The comprehensive gazetteer and bibliography of the medieval castles, fortifications and palaces of England, Wales, the Islands.
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The English Castle

John Goodall

From coast to coast, the English landscape is still richly studded with castles both great and small. As homes or ruins, these historic buildings are today largely objects of curiosity. For centuries, however, they were at the heart of the kingdom's social and political life. "The English Castle" is a riveting architectural study that sets this legion of buildings in historical context, tracing their development from the Norman Conquest in 1066 through the civil wars of the 1640s. In this magnificent, compellingly written volume, which includes over 350 illustrations, John Goodall brings to life the history of the English castle over six centuries. In it he explores the varied architecture of these buildings and describes their changing roles in warfare, politics, domestic living, and governance. (Yale Univesity Press)
John Goodall is one of the most important of modern castle studies writers and this book is destined to be a major text, possibly the book that will dethrone R. Allen Brown's English Castles.
see also Clive Aslet's review from the Daily Telegraph
For an extensive review and commentary see
Guy, Neil, 2012-13, 'The English Castle - An Extended Review - Part 1' Castle Studies Group Journal Vol. 26 p. 288-96 with part 2 due in the next edition of 2013-14.

Published by Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. (2011; New Haven and London)
ISBN: 978-0-300-11058-6

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