheshire earthwork
Warnell Hall Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Warthole Hall Wardhall; Warthol; Wardel; Wardell Cumberland no visible
Watlington Manor House Watlyngton Oxfordshire no visible
Wattisham Hall Suffolk earthwork
Waxham Hall Norfolk major building
Waylim Upwey; Upway; Waybaioux; Wayboyeux; Waybayouse; Wabyhouse Dorset no visible
Weeting Castle Weting Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Well and Chapel Woods, Watton Danesfield Hertfordshire earthwork
Welsh Bicknor Courtfield Herefordshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wembury House Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Weoley Castle Welegh Worcestershire masonry footings
West Bower Manor House Somerset major building
West Stow Hall Westow Hall Suffolk masonry ruins/remnants
West Tisted Manor Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Westbourne Burn Sussex no visible
Westbury Court Gloucestershire no visible
Westbury Manor Hampshire and the Isle of Wight no visible
Westbury Old Ley Court Westubury Gloucestershire earthwork
Westenhanger Castle Ostenhanger; Westyngehangre; Kiriel Castle; le Hangre Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Westnewton Castle Newton Castle Cumberland earthwork
Weston Turville; The Mount West Turville; Weston Molyns; Manor House Buckinghamshire earthwork
Weston-Sub-Edge Giffard's Manor Gloucestershire earthwork
Weycroft Hall, Axminster Wycroft Devonshire major building
Wharton Hall Westmorland uncertain
Wheatley Hall Whetele Yorkshire no visible
Wheldrake Coldric; Queldric; Qweldric; Queldrike; Queldrik Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Whelp Castle, Kirkby Thore Castellum Welp; Wheallep; Wellop; Whellop Westmorland no visible
Whichford Castle Warwickshire earthwork
Whitacre Hall Whiteacre Hall Warwickshire earthwork
Whitbourne Court Herefordshire earthwork
Whitehall Moat, Allhallows Cockbridge Cumberland earthwork
Whitehouse Camp, Michaelchurch Escley Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Whitley Tower Whitleye Northumberland no visible
Whitminster House Whitenhurst; Wheatenhurst Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Wick Court, Arlingham The Wyck Gloucestershire no visible
Wickham Court Coloma College Kent major building
Widdrington Castle Widdringtons; Castrum de Wodryngton; Turris de Wodryngton; Withrington; Witherington; Woderington: Widringdun Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Wighton Moat Whey Curd Farm Norfolk earthwork
Willimoteswick Manor, Bardon Mill Willimontswick; Willymonteswyke; Willimowteswike; Willymonnteswyke Northumberland major building
Wilton Castle, Redcar in Cleveland Wilton in Clivelande Yorkshire no visible
Wilton Hall near Pickering Thornhill; Wilton Hall; Wilton in Pykerynglith; Wileton; Thornton Dale Yorkshire earthwork
Wingfield Castle Suffolk major building
Wingfield Manor South Wingfield; Winfield; Winfeld; Wenfeld Derbyshire major building
Winkleigh Croft Castle Devonshire earthwork
Winterborne Herringston Wynterbourn; Winterborne Harange Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Witham Blunts Hall Essex earthwork
Withington Manor Widindon; Whityngdon in Coteshold; Whittington Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Withyford Great Withyford; Great Wytheford; Wycheford; Knaves Castle Shropshire no visible
Wiverton Hall Welton; Warton Nottinghamshire masonry ruins/remnants
Wodehouse Tower, Kimberley Kimberley Hall Norfolk masonry footings
Wodhall in Metheley Methley Yorkshire uncertain
Wolfeton House, Charminster Wolveton Dorset no visible
Wollaton Hall Nottinghamshire major building
Wolseley Hall Staffordshire masonry footings
Wolstey Castle Wolsty; Wulsty; Wristie; Woolstey; Wolmsty; Ulstey; Vlstey; Woulstrie Cumberland masonry footings
Wolverley Castle Hill Kinver Castle; Baron Hill Worcestershire masonry footings
Wombwell Old Hall Yorkshire no visible
Wood Hall, Womersley Yorkshire masonry footings
Woodbrook, Kington Woodville Herefordshire masonry footings
Woodcroft Castle Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough masonry ruins/remnants
Woodford Court House Wodeford Episcopi; Bisshopwodford; Bishop Woodford Wiltshire no visible
Woodhouse Castle, Horningsham Woodhouse Farm Wiltshire masonry footings
Woodmanton Moat Wodemanton Worcestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Woodsford Castle Wyrdesford Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Workington Hall Wirkyngton Cumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Wormleighton Manor House Warwickshire masonry ruins/remnants
Worton Hall Yorkshire major building
Wragby Rout Yard Lincolnshire earthwork
Wroxeter Castle Arundel Castle; Hall Orchard Shropshire no visible
Wyberts Castle, Wyberton Wells Slade Lincolnshire earthwork
Wybunbury Manor of Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield Hall Bank Cheshire earthwork
Wyfordby manor Leicestershire earthwork
Wykes by Ipswich manor of the Bishop of Norwich Wykes Bishop; Bishop Wycks; Wyke Bishops; Holywells Park Suffolk no visible
Wykham Wickham Park Oxfordshire uncertain
Wynns Castle Pinxton Castle; Castle Wood; Wynn Castle Derbyshire earthwork
Wythop Hall Wythehope in Derwentefelles; Widehope; Widehop; Weydrup; weydup Cumberland no visible
Yanwath Hall Yane-which; Yainwath; Yaneworth; Yavenewith Westmorland major building
Yarlington Manor Yerdlyngton Somerset no visible
Yate Court Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Yattendon Manor Yatynden Berkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Yoxall Town Hill Staffordshire earthwork
Yoxford Cockfield Hall Suffolk earthwork
Abbot Hall Lancashire no visible
Acorn Bank Temple Sowerby Manor-house Westmorland masonry footings
Aikton Hall Upper Hall Cumberland earthwork
Albright Hussey manor Shropshire earthwork
Allerton Mauleverer Allerton Park; Allerton Castle Yorkshire no visible
Ampfield Winchester Road Moat Hampshire and the Isle of Wight cropmark/slight earthwork
Anstey Hales Farm Hales Hill Hertfordshire earthwork
Ardeley Bury moated site Hertfordshire earthwork
Aslackby Castle Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Aston Hall Aughton Court Yorkshire no visible
Bacton manor of the bishop of Norwich Suffolk earthwork
Bardsea Hall Lancashire no visible
Barforth Chapel Garth Old Richmond; Barford Durham earthwork
Barnard Castle, Kent Milstead; Milkstead Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Barrasford Pele, Chollerton Head House Northumberland no visible
Barsham Hall Blennerhassett Tower Suffolk masonry footings
Bayford Castle castle ruffe; bavord; Goodmanston; Goodneston; Godewynston Kent no visible
Bayons Manor Tealby Hall Lincolnshire uncertain
Beaumont Leys Castle Hills Leicestershire earthwork
Beetham Pasonage Farm Old Parsonage Farmhouse; Haverbrack Hall; The College; College of St Mary Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Benson Bensington Oxfordshire no visible
Beoley Holt End Worcestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bewick Tup Hill Aldeburgo Yorkshire earthwork
Bickenhill Castle Hills Farm Bevenchesley Warwickshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Bishop Wilton Hall Garth Bishops Palace Yorkshire earthwork
Blaxton Pond o' the Hill Yorkshire no visible
Blease Hall Bleaze Hall Westmorland major building
Bodrugan Bodrugam; Sterling Castle Cornwall earthwork
Bolton Percy moot hill Nun Appleton Mote Hill Yorkshire earthwork
Boltons Moat Cumberland no visible
Boothby Pagnell Manor Boutheby Lincolnshire major building
Botelet Castle Boleit; Bodleit Cornwall uncertain
Bothel Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Bredwardine Old Court Old Court Mound Herefordshire earthwork
Brierley manor house Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Brigham Parsonage Farm Cumberland major building
Brimstage Hall Brunstath Cheshire major building
Broughton Gilliotts Place Yorkshire no visible
Broughton Hall Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Broughton, Hampshire Hampshire and the Isle of Wight earthwork
Bruces Castle Farm, Conington Bruck; Cunnington Huntingdonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Burton Upon Trent Abbey Staffordshire no visible
Cakeham Manor House Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Caldewelle Hall Calderfield Farm; Caldewalle Staffordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Carne Godolphin Godalcan Cornwall earthwork
Casterton Old Manor High Casterton Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Castleford Castle Hill Yorkshire no visible
Cheesemans Camp Chessmunds; Chesmunds; Cheesman Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Colburn Hall Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Cradley Bishops Manor House Herefordshire uncertain
Crane Godrevy Castle Giver Cornwall earthwork
Crodonio Créon Surrey no visible
Crossfield Cumberland uncertain
Crowhurst Manor House Croherste; Crauherste; Crawehurst Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Dalton-on-Tees moat Yorkshire earthwork
Dartington Hall Devonshire major building
Dean's Carr 'moat' Norfolk earthwork
Dothill moat Shropshire no visible
Dunmalloght Pele Dunvalloght; Dunmallet; Dunmallard; Dunmallok Cumberland no visible
Dymock; The Old Rock Gloucestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
East Ham Hall Estham Essex no visible
Eastfield Syke Kiln Hill Westmorland earthwork
Eaton Tregoz Court Farm, Foy Eaton in Foy; Hole in the Wall Herefordshire no visible
Ellergill Westmorland no visible
Eyton on Severn Eyton Banqueting House; The Summer House Shropshire masonry ruins/remnants
Fawley Court Fowley, Divine Mercy College Buckinghamshire masonry footings
Fenwick Moat Hill Ladythorpe Moat Yorkshire earthwork
Firle Place Sussex masonry ruins/remnants
Frisby on the Wreak, Hall Orchard Leicestershire no visible
Friskney Abbey Hills Lincolnshire earthwork
Friskney Manor House Lincolnshire earthwork
Frith Hall, Upper Holker Fryth Hall Lancashire masonry ruins/remnants
Gainsborough Park Lea Lincolnshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Grantham Castle Lincolnshire no visible
Great Moat Farm Shropshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Greystokes Hallsteads moat Cumberland earthwork
Groby Old Hall Grooby Leicestershire major building
Halton Castle, Lathom Horton; Alton; Olton Lancashire earthwork
Harlescott Grange Shropshire earthwork
Hartley Court, Burnham Harlequins Castle; Hardicanute's Moat; Burnham Beeches moat Buckinghamshire earthwork
Hasfield Court Gloucestershire masonry ruins/remnants
Hatfeild Hall, Stanley Methley; Wodhall in Metheley; Hatfeild Yorkshire no visible
Hawes Hall Howes Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Hayne Castle Haine Devonshire no visible
Hebblethwaithe Hall Yorkshire masonry footings
Helsington Laithes Westmorland major building
High Biggins Old Hall Westmorland major building
High Legh Broad Oak Farm Cheshire earthwork
High Mains Denton Mains Cumberland no visible
High Roothing New Hall Newhall-Jocelyn Essex earthwork
Hilton Beacon Helton; Helton Beacon; Helton-Bacon Westmorland no visible
Holme Cultram Abbey Hulm Cumberland earthwork
Holywell Castle Dyke Aunby Lincolnshire earthwork
House of Baldwin Tyrel Cornwall no visible
Humberston Swan's Orchard Leicestershire no visible
Ickenham Manor Farm London and Middlesex earthwork
Ightham Court The Wilderness Kent earthwork
Ince Castle Innis Cornwall major building
Kenchester Court Farm Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Kershope moat Kershopefoot; Kirsopfoote; Kisopfote Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kildale Hall Garth Yorkshire earthwork
Kilder Castle of the Cout of Kielder; Cowt of Kielder; Raven's Hill; Rauen's Hill; Ryan's Hill Northumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Kitridding Swainshawbank Abbey; Swainshaw-bank Abbey; Kit-ridding Westmorland no visible
Knaptoft 'camp' and Hall Leicestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lambton Hall, Bournmoor Brewery Cottages Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Langford Vine House Bedfordshire no visible
Lazonby Castlerigg 'moat' Castle Rigg Cumberland no visible
Lea Castle End Herefordshire no visible
Leighton Hall Leighton Conyers; Yeland Lancashire uncertain
Leire moat Leicestershire earthwork
Linby Old Hall Farm Nottinghamshire masonry ruins/remnants
Longnor; The Moat House Langenalre Shropshire earthwork
Lords Isle, Derwentwater Cumberland masonry footings
Low Burton Hall Yorkshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Lubenham Old Hall Leicestershire earthwork
Madeley Court Shropshire major building
Mallets Manor Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely cropmark/slight earthwork
Malshanger House Malsanger Castle; Church Oakley Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry ruins/remnants
Mamhead 'castle' The Brewery Devonshire no visible
Maplewell Hall, Newton Linford The Nunnery Leicestershire no visible
Mappercombe Manor, Nettlecombe Dorset masonry ruins/remnants
Melton Mowbray Spinney Farm moat Leicestershire earthwork
Mere Castle Hough Hall; Strethul Cheshire earthwork
Methwold Old Hall Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Muggleswick Grange Mugleswick; Priory Farm; Hunting Lodge Durham masonry ruins/remnants
Murton Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Newport, Shropshire Upper Bar Shropshire no visible
North Kilworth Old Nether Hall Leicestershire earthwork
Norton sub Hamdon manor house Somerset no visible
Okeover; The Hallsteads Staffordshire earthwork
Old Helsfell Hall Westmorland major building
Oldaport Fort Yoldeporte; La Porte in parochia de Modbury Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Pains End, Anstey Hertfordshire earthwork
Perry Court, Babcary Somerset earthwork
Pirton Grange Hertfordshire major building
Pismere Castle Piswell Castle Suffolk no visible
Plumpton Hall Lancashire no visible
Potters Marston Hall Leicestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Radmore Red Moor; Redmoor; Redmoore; Rademore; Ann's Well in Court Bank's Covert; Courtbanks Covert Staffordshire earthwork
Reagill Grange Renegill Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Rydal Old Hall Westmorland masonry footings
Salisbury Crenellated House Wiltshire no visible
Sandford Westmorland masonry footings
Scales Hall, Kirkoswald Cumberland no visible
Scoulton Motte Norfolk no visible
Shareshill Moat Staffordshire no visible
Shield Hall Old Pele, Slaley Northumberland masonry ruins/remnants
Sidlesham Manor of Bishop of Chichester Sussex no visible
Silfield Park moat Norfolk earthwork
Sinnington Hall Yorkshire major building
Sissinghurst Castle Saxenhurst Kent major building
Soulby Hall Westmorland no visible
St Andrews Castle St Andrews Point; Hamble Castle Hampshire and the Isle of Wight masonry footings
St Mary Cray; The Mount Kent no visible
St Mungos Castle Bromfield Camp; Mungo Castle Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Stand Old Hall Lancashire no visible
Starkey Castle Starkeys Castle Kent major building
Steane Castle Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough cropmark/slight earthwork
Steeton Hall, Steeton Stiveton Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
Stoke Golding; The Moats Leicestershire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stone Barton Manor House Stayne Devonshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Stonehouse Town Defences Stone Manor, East Stonehouse; Estonehouse Devonshire masonry ruins/remnants
Sudeley Castle, Nuneaton Griff; Griffe Warwickshire no visible
Swates Swaites Cumberland uncertain
Tarn House Ravenstonedale Westmorland masonry footings
Taynton Mote Farm Gloucestershire no visible
The Chamber in the Forest Castle Ditch, Merrick's Hill Cheshire masonry footings
Thormanby, Ivy Bound Castle Yorkshire no visible
Thornage Hall Norfolk masonry ruins/remnants
Thorne Thourne Kent masonry ruins/remnants
Town Kelloe Castle Hill Kellaw Durham uncertain
Tremadart Old Court Tremoderet Cornwall no visible
Upton 'moat' Leicestershire earthwork
Walford Moat Herefordshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Walton Hall Lancashire no visible
Warcop Hall Westmorland masonry ruins/remnants
Warcop Vicarage Moat Westmorland no visible
Warwick on Eden earthwork Cumberland no visible
Weary Hall Moat Weery Cumberland cropmark/slight earthwork
Weaverthorpe manor Yorkshire earthwork
Well Hall Yorkshire masonry ruins/remnants
West Wittering Manor of Bishop of Chichester Westwythtryng Sussex no visible
Westhope Shropshire earthwork
Weston Turville Manor Farm Weston Turvill; Hide Buckinghamshire cropmark/slight earthwork
Weybridge Farm, Alconbury Huntingdonshire earthwork
Whissonsett Hall Norfolk earthwork
Whitchurch Moat Shropshire earthwork
Wilmington Manor, Boughton Aluph Park Barn Farm Kent cropmark/slight earthwork
Yelford Oxfordshire no visible

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